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Jun 20, 2020

Joined: Jun 20, 2020
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DeathSolstice · Author · Sep 16, 2020

Ironic that they show their character on a novel where Humanity is written off for being evil and vindictive disappointments.

DeathSolstice · Author · Sep 16, 2020

What really disconcerts me is the deletion of some of my comments. Someone on the site has moderator powers and abused it due to personal connection with an author who disliked what I said. Well. I think we should all be worried about this.

ohmyriley · Sep 16, 2020

How certain are you that that is the case?

DeathSolstice · Author · Sep 16, 2020

It was claimed by Eyesight in a private message that apparently I had deleted my own comments today to avoid people seeing it. I can safely say I've only deleted one comment in the past week and that was along the lines of 'what did you apologise for it had nothing to do with you?' - so I'm certain that comment is not what they were talking about. Before that I can't say I've deleted any comments ever.

NohVoha · Sep 16, 2020

I just noticed it as well, I pretty much glanced over the comment cause I got pinged but nothing really stood out or shocked me as “wtf that needs censored”

DeathSolstice · Author · Sep 16, 2020

Sporelock is paused. Being targeted by some small minded trash Human beings that have decided to 1-star bomb my novel as revenge, so pathetic. 

ohmyriley · Sep 16, 2020

I see. Any ideas on who went around saying that?

DeathSolstice · Author · Sep 16, 2020

I thought it was Cupcake personally. Their response seemed a bit unhinged what with saying their story is written whilst they're on drugs. Eyesight said it wasn't them but they're the only person I've gotten into an argument with today and they seemed angry/deranged enough to do something like that after I called them out for using the site as free advertisement and teasing with only 5-7 chapters.

ohmyriley · Sep 16, 2020

Haha. Nah. I’ve been in cupcake‘s aka cup’s discord server for almost a year now. He’s not the type of guy to do that

ohmyriley · Sep 16, 2020

I can get why you’d think that tho 

DeathSolstice · Author · Aug 27, 2020

So, finally decided to write something. Instead of choosing one of the 20+ things I've already started writing but gave up on, I wrote something new. Hopefully I can stick to this one. Aiming for a chapter per day, we'll see. Dark room is really great for me, when I wrote before I'd get distracted and go read but Dark Room seems like it can really help keep me stuck in writing mode. 

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