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Jul 20, 2020

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jul 20, 2020
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AKnightWithaKnife · Sep 15, 2021

Hey man is reborn as a slave canceled or ?

Mwpensword · Author · Sep 15, 2021

Just kind of suspended indefinitely. I am so busy with work and school that I never have any time to write. I do still think about it and where it is going to go in the future, unfortunately as happens with many anime, the next release will be a while. Maybe in another year, I hope...

Mwpensword · Author · Aug 13, 2020

15k views on Reborn as a Slave with a 4.2 star rating. Thank You Guys So Much! clear.png

Mwpensword · Author · Aug 10, 2020

Ok so right now my release schedule is as follows: 

Monday: Reborn as a Slave

Tuesday: Becoming an Incubus

Wednesday: RaaS

Thursday: BaI

Friday: RaaS

Saturday: BaI

Sunday: Somehow I Became an Essential Worker in Another World

I am going to try to keep writing daily chapters for Reborn as a Slave and posting them to the early access page on my website, redirected through my patreon.

Mwpensword · Author · Aug 10, 2020

I now have a discord channel

Mwpensword · Author · Aug 8, 2020

It has now been a month. How are you guys liking my stories?

vic20 · Aug 8, 2020

I like them but i cant read the other or i will end up trapped reading more novels and sadly i dont have enough time

Mwpensword · Author · Aug 8, 2020

You have been a fan almost since the beginning Vic20. Thank you!

Mwpensword · Author · Aug 2, 2020

New series just went up. Becoming an Incubus will have several free chapters before going subscriber only

vic20 · Aug 1, 2020

clear.pngno money no honey

Mwpensword · Author · Aug 1, 2020

Don't be too sad, this is all part of me eventually building my website and content. Eventually everything but advanced content will be available for as little as $1/month on my website which I've been posting a link to at the bottom of each chapter. This is all for the dream of becoming a full time author and being able to dedicate real time to it. Presently I work and go to school so I have limited writing time and a chapter a day is all I can do. 

Mwpensword · Author · Aug 1, 2020

I am now about a week away from reaching the thirtieth chapter of Reborn as a Slave. After the thirtieth chapter I am planning to slow down releases to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. At this time I will continue writing chapters daily but they will only be available on my patreon before their scheduled release for patrons who have pledged $5+ per month. Also I will be releasing a chapter a week of my second patron only story on my website and on my patreon.

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