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Jul 23, 2020

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PancakesWitch · Apr 14, 2022

Instead of posting a two star review about your thoughts over the novel you could had put it in a comment so I could had better adress your issues with repplies, as I've been writing this novel for over 300 chapters, and most if not all the things you've complained about are eventually all adressed as the story progressed, but I guess i do it at a slow pace.

PancakesWitch · Apr 14, 2022

+ I am not an expereinced writer nor I know how to add "flaws" to characters, or perhaps I know, but every time I do, people would often complain that characters had flaws, can you enlighten me in how to make my characters flawed but not hated? Or is this just a thing of each people their own? Also I dislike Mushoku Tensei so I havent read it, I dont get your comparison

Snusmumriken · Mar 3, 2022

Thank you for the second review! Can you tell me what do you think makes it harder to read without reading the first book? I am trying to make it accessible to new readers and would appreciate the input.

Akaeye · Mar 4, 2022

I just edited my review, it was badly worded.  I just think your book wouldn’t be nearly as great starting from book 2 since there is a lot of background covered in book one from character intros, their whole mage society and hierarchy, daimon and navigator history, why his mother and uncle are scared of him.

Akaeye · Mar 4, 2022

So while you could start at book 2 it would be like starting at season 2 of a show, doable but a lot of what makes it great missing. If you were planning on publishing I think you could add short lore sections from book 2~ explaining things from previous books at the start of chapters though that sounds like extra work when they could just start from book one and get the facts organically. Thanks for writing ✍️ 

Snusmumriken · Mar 4, 2022

And I see, yes I also agree that reading both back to back is obviously preferrable (especially since book 2 spoils a lot of stuff in book 1 and changes how book 1 is read) But I also tried to be as welcoming in book 2 as possible mostly that If I decide to start publishing it on KU people can still pick up and read from the middle so to say.

Snusmumriken · Dec 26, 2021

Thank you for the review and I am glad you have enjoyed it. Avoidance of any plot holes had been an essential part of writing this story.

Reisinling · Apr 10, 2021

Nah its fine. The rewrite became extensive enough that I'm gonna create second novel for it anyways. It is also a good review, and while I disagree with some parts (the snake family one), many are things I agree with (the past skills, the past itself, though it has a reason which was supposed to be revealed at the end of the arc). 

Also- if I say in chapter I want critique, and then ask for people to remove it when its good, what kind of person would that make me?

(I replied in wrong post, sry)

Reisinling · Apr 10, 2021

thanks for the review, hopefully most of the issues will be addressed in the rewrite.. which is more extensive than I planned

Akaeye · Apr 10, 2021

Thanks you for the story, and do you want me to remove the review by the way, it’s kind of long and not all positive, and since you’ve read it it’s kind of served its purpose

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