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Jun 27, 2020

Joined: Jun 27, 2020
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FigSin · Aug 3, 2022

Yes a trained female can take down a male, but the odds of her taking down a trained male are different. I'll repeat this but the fights he lost were those were the enemy had powers or he was outnumbered: 1- his mother caught him by surprise and has superstrength and healing, 2- his fight against the 3 bullies, he was outnumbered and had hit his head which weakend him due to concussion nausea. He has literally won all other fights

FigSin · Aug 2, 2022

He has combat experience as shown a couple of times, but his body is weak (that of a trap/femboy) like all males of this new world. Women are physically stronger and taller as a whole. If you pay attention you'll see that when he lost fights he was taken by surprise, was outnumbered, or the enemy had powers. I ask you that you modify your review if I have managed to change your mind.

Eugenio · Aug 3, 2022

Did you specifically said that his body changed and become weaker? Even a femboy body is strong if trained as he did( he was qualified to fight the last boss so he had to have enough experience even by fighting humanoid monsters or whatever. And of course, a  trained ,  body is the minimum.) 

Eugenio · Aug 3, 2022

Look, a trained female with a weaker and smaller constitution can take down a big man if he has none to little experience in fight,even if way stronger. Just imagine a female marine against a big civilian man. You wouldn't bet on the civilian no? It's the SAME thing. A trained veteran hero against a highschool girl,deliquent,stronger, bigger. Doesn't change much.  

FigSin · Aug 1, 2022

He is a hero, but remember he lost all the upgrades he had received form the previous world. He also doesn't have the support of the hero organization from his previous world

Eugenio · Aug 2, 2022

How is that related to combat's experience? 

TalbotStories · Oct 11, 2021

Thank you for stopping by to read! If you follow you can get update on everything i'm doing! clear.png

greyblob · Sep 19, 2021

So this is uhh... six months late now? Anyways, thanks for the review. It was a great help early on.

Eugenio · Sep 19, 2021

Ahaha, you're welcome. I just expressed my opinionclear.png

Eugenio · Jan 23, 2021

 Why after I rate a novel the numbers of votes don't change?why I after I leave a comment it doesn't show? Why it says I registered 27 of something 2020 when I had an account from 2018 or something like that... Well at least I can say cogito ergo sum

Horizon42 · Feb 13, 2021

Weird post...I like it.

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