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Jun 23, 2020

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A VTuber, who writes, draws, and plays.

AristeiaBooks · Author · May 1, 2021

Dear readers, as much as I want to update today, my phone's battery is inflated and needs immediate care. I will still try to upload a chapter tomorrow, but please do not set your expectations high. :(( Apologies for the inconveniences, a lot of events had occurred to me since last week, deeming me unable to write.

AristeiaBooks · Author · Apr 25, 2021

I am here again, asking for your patience, for I won't be able to publish another chapter today, due to the reason that starting tomorrow is my evaluation week and it will be hectic for me. I apologize for any inconveniences, please bear with me. ;-;

AristeiaBooks · Author · Apr 19, 2021

Thinking of making chapters in this platform longer hmmm.. 

AristeiaBooks · Author · Apr 4, 2021

Might change my book cover hmm hmmmm

AristeiaBooks · Author · Apr 4, 2021

Well, I wanna change it so then you guys can actually follow along the series uwu LNs are basically Light Novels, if you had read Overlord, Otherside Picnic, etc. then yeaah

blackrockshooter · Apr 4, 2021

Oh, i should have remembered that about light novels.

AristeiaBooks · Author · Apr 5, 2021

Yesss so I will follow the format uwu We are still in volume 1 so yeaah

blackrockshooter · Apr 5, 2021


AristeiaBooks · Author · Mar 28, 2021

I finally created my Patreon! Although I won't be giving it away here just yet for there are still things I must put there. I have so many stuffs I need to clean! Stay tuned!

AristeiaBooks · Author · Mar 25, 2021

Hello everyone! Just a short announcement!

I might not be able to update tomorrow due to my assessment and my studies. But I will try to update by Sunday and will write more in the weekends to put them to schedules! Sorry for inconvenience!

AristeiaBooks · Author · Mar 21, 2021

If you guys want to see memes, like and follow my Facebook Page! It is in my carrd link! 

AristeiaBooks · Author · Mar 20, 2021

Keep in touch with me by going here!

AristeiaBooks · Author · Mar 20, 2021

I am usually on my phone so I couldn't even check things here whenever I'm not writing LMAO will have to use a browser often jflkdjfkls

AristeiaBooks · Author · Mar 13, 2021

update is up everyone!

AristeiaBooks · Author · Mar 10, 2021

I probably need to create more art for the character sheets and everything jfdklsjflksd

AristeiaBooks · Author · Mar 7, 2021

Now that the last chapter of my fanfiction will be published next week, I will start grinding for the TGE chapters so then we can have daily updates!

AristeiaBooks · Author · Mar 3, 2021

Goddamn, listening to this song gets me going and it reminds me of Moonfire Knights' victory in the mock warzone

AristeiaBooks · Author · Mar 2, 2021

Based on how I see things, this platform has a friendly-user feature because of things like these, which some websites don't have.

All platforms are wonderful and have their own perks like what Wattpad and Tapas have but this one is *chef's kiss*

AristeiaBooks · Author · Mar 2, 2021

To minimize work in terms of publishing, I will focus publishing in here, Wattpad and Tapas so then, I could make use of this posting feature. These three websites are literally the only sites I could check from time to time. 

AristeiaBooks · Author · Feb 28, 2021

Currently making a website to store my other goods! I will post the link soon!

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    A VTuber, who writes, draws, and plays.

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