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May 26, 2020

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Rising Author
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Joined: May 26, 2020
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HansTrondheim · Author · Nov 20, 2020

And with the release of my work's 98th chapter today, I bring my story--'The Human Saint is Bored' to a close.

Thank you to my readers who supported my novel from its first day of publishing (May 2020) to now. 

deu6 · Nov 21, 2020

Congratulations. I really do have to get back to reading it when I have a chance. I haven't even gotten into the tenth chapter yet.

HansTrondheim · Author · Nov 21, 2020

@Freesia.Cutepearl @TLCsDestiny Thanks guys!

@deu6 tis fine.  The story is meant to be a slow read. Thanks for the support and interest 😉

Redchaos1 · Nov 22, 2020

Congrats, 98 chapters is a lot of work.

HansTrondheim · Author · Nov 22, 2020

@Redchaos1 thank you!  But for arc 1, it's all 103 chapters. 😁

Freesia.Cutepearl · Nov 18, 2020

I see your just posted chapter and raise you a cookie. clear.png

HansTrondheim · Author · Nov 21, 2020

@Jaredman92 yeah there is.  But I need to finish the other illustrations first. 😁

Freesia.Cutepearl · Nov 22, 2020

Conceptualize the Waifu! clear.png

Construct the Waifu! clear.png clear.png clear.png clear.png clear.png

Deploy the Waifu! clear.png

She Attracc, She got your Bacc, but most of all, She got a nice Racc clear.png

HansTrondheim · Author · Nov 22, 2020

@Freesia.Cutepearl IT'S A NICE SLOGAN FOR A WAIFU POSTER!  (You just gave me an idea)

Freesia.Cutepearl · Nov 22, 2020

@HansTrondheim YAY! Ideas! clear.png

HansTrondheim · Author · Nov 16, 2020

Finally done with my novel's 6th volume.

Jaredman92 · Nov 16, 2020

Nice, awesome job!

Freesia.Cutepearl · Nov 16, 2020

WOOO WOOO! Party Time!


HansTrondheim · Author · Nov 18, 2020

@Jaredman92 @Freesia.Cutepearl

Thanks guys!

HansTrondheim · Author · Oct 20, 2020

RIP my Wacom Intuos Graphic Pen Tablet... 2014-2020.

You've been a great sidekick to me in all our commissions... 

HansTrondheim · Author · Oct 20, 2020

Won't be able to do commission requests...something urgent came up.  ***oof***

HansTrondheim · Author · Sep 22, 2020

Just finished a cover art. Happy to help my fellow authors. 😁😉

kola · Sep 22, 2020

Please do If you can.

Thank you very much for your consideration

TLCsDestiny · Sep 22, 2020

Nice :)

I did like your pics.

HansTrondheim · Author · Sep 23, 2020

@TLCsDestiny thanks!  I'm actually not-so-confident about my style, but seeing that my works are being used by other authors is something I appreciate.

@kola Let me just rest and I'll get to you shortly.  I'm currently sick right now. clear.png

kola · Sep 23, 2020

@HansTrondheim Do not worry about it, take care and get well soon.

HansTrondheim · Author · Sep 21, 2020

Received a weird 0.5 star rating/review in RoyalRoad because my work had no sex and an MC who doesn't f*ck every woman he meets.

Is it just me, or RoyalRoad has become infested with thirsty incels? I mean, I'm an incel myself, but I know my limits...
P. S.: I'm still laughing about that creepy review.
TLCsDestiny · Sep 21, 2020

He's too horny for your story and lacks in reasoning to rate a story...sometimes I'm insulted to be a human...

HansTrondheim · Author · Sep 21, 2020

@TLCsDestiny nah, don't be.  He's just one horny guy. 😆😆😂😂

deu6 · Sep 22, 2020

I didn't even know you could give 0/5 star reviews. Someone must really be stuck in the coomer mindset. I hope he gets out.

HansTrondheim · Author · Sep 22, 2020

@deu6 well in due time, hopefully.  But as for now, let him get pissed with updates in my story.  It's set to release a chapter up to the end of 2020 anyway. 

HansTrondheim · Author · Sep 17, 2020

I'm planning to release a compilation of illustrations for my novel, The Human Saint is Bored, in the coming days as thanks for my readers! 

Hope you look out for that! 😁

HansTrondheim · Author · Sep 14, 2020

A good friend and a former student of mine just committed suicide today...

Man, if you're depressed and need someone to talk to, I'll listen. Just don't harm yourself. 
deu6 · Sep 14, 2020

I'm suffering through life. I feel that pain.

HansTrondheim · Author · Sep 14, 2020

My offer to listen applies to everyone I interact with, including here in SH.

Depression sucks, suicide sucks.  But when there's no one to listen to you when you're going through hell, sometimes you can't help but think about it. 

I failed again at protecting my students, so I'll do my best to listen to those that I can still talk to, including my friends here. 

deu6 · Sep 14, 2020

Don't become a martyr. There's too much pain in this world, and you are only one man. Know your limitations. Some people cannot be saved.

If it's me or one of your students, please pick the latter.

HansTrondheim · Author · Sep 14, 2020

@deu6 @placeintime Thank you for your words.  I'm still in shock of what happened, but yes, it's true I can't save everyone. 

I just wanted to try to be someone who's willing to listen. 

Assurbanipal_II · Sep 9, 2020

“Why did Her Holiness allowed a boy to live here?”


“Why did Her Holiness allow a (the) boy to live here?”

HansTrondheim · Author · Sep 5, 2020

Third story in writing, 'The Ballad of the School Hallways', is now released (and pending approval)!  Hope you enjoy my works!

AnaFowl · Sep 6, 2020

Way to go!

HansTrondheim · Author · Aug 19, 2020

Currently writing DECK Vol. 2.  Hopefully, I'd be able to finish this by the end of September!clear.png

HansTrondheim · Author · Aug 18, 2020

500 words a day doesn't sound so bad.  At least, I'm progressing!

TLCsDestiny · Aug 18, 2020

Did more then, I agree

HansTrondheim · Author · Aug 18, 2020

Chill music for chill days!  From one of my fave OPM bands, Rivermaya...

HansTrondheim · Author · Aug 18, 2020

This is one of the days where I just want to sleep, yet my head is already aching from a lot of sleep.clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

TLCsDestiny · Aug 18, 2020

Ah, I see.

'Great' was used so I'll forgive you!

HansTrondheim · Author · Aug 18, 2020

@TLCsDestiny Want to listen to chill music?  Perfect for these kinds of slow, cool days.  clear.png

TLCsDestiny · Aug 18, 2020

I gave it a like

HansTrondheim · Author · Aug 18, 2020

@TLCsDestiny 6cyclemind is an old band from my country writing romantic songs.  They were famous way back during the late 2000s and early 2010s.

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