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Jan 23, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 23, 2019
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I enjoy reading quite a bit. Along with that I am currently writing so that is a thing. Also I am a dragon, *roar*

ShadowBladeAsura · Jan 2, 2024

will NeoRealm have romance eventually?

Akhier · Author · Jan 2, 2024

That is an interesting question and I assume you mean will one of the three main characters. When it comes to Jason, it is very unlikely. Maybe I end up writing a character that clicks with him, but at the moment I don't see it. As for Courtney and Rosha? I don't know how much will be shown directly in the story, but there is something cooking in their corner. Though it is certainly a slow burn.

ShadowBladeAsura · Jan 2, 2024

I was really asking about Jason finding romance, but thanks for the answer.

Akhier · Author · Sep 22, 2022

Heyo, some of you may have noticed that a D'sP chapter went up just a few hours ago. That was my fault, I got the year wrong when scheduling it. Sorry about that.

Brenoxd · Sep 22, 2022

@Akhier o último capítulo quê você lançou dê Dungeon’s Path você lançou o capítulo errado .clear.png só estou lembrando 

Akhier · Author · Jun 8, 2022

For those who follow NeoRealm: Sorry about not having chapters the last couple weeks, that is completely my fault. I accidently put in the wrong year when scheduling them which was just brought to my attention. The two missing chapters have now been published as well. Once again, I am sorry!

ShadowBladeAsura · Mar 21, 2022

what does the update schedule for NeoRealm look like?

DarklyReadsBooks · May 26, 2021

Hello fellow slow updater, This Deity has allowed you to join the slow update group. Be grateful for the opportunity this Deity has given you (damn This Deity really hates this job). you have qualified to be a low ranked member yada yada this Deity has done 3 of these tonight, probably should have written a chapter. You're very welcome for the opportunity.

Aralunai · Jul 17, 2020

You should change your profile pic to a dinosaur from The Land Before Time that was the first thing I thought of when I saw it

Akhier · Author · Jul 18, 2020

My current profile pic is something I've used for along time. The original is actually something I drew myself and later scanned it in and touched it up so it has a bit of history for me. 

Akhier · Author · Oct 17, 2019

Hello to you as well

Reader · Jun 6, 2019

I like your book, and please make the rabbit stay, it is so cute

Akhier · Author · Jun 6, 2019

The rabbit is not going anywhere. She is going to be his pet/companion from now on.

Superloner · Feb 11, 2019

For whatever reason, some of your chapters on neorealm have unreadable section s because of your status table. This is just a heads up since I can't seem to post a comment on chapters.

Akhier · Author · Feb 13, 2019

Dang nabbit, I was afraid of that and tried to keep a handle on it. Guess I will be going back and checking all the chapters. Luckily I have somewhat avoided using tables for this very reason. Anyway thank you for notifying me despite the troubles doing so.

Edit: Just looked it over and I found what went wrong. Apparently Google Docs had tables in tables which messes up on some screen sizes and mobile. Meh

Hopetoread · Jan 25, 2019

Please contact @Justderpin for a possible customized cover to be made for your novel if interested or look up on the forum for details on the page "I've got you covered"

Hopetoread · Mar 13, 2019

Please consider

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    I enjoy reading quite a bit. Along with that I am currently writing so that is a thing. Also I am a dragon, *roar*

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