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Rising Author
Jul 23, 2020

Rising Author
Joined: Jul 23, 2020
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McKavian · May 22, 2022

Are you going to (re)start your Among Elves again?

AzuraD · May 18, 2021

Here is a small suggestion 

Change the title for lone man among the elfs to a lone man among the elfs(under rewrite) and Post a link for

 In the elven world in the first chapter of LMATE

Monk_Origins · Author · May 18, 2021

Thank you for the suggestion!

Assurbanipal_II · May 18, 2021

clear.png I noticed a familiar cover among the new stories tab. I wish you good luck with your rewrite. clear.png

Monk_Origins · Author · May 18, 2021

Thanks a bunch, m8. Nice catch btw, you must have a sharp memory!

Assurbanipal_II · May 18, 2021

clear.png The Elven lady is memorable.

Eugenio · May 16, 2021

may I ask why you dropped the novel "Lone man among the elves"?

Monk_Origins · Author · May 16, 2021

Real-Life issues. The novel had originally been born due to my excessive boredom during the veeery harsh lock down measures in my country. Things kinda got busy when the measures eased, and I just couldn't keep up. This novel just absorbed all my mental RAM all day long due its myriad plot points and possibilities. As an example, I had to keep over 30 tabs active in my browser just for the early technologies...

TDM · Nov 10, 2020

I just added your story to my "to read" list after reading the description.  Knowing you great love for Russia and it's leaders, what are the odds that your story might include an aging character who likes to appear publicly without his shirt, repeatedly tranquillize animals so that he can track and keep them alive, and a has a deep and meaningful urge to cuddle with bears?... while also ordering around troops and not giving a @#$% about .... while his troops... (you fill in the blanks)

TDM · Nov 10, 2020

So very glad to hear it.  I like to keep tabs on the authors I follow.  It won't buy you a cup of coffee, but hopefully it is encouraging to know that someone is thinking about you (in a sincere and heterosexual way) and wishing you well.  ...  Out of curiosity, I note the avatar change to a uniformed character; you weren't re-activated or re-conscripted, were you? 

Monk_Origins · Author · Nov 10, 2020

Thank you, I hate coffee anyways. :)
Also, no, I have not been conscripted. The pic is of the MC of my new story. Check it out if you feel like it. clear.png

TDM · Nov 10, 2020

Heard that a tri-party agreement was signed between a few hours ago re. contested regions... hope that is good news for you.  Stay safe, if you can.

Monk_Origins · Author · Nov 10, 2020

Yes, it is good new for us. The sooner this whole debacle ends, sooner peace can return. Also, FYI, its a 4 way treaty with Turkish forces joining the Russians in peace-keeping. Russia has the historic tendency to not to vacate their troops when the deals are up. :/

Xpacetrue · Sep 30, 2020

I really enjoy your "Lone Man Among The Elves" and I even think it's one of the better ones on Scribble Hub. I just wanted to tell you that and express my gratitude and wish that you continue writing.

Huako · Sep 25, 2020

Made an account just to follow and post this, but love your work and cant wait for more. Thank youclear.png

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