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Jul 4, 2020

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Joined: Jul 4, 2020
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I'm a writer who likes bots, golems, and cute stuff!

Zrooper · Author · Jul 3, 2022

Golem's Circle is not abandoned, but for now here's a short Accel World fanfic I had the sudden urge to write -

Zrooper · Author · Apr 11, 2022

Hi, Zrooper here.

First of all I'm sorry I've gone this long without an update. Several issues led one into another, from my family moving into a new house to my laptop AND my backup laptop both "running down the curtain and joining the bleedin' choir invisible" so to speak.

The next chapter IS coming, and barring any more delays (such as good ol' writer's block) will hopefully be soon.

Zrooper · Author · Jan 14, 2022

clear.pngSorry, next chapter will be delayed a bit longer. End of the semester means midterms, but after this passes I should have a lot more time to write! 

Zrooper · Author · Dec 9, 2021

No chapter this week I'm afraid. Various IRL circumstance led me to be unable to finish writing it. clear.png

Chapter will definitely be up next week!

Zrooper · Author · Dec 8, 2021

Word screwed up the copying of the last chapter of Golem's Circle and left a pretty sizeable chunk out. It is now fixed...

Zrooper · Author · Nov 18, 2021

Next chapter will unfortunately be delayed a bit, should still hopefully go up sometime tomorrow or at worst on Saturday clear.png

ZoeStorm · May 23, 2021

Hi, thank you for the follow! clear.png

Zrooper · Author · May 23, 2021

My pleasure (:

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    I'm a writer who likes bots, golems, and cute stuff!

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