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Jul 8, 2020

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Joined: Jul 8, 2020
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also bafflinghaze around the interwebs

Find me on:
The BL Palace discord server: (BL readers and writers on Scribble Hub)
The Daily Eggplant discord server: (Readers and writers of original English BL webnovels)

bafflinghaze · Author · Jan 3, 2024

My writing summary for 2023 is up ^_^

Have a happy new year, everyone!

bafflinghaze · Author · Jul 2, 2023

I helped write this article on writing tools ^_^


bafflinghaze · Author · Jun 13, 2023

The BL Palace will be having a BL workshop in a few months. If you have anything you want to see in the workshop, or if you're willing to volunteer (or to "volunteer" someone else!), please fill in the form by the 18th June 2023!

For more information, check out:

Janeth · May 7, 2023

Do you mind if I try to make a physical book out of Dao of the Salted Fish? Just for personal use so I don't get eye strain lol.

bafflinghaze · Author · May 8, 2023

Hi, yep, you can definitely do so for personal use!!

bafflinghaze · Author · Jan 1, 2023

My writing summary for 2022 is now up ^_^

Have a happy new year, everyone!

Thief · Jan 1, 2023

Happy new year!

bafflinghaze · Author · Dec 30, 2022

I wrote a short little fic for bubblebunnytea as part of BL Palace's Secret Santa event (2022)! The prompt was Omega/Omega ^_^

Five times Kian was oblivious and one time he wasn’t (a holiday miracle!)

Dragonride28 · Dec 31, 2022


bafflinghaze · Author · Sep 14, 2022

You can read my short story

Cannon Fodder Omega Goes On A Date With The Protagonist Omega!


Namike · Jul 28, 2022

Thank you for writing such a good novel. Recently I had a burnout with major action and similar tyoes of novels and Dao of the salted fish made me see novels differently. I used to be against BL but now I found myself liking your novel and binging it. I was thinking of writing a review once i caught up but keep up the good work.

Sorry for the 44+ tftc notifications tho.

bafflinghaze · Author · Jul 28, 2022

Hi Namike!!! Awww, I'm glad you liked Salted Fish, even though it's BLclear.pngclear.png Please, use Salted Fish as a palate cleanser clear.pngclear.pngclear.png And get some sleep!

Also, sorry for the return 44+ notifications responding to your tftc's! clear.png

Aefener · Jul 16, 2022

Hello, thank you soooo much for drawing chibis for my Draconia Offline! clear.png Sorry for not thanking you earlier, I've noticed literally just now. clear.png I thought I wasn't chosen for the newsletter and then I had my exams so I forgot about it completely. I love your work, Ryuuto and Erik are so cute and lovely. clear.png

bafflinghaze · Author · Jul 17, 2022

clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png You're welcome~! Thank you for submitting your story to be drawn!!! Hehe Tiaf helped me with the cute pose! I'm glad you like them!

bafflinghaze · Author · Jun 7, 2022

Oh yeah, I have a new novel called These Side Characters Have More Important Things To Do clear.pngclear.png

You can read it here:

P.S. The June BL Newsletter is out:  you can go vote for the summer anthology title!

SoNom · Mar 26, 2022

What is your ko-fi to coffee ratio?

bafflinghaze · Author · Mar 26, 2022

I don't drink coffee, but tea, yesss

SoNom · Mar 24, 2022

Have you ever imagined those grown demonic beasts, or kitties as tems?

bafflinghaze · Author · Mar 25, 2022

What are tems? 🤔

SoNom · Mar 26, 2022

Tem is a artist, I think but tems where made by her and are in undertale

bafflinghaze · Author · Mar 26, 2022

Given that I don't know, I've never imagined the grown demonic cats as tems XD 

bafflinghaze · Author · Jan 1, 2022

With the new year, my writing summary for 2021 is here!

I wrote over 300k words clear.pngclear.png

MyLadyQueen · Jan 1, 2022

Well done!

So you'll write a million this year right? clear.png

UM3 · Jan 1, 2022

clear.png Amazing Baffle!!! You're my inspiration ♥ I love how you're so organized as well!!! clear.png here's to another wonderful year with you and BL~~~

bafflinghaze · Author · Jan 4, 2022

@MyLadyQueen I wish!!!

@UM3 awwww thank youuuu, you too! 

bafflinghaze · Author · Nov 29, 2021

Hi everyone, there is less than one week left on the Salted Fish fan event! The deadline is 5th December 2021 23:59 anywhere on Earth!!

Making fanart, fanfic, and/or writing a review on Goodreads will give you entries. Three winners will be drawn via lottery for a one month discord nitro~  (or USD equivalent)

Join the Daily Eggplant server and go to the #events channel for information clear.png

bafflinghaze · Author · Nov 12, 2021

I forgot to say! That a while ago, I wrote a fanfic! It's 1k, explicit rating clear.pngclear.png

The fanfic is for the webnovel Sweet Devil by RS Vaesen, which you can read here clear.png:

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    also bafflinghaze around the interwebs

    Find me on:
    The BL Palace discord server: (BL readers and writers on Scribble Hub)
    The Daily Eggplant discord server: (Readers and writers of original English BL webnovels)

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