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May 26, 2020

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Zalut · Aug 7, 2022

About the [System] not being very noticable - there are a lot of levels coming up after chapter 40, I mostly wanted to avoid info dumps in the first arc, but I do try to explain more in the chapters before chapter 60. Cheers for reading in any case!

Tajarim · Aug 7, 2022

Then it's a labeling problem. Litrpg usually translates to actually visible (for the reader) game elements. So one constantly waits for a thing that simply doesn't come up.

Furthermore, a little reshuffling of the chapters would do a lot of good, since the MC is relegated to a place behind the side characters. Maybe couch the backstory of the SCs in a flashback? 

Zalut · Aug 7, 2022

This is a LitRPG in the same vein as The Wandering Inn, so all the Skills' secrets are meant to be uncovered by the characters themselves instead of a description from the [System], it's just a style choice really. Sorry it didn't meet your expectations. 

Zalut · Aug 7, 2022

I don't know which chapter you are on, but the 'side characters' will get plenty of chapters of their own, so the idea is more that despite Livia being the leader and frontfigure the other team-members are equally important.

Zalut · Aug 7, 2022

It's sort of inspired by 'Arrogant Young Master Type 4 Template A'  that just because Livia fits the box of protagonist and is a timetraveler etc. she isn't special because of that, and doesn't get extra attention from the narrative, instead her actions will do so in the future to earn her that status, like Erin in TWI

Zalut · Aug 7, 2022

Thank you for the review!

I am a very new writer so learning when I am being unclear is very important!  

If you had specific questions about things you found confusing I would be happy to answer so you can better enjoy the story.  But I totally understand if you already moved on to something better, I know I would!

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