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Rising Author
May 29, 2020

Rising Author
Joined: May 29, 2020
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I enjoy writing for everyone. I hope you support my work

SleepyReader · Nov 2, 2021

Ah sorry about you're friends are you alright?

KaleSpice · Oct 4, 2021

Hey everyone, this is a good friend of Bugi's. Unfortunately, I bear terrible news.

They had passed away. It has been a couple of weeks now and I was still grieving because me and them talked a lot and had even shared ideas on where to post our works. They would go to me for writing advices at times and told me about their next book. Sadly, fucking COVID decided to take them away.

KaleSpice · Oct 4, 2021

Let's all share a moment of silence as we bid our farewells to this wonderful author, whose dreams shattered as much as my heart did after learning about them. They will always be one of the best.

Farewell, Bugi. Better continue to write up there in the heaven, ey!

Wanderer · Aug 25, 2021

Hey I'm probably one of may of your readers that just wanted to know how its going with the covid infection and if it gotten batter or na

Wanderer · Jul 11, 2021

Hey quick question are you going to be releasing any new chapters of getting a rebirth as a goddess?

Ps. Love the story's their awesome 

Bugi · Author · Jul 11, 2021

Hello. Yes, I am just fixing the world and how it ties in with Destruction Angel. It's because I want the two stories from 2 different continents to run parallel with each other. The second Godsbane war is already at its beginning in Triplance, while on Jean's side, they are still completely oblivious that a Primeval had already crossed over in the world.

Bugi · Author · Jun 11, 2021

Hello! Just released chapter 3 of Getting a Rebirth as a goddess

SerikoLee · Jun 11, 2021

clear.png"More chapters but be sure to take good care of yourself and health."

"Don't get me wrong , love when you put these out but your health matters."

Booper150 · Jun 11, 2021

Health. You might need a stimpack soon!

Bugi · Author · Jun 10, 2021

Another chapter published!

Booper150 · Jun 10, 2021

How so quick?!?!?! clear.png

SerikoLee · Jun 10, 2021

You are god speed but on my free time , i would the same thing but i have to on work all at once tho.

Bugi · Author · Jun 10, 2021

Just released the sequel book! There are some changes I made for Rebirth As A Goddess to make it more in line with Destruction Angel

Booper150 · Jun 10, 2021


Bugi · Author · Jun 9, 2021

Hello! Just released the final chapter of season 1 of Destruction Angel!

Bugi · Author · Jun 9, 2021

Another chapter released!?

Booper150 · Jun 9, 2021


Bugi · Author · Jun 8, 2021

Just released a new chapter after a long hiatus...? I am really sorry for the delay... ?

SerikoLee · Jun 8, 2021


SerikoLee · Jun 8, 2021


Booper150 · Jun 8, 2021


Byo · Feb 8, 2021

Bless my lucky stars I never thought I'd see another update, the gods truly are looking upon usclear.png

Bugi · Author · Feb 9, 2021

I am very glad that you are happy❤️

Bugi · Author · Feb 6, 2021

Hey min'na! Just released an new chapter of Destruction Angel? wow, I am on a roll?

Bugi · Author · Feb 5, 2021

New chapter of Destruction Angel y'all!!!?

Bugi · Author · Feb 4, 2021

New chapter of destruction angel, out now?

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    I enjoy writing for everyone. I hope you support my work

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