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Jun 11, 2020

Joined: Jun 11, 2020
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This squirrel writes stuff :)

Lon3ly · Author · May 2, 2021

editing the first few chapters of Prophet in Love 

Lon3ly · Author · Apr 23, 2021

i've recently been getting a lot more favorites and views...feels weird lol, thanks for reading though!

Lon3ly · Author · Apr 17, 2021

Probably not going to update this week, but who knows...I have to get a new laptop...clear.png

Lon3ly · Author · Apr 4, 2021

I'm updating later today, here's my monthly "I'm alive" profile post. Kinda having a terrible day but yeah. chapter 69 lolol

Lon3ly · Author · Mar 22, 2021

Two chapters in one day...all for the sake of finishing the arc 

Lon3ly · Author · Mar 15, 2021

I based prophet in love’s next cover on Viktor’s colors, white and gold but it just reminds me of weddings so instead of calling it the Viktor edition of the cover I keep referring to it as the wedding edition lmao

Lon3ly · Author · Feb 26, 2021

Uh I’m alive btw. New chapter tomorrow probably for Prophet in Love. Dating the strongest caster will be updated within the next week or Two  and I refuse to die without a husband will probably get an update next week or maybe tomorrow.clear.png

Lon3ly · Author · Feb 16, 2021

probably going to start posting just once a week on saturday mostly and work a bit on my next story

Lon3ly · Author · Feb 2, 2021

I’ll try to remember to post here when I’ll be uploading soon lol I’ve been posting so often that I forgot clear.png

Lon3ly · Author · Dec 8, 2020

Next chapter is tomorrow  

Lon3ly · Author · Nov 30, 2020

I’ll update either today or tomorrow 

Lon3ly · Author · Nov 22, 2020

Will probably update Prophet in Love tomorrow,,,Chapter 35 is pretty long. So maybe not though

Lon3ly · Author · Nov 13, 2020

I haven’t updated dating the strongest caster since September... I’m sorry readers clear.png I have a lot of content ready for my main story so I will try to update dating the strongest caster soon

Lon3ly · Author · Nov 9, 2020

Might update within the next few days 

Lon3ly · Author · Nov 8, 2020

I was rereading my last chapter and I realized I put a zero instead of an o somewhere and somehow my spellcheck didn’t catch it I-

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    This squirrel writes stuff :)

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