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Jul 8, 2020

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jul 8, 2020
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bafflinghaze · Author · Apr 10, 2021

My BL Anthology entry has posted! See it here:

You’re An Alpha??!

Summary: Liu Ning is an alpha who everyone thinks is a beta. He works for alpha President Yan Qiang. On the first day of spring, Yan Qiang decides to ask Liu Ning out on a date... 

Rating: G/PG 

Tags: Omegaverse, Tiny amount of flangst, Friends First, Friends to lovers

Wordcount: 2.5k clear.png

Agentt · Apr 1, 2021

Congratulations on getting on trending. It's really hard to write a soft comfy story like you did

bafflinghaze · Author · Apr 1, 2021

Thank you!! Comfy stories are warm and good~

bafflinghaze · Author · Mar 30, 2021

EVERYONE!! clear.pngclear.pngMy friend wrote this short story for me !!! And it's so GOOD!! It's a GL, with a chef MC who transmigrates into a book set in the ancient times/ancient china, and she cooks yummy food and there's a slow build romance with a female farmer with muscles 🤤🤤🤤🤤

Please check it out! clear.png

bafflinghaze · Author · Jan 2, 2021

I've kicked myself to write by posting a new story, called Dao Of The Salted Fish (, which is about a main character who wants to relax clear.png

bafflinghaze · Author · Dec 31, 2020

I wrote a brief 2020 writing summary over on my tumblr! feat colours clear.png

bafflinghaze · Author · Dec 1, 2020

I answered some writing asks here~ clear.png

Moonpearl · Dec 1, 2020


bafflinghaze · Author · Nov 7, 2020

matcha & milk is now completed!

I'm also co-authoring story called eat a mango, gift a garden, which me and my co-author are posting on AO3: please check it out, it involves a nonbinary character and a trans guy and a lot of food~ clear.png

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