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Jul 3, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jul 3, 2020
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Hello! I'm a trans woman from Italy who dabbles in writing stories. Nice to meet you! :)

OfficiallyZoe · Author · 18 hours ago

Heyo! Chapter nineteen of Power Up! is here for your enjoyment! clear.png

OfficiallyZoe · Author · May 4, 2021

Number one on trending? clear.pngUhhhhh clear.png

Um, hi! Nice to meet y'all, and thank you so much for reading my story! I'm really flattered enough people have done so that it got so high up in the daily ranking. I really hope you are all enjoying it.

I'm publishing new chapters in this story about every five days. I also have a Patreon, where you can read the chapters a full two weeks in advance of general release:

FallingLeaf · May 4, 2021

Congrats on hitting number 1 in trending 

OfficiallyZoe · Author · May 5, 2021

Thanks! No idea how I got there, to be honest, but I'm really happy I did clear.png

FallingLeaf · May 5, 2021

Hopefully there won’t be too many troll ratings because of hitting trending

OfficiallyZoe · Author · May 2, 2021

Alright. *cough*

I have a Patreon now! If you want, you can join me there for advance chapters of my currently-running stories, as well as exclusive content that won't be published elsewhere! The highest tiers get to decide what I write for Patreon-exclusive content, as well as having access to my rough drafts, even stuff I don't end up publishing. And there's a lot of that.

Check it out:

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Apr 30, 2021

And we're back! Thanks for your patience, folks clear.png

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Apr 26, 2021

Howdy, y'all! Some news. I finally, finally wrote enough stuff to be confident starting publishing Power Up! once again. So, this Friday, look for the story's triumphant (?) return! clear.png

The update schedule will be the same as it was before: Friday, then Wednesday the following week, then Monday and Friday the week after that, and so on. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, it should be a straight line to the end.

Thank for waiting, and I hope I'll see you there clear.png

Pyrena211 · Apr 26, 2021


BriarRose · Apr 26, 2021

So looking forward to it.   Good to see you back.

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Apr 13, 2021

Just as a heads up: I'm having a terrible time with real-life related stuff. Nothing extra serious and irreparable, but it's cutting down on my writing time.

Power Up! will be slightly delayed as a consequence. It will resume by the end of April, I promise, but I can't say exactly when. Thanks for bearing with me clear.png

FallingLeaf · Apr 13, 2021

Hope things go better for you soon

Vyria · Apr 13, 2021

take all the time you need, looking forward to when the story continues but more than happy to wait

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Mar 22, 2021

And now we're done-done. Thank y'all for reading! :)

KatherineFtw · Apr 2, 2021

Is PoweredUp! still going or?

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Apr 3, 2021

It's currently paused for a bit, while I write the ending. Should be resuming in 2-3 weeks, tops.

Don't worry, I'm not going to just drop it clear.png

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Mar 19, 2021

And The Transition Zone is done :)

Extra chapter coming next week, but the main story is done. Thank you for following this story so far! :)

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Mar 15, 2021

The Transition Zone chapter nineteen, i.e. the denouement. We're still not 100% done yet, though! :)

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Mar 12, 2021

And today, I have another surprise for you! A new oneshot clear.png

This is kinda-sorta a sequel to The Gender Reveal, which I posted last week. Enjoy! clear.png

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Mar 12, 2021

Power Up! episode sixteen is here for you :)

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Mar 10, 2021

The Transition Zone eighteen clear.png

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Mar 8, 2021

Episode fifteen of Power Up!, a new character shows up. 


Or is it an old character showing up again?

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Mar 5, 2021

And the surprise is live! clear.png

Enjoy :)

OfficiallyZoe · Author · Mar 5, 2021

Chapter seventeen of the Transition Zone is here!

Also, I have a surprise for y'all, coming later today or early tomorrow. Watch this space :)

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    Hello! I'm a trans woman from Italy who dabbles in writing stories. Nice to meet you! :)

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