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Jan 28, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 28, 2019
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I like OP MCs and fantasy. Magic is awesome

Captain_Asshat · Mar 8, 2021

What happened to last week's chapter?

Yza · Mar 9, 2021

It says in the Author note of the previous weeks chapter

Captain_Asshat · Mar 10, 2021

I am dumb

Iccang · Feb 27, 2021

What i hate the most of your novel is

The CLIFFHANGER clear.pngclear.png

saturne · Aug 28, 2020

I wish I could write like you.
Thank you for writing this! I love it so much!!!

saturne · Aug 28, 2020

-and some time his thinking is not very clear (He never explained how he choused the kids with potential. The last time he chooses at random and waits for those who can't take it.He doesn't plan on what to do with the super advance class.)
-Lausanne as a devoted doesn't work.She feels more like family with Jura.(When you think about devoted people, nun and priestess come to mind.They give everything to their god: body, mind, soul).

saturne · Aug 28, 2020

What I don't like is:
-many times, I'm frustrated by his indecision. (He waits too long for gifting the king class or the advance class or the soul blessing.).
-He thought about selling some class, but nothing. Even though, now people know about his seeds)
-he is a peaceful empire but this clash with the weak feel of economies.

saturne · Aug 28, 2020

Hi Spaizzer,
I love the fell and the flow of the story "Tree of Aeons".
Your work is unique, one of my best story.

What I like the most is:
-the relationship between Aeon and the valthorns.
-and the valthorns and the people.
-his many supportive abilitys (gift class, academies, summon).
-aeon fights or valthorns fights.
-the science magic logic

Antenori · Aug 24, 2020

I give my thx to you good sir.

FIEND · Jun 23, 2020

i love ur story I even added it to a recommendation blog I made

keep it up yo!

tuaza · Jun 19, 2020

Man recently registered on the page, and i LOVE your tree history clear.png

FIEND · Jun 4, 2020

famous author as ur tag ahaha

Are you by chance indian, you have a lot of indian/arab names in your book

Does scribble hub or royal road offer you money for your work, or this is just a hobby of sorts with some tips from fans?

love your work, pulled 3 allnighters to finish it.

Spaizzer · Author · Jun 4, 2020

not indian :p 

nope sh/rr dun pay me. but patreons do. :)

FIEND · Jun 4, 2020

man that sucks you dont get paid

I got a lot of indian friends, so I know a bit of the naming and such. Do you just borrow the naming to sound fantasy ish?

I wish i cud pay u :_:  dont listen to the hate, ur story = my fav story on this site

atgongumerki · Jul 8, 2020

there are people hating the tree story?

Heresy I say! Waagh!clear.png

markos · Mar 27, 2020

Thanks for the stories ....I've been reading here recently because it is easier to comment than in royal road hahaha clear.png go 🌳🌳

Shakkos · Mar 4, 2020

#Teamtrees 🌳

Finally catched up. Great story!

Vyrphax · Feb 20, 2020

You know what...  I have to say this......  I love your tree story..  It's really good. 

Sato · Jan 6, 2020

Hey um, are you planning on continuing "Scene Unlocker"?

Spaizzer · Author · Jan 6, 2020

if I do, it'll be a different version. I didn't write scene unlocker as well as I liked. 

Spaizzer · Author · Jan 3, 2020

I'll be testing out a harem xianxia cultivation fic! Or maybe I should just continue my public transport dungeon core fic.... or should I resume my racing fic. Argh. 

lewdreader · Jan 3, 2020

Dont get me wrong. Would still read it, just trying to motivate a good write to take on the challenge

DarkPussySlayer · Jan 4, 2020

I like Scene Unlocker, so I would probably enjoy your mindless harem xianxia.

Venom · Feb 20, 2020

Public transport dungeon.......clear.png

Please post THAT story

Spaizzer · Author · Feb 20, 2020

@venom well, i already have it on RR, but it's super short. I kinda got lazy to do all the maths needed. T___T

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    I like OP MCs and fantasy. Magic is awesome

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