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Jun 11, 2020

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jun 11, 2020
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Gunts92 · Nov 20, 2022

beaucoup trop de projets pour être honnête, soi tu est du genre a te lassé vite de tes projets et en lance d'autre a n'en plus finir, soi tu pense vraiment pouvoir sortir autant de chapitres, et dans ce cas la qualité sera horrible. vu le temps que mes un auteur a ecrire une seule bonne histoire

Kanai3 · Author · Sep 7, 2022

Harry Potter will be up soon! For all my readers, there will be a change on when the mc is merged with Harry’s soul but I will get into the background for this Harry.

Kanai3 · Author · Feb 11, 2022

Aika is not "experienced" in matters of sexual relations, but she is a virgin. She was just putting on a role for Issei to jump her as he did.

Aika is normally perverted, groping men and women but most girls in the school is now attracted to Issei. The pheromones that Issei releases just caused her to act on her desire.
Kanai3 · Author · Feb 11, 2022

I understand what you mean. When you get immersed i  the story and then you see a character that is completely left field from what you know. But I may have written it wrong for you.

Kanai3 · Author · Jan 21, 2022

To the one person who voted no, could you tell me what you disliked about it?

Chouzenfox · Feb 11, 2022

It had been so long that I had to reread.clear.png

Not exactly I didn't like it, but between I liked it or I didn't like it I would go with no. If I had a 3 option out of the 2 I would vote for this one.clear.png
The scene is well described, it has a good development, but when it comes time to put it in it is so short that it looks like those R-15 manga that skips the scene and only shows them before and after the fact.clear.png
Chouzenfox · Feb 11, 2022

Then there's the fact that I like the characters to have some similarity to their OGs until they meet the MC and only THEN start to change, and you put Aika as being someone "experienced", but she's just a pervert in the original , so that takes me a little bit out of the story.clear.png

That feeling of being immersed in reading, but then you read something that stops you and thinks, "No, that's not her." and can't dive any further.clear.png
Chouzenfox · Feb 11, 2022

Had to split the answer, it doesn't accept more than 500 characters.clear.png

This last reason is just my opinion and preference, which changes my vote factor too, but as a reader I advise you not to take it as a suggestion if this is not your way of writing.
Better to make some readers uncomfortable than for you as a writer to feel that way and end up "ruining" your story.clear.pngclear.png
Kanai3 · Author · Nov 23, 2021

I'm posting today!!! New chapter of Twilight: Primordial Chimera.

Kanai3 · Author · Jul 31, 2021

 To all of my supporters and fans of my stories, I thank you for believing in my and my ability in the written word.

Kanai3 · Author · Aug 26, 2020

My paypal is and my Patreon is kanai3. If you would like to make a commission, send me a email at I will respond to it, I check my email every 2 days.

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