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Jan 28, 2019

Joined: Jan 28, 2019
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tehd11 · Nov 19, 2019

I just finished reading the available chapters of 'The Hollow' and 'Khali's inferno' and felt the need to tell you how much i love your work clear.png. I certainly have no ulterior motives such as "If i compliment you, maybe you'll be motivated to write more chapters, because my soul is bleeding from the lack of Khali and Aze" or anything similar, nope clear.png

Khiricastares · Author · Nov 20, 2019

Hehe. Sorry for the recent silence, but some stuff has happened that co-incide with depressive period and have made it hard for me to even have the mindset for writing. There is a half-finished chapter of Inferno i'm trying (and failing) to finish, so hopefully that shows up soon since the drama has mostly passed. Thanks for taking the time to send me your support clear.png

IzManen · Aug 31, 2019

Hey there, been intrested to read "Garden of Amy", but got some questions about it before I do.
Is it completed or on hiatus until further notice or dropped for good?
Or atleast ending on a satisfying way not a to be continue way...
Cause it's so sad when you get hooked on a super awsome story and it just dies midway.

Khiricastares · Author · Sep 2, 2019

On hiatus until further notice. It is the story that is the hardest for me to write so focusing on the other two unfinished ones currently. As for the current last chapter, I would say definitely not a satisfying/good end point for now. So i'd avoid it.

IzManen · Sep 2, 2019

Ohh that's to bad, I hope you find the inspiration to finish it someday =)

Oshibo · Aug 29, 2019

I'm curious as to why you seem to drop series you write? I love your works but then there are no updates for a while as you move on to a new series. My motivation for asking is because I don't want to read the most recent series only to see no updates after a while.

Khiricastares · Author · Aug 29, 2019

Each of the stories as posted is between one to four years old. I write without a set structure, for fun and mostly based on inspiration leading to large burst or both activity and nothing. It also depends largely on life and recently I have had a lot to deal with. So still in progress, but the only reason I'm sharing the stories is because my best friend wants me to and it makes her happy, I'm not writing for popularity or anything.

Oshibo · Aug 29, 2019

Thanks for telling me but even if you aren't doing it for popularity I do love them and recommend even self publishing them if you ever get the chance as you have talent.

DaoFox · Apr 27, 2019

Congratulations. Garden of Amy just achieved 1000 Favourites =D

Hikaro · Apr 23, 2019

Found you!

Khiricastares · Author · Apr 23, 2019


LadyYuki · Mar 14, 2019

Is there any chance that we will see a return of the continuation of Shifter Sister? I loved Blanch and Lilliana and I just want to read more about them.

Khiricastares · Author · Mar 15, 2019

Nope, that's all. The original story was written for the weekend prompt and things have extended to wrap the story up. Just think of it as a fairy tale. If i finish all my unfinished stories, maybe then.

LadyYuki · Mar 25, 2019

I do hope to see them return one day. I remember the short lived Casino Job sequel and I really wanted to see what happens after Lilliana got her womb. It seemed like there was going to be some crazy stuff that happened between her and Blanch.
Best of luck with your other works. I can't wait to see them.

Rellawing · Jan 31, 2019

*huuuugggles* Welcome, Khiwi!!!

Khiricastares · Author · Feb 1, 2019

Hey Rella

DaoFox · Feb 2, 2019


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