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Jul 1, 2020

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Joined: Jul 1, 2020
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invayne · Author · Oct 24, 2023

The Dragon Girl’s Ascension is now up for preorder on"> 

MemeDarg · Oct 23, 2023

will any of your stories end up on Kindle at some point? i'm aware they're on fore-lore, i just don't like sites that have you buy an intermediate currency, would rather just pay like, $20 for a story or whatever instead of $25 for 50 blorbo coins and then spending some blorbo coins per chapter, yknow?

invayne · Author · Oct 23, 2023

Dragon Girl's Acesnsion is going on kindle in the next month or two

MemeDarg · Oct 23, 2023

oh sweet, i'll be sure to nab it on there, thanks :)

that's the one i wanted to read the most anyway lol

invayne · Author · Oct 23, 2023

I will post here when it does go on preorder.

Aschente · Oct 18, 2023

Why do you keep making novels here but then stop updating them

Aschente · Oct 18, 2023

Legend of yuki and dragon girl ascension

invayne · Author · Oct 18, 2023

Both are on I have answered these questions many, many times. You have asked this question many times. Both are updated almost daily.

The Dragon Girl’s Ascension: currently 124 chapters

Legend Of Yuki: The Wrath Of The Tailed Asura: currently 206 chapters.

Aschente · Oct 18, 2023

behind paywallclear.pngclear.png

invayne · Author · Oct 18, 2023

yes it is. not everything in life is free :p

GalacticPanda · Oct 6, 2023

Is the legend of yuki not going to continue on scribble hub and only of or will you continue it on scribble hub later?

invayne · Author · Oct 6, 2023

Only on I am currently redoing fore-lore as well, and the new version should be up in the next week or two. New host, new layout, more options, etc.

GalacticPanda · Oct 6, 2023

okay good to know

Hemrakul · Sep 27, 2023

Is "The Bored Hero" dropped or what? 

Aschente · Aug 17, 2023

is legend of yuki droped or what?

invayne · Author · Aug 18, 2023

A question that has been asked many times. it is on and is updated almost daily.

Aschente · Aug 18, 2023

ah my bad then

alaurise · Aug 4, 2023

are you going to continue Combined Worlds: Yuki In The Land Of Fire (Naruto/Bleach/OPM) and bored hero?

invayne · Author · Aug 4, 2023

yes at some point not sure when. probably closer to decemeber

Nyaa · Jul 28, 2023


invayne · Author · Jul 28, 2023


HoldMyGame · Jul 3, 2023

Is Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System dropped? No update in half a year.

invayne · Author · Jul 4, 2023

it will be updated on webnovel when I finish re: my dragon girlfriend.  It will be a few more months since there are about 70 chapters left to write in that novel.

YellowDumpyNoob · Jun 30, 2023

Uummm.... is the bored hero gonna continue or is it dropped because thats the one ive been waiting for a almost 2 months when i stumbled uppon....

invayne · Author · Jun 30, 2023

it will continue once things calm down for me. too many things going on right now.

YellowDumpyNoob · Jun 30, 2023

Well i just want a confirmation so that i know im waiting for something and hope that everything will calm down in your endclear.png

HoldMyGame · Jun 13, 2023

Is Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System dropped? No update in half a year.

JTZERO · Jun 6, 2023

Maybe I'm blind but I don't see a way to get Failed to be Truck Kun'd if we support on Patreon.

Will you publish? I'd love to buy a print or ebook copy.

invayne · Author · Jun 7, 2023

it's not on patreon

Aschente · Jun 4, 2023

when is vampire with a system gonna update on fore-lore?

invayne · Author · Jun 5, 2023

Once I finish upgrades on website. No actual date as of yet. 

Aschente · Jun 6, 2023


JTZERO · Jun 3, 2023

I read your Eternal Saga on Fore-Lore are you continuing that story and will it tie into Dragon Girl? 

invayne · Author · Jun 3, 2023

Eternal Saga needs to be rewritten. And may end up being part of a multiverse.

JTZERO · Jun 6, 2023

Hope you keep the tension up. I like how you feel the tension of girls with not knowing what's going on and the fear from losing loved ones.

Filah · Jun 2, 2023

Are you going to continue The Dragon Girl’s Ascension ?

invayne · Author · Jun 2, 2023

it has been continuing. just not here yet. you can find more chapters on Posting here will continue in the next week or so.

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