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Jan 28, 2019

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Joined: Jan 28, 2019
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I like OP MCs and fantasy. Magic is awesome

Ilikewaterkusa · May 19, 2022

really good metaphysics. 

PurpleBoy · Apr 13, 2022

AUTHOR take care of yourself and take a break if need. Don't push yourself too much. 

azamsaja · Mar 28, 2022

Are you Indonesian? well some of names in your novel have Indonesian's taste in it. Like "Perhimpunan", "TImurTengah", and "Raja-Naga"

LiTusK · Dec 31, 2021

I like the new cover art for Tree of Aeons!


Aizula · Dec 12, 2021

Let him cool down first

Amoremir · Aug 30, 2021

Im not gonna lie, Aeon ruin me. I can't find anything that could make me reread over and over again just so that when i get to the latest chapter, it will be a new chapter. I can't go back to other light novel as they seems so so right now. Aeons is my all time favourite now, all other a just to relieve my wait for new chapter of Aeons.

Naeko · Aug 22, 2021

On the next April 1st, you could release a short story where the Powers Out There found the soul spark of Paul Bunyan, so they incorporated it into a new demon king.    Just like the deities sent an emergency set of 3 new heroes, the Parasites (or whomever) could send a Paul Bunyan demon king on April 1st.

Merovingian · Aug 4, 2021

If Aeon can find a way to channel mana true a familiar, he could considerably augment the Valtorns in battle, Priests in restoration and the void-traveling ability of the Void Mages. With some extra research he may even find a way to use the familiars connection and create a 2nd mana source inside the soul, like a fountain inside or above the soul well.

Merovingian · Aug 4, 2021

I would have liked to see the aerial titan a long time ago, and was hoping he would create it when he was thinking about titans in the last chapter. Unfortunately with the current Demon King, creating a flying wind titan is probably not a very good idea. It is perhaps a great idea for when the Demon King has been defeated, with the whole continent in ashes, a giant bird that can create rain is rather perfect.

Merovingian · Aug 4, 2021

Aeon is an amazing story, and currently my all time favorite.

There are things that annoy me a bit, but that is simply because of his character. Small things like his indecisiveness, forgetfulness and inability to follow through.

ItTocgho · Jul 21, 2021

Idea 13: addition to idea 5, could he through said spikes as high speed projectiles, off of the vines. Like a deadly nadder from how to train your dragon. 

Idea 14: aeon could meet the guardian creatures or whatever the were of the dwarves. Remember the whole “their is precedents” thing.

Anyway I’m out of ideas, feel free to use some if you think they’re good, if not, that’s alright. My fingers hurt from typing.
ItTocgho · Jul 21, 2021

Idea 10: have the high leveled valthorns get familiars from the frozen tree (forgot their name), lilies, reefy, the elven capital spirit, etc

Idea 11: couldn’t you merge artifical spirits and spirits he has a contract with?
Idea 12: could artifical spirits give familiars? And if not, could they if you did idea 11?
ItTocgho · Jul 21, 2021

Idea 7: once he gets 100 fragments and wants to give some away, he should give them to immortals, and not people who will die in like 60 years. 

Idea 8: aeon could set up a better early warning system by giving multiple artificial spirits set areas of like 10 square miles each. So they don’t watch the same things at the same time. 

Idea 9: add poison tips to aeons root strikes

ItTocgho · Jul 21, 2021

Idea 4 pay adventurers and countries to find the location of other spirits and help them level. Cause like they’re very few ways a tree spirit can level before gaining abilities.

Idea 5 give aeon the ability to put cactus spikes on vines and smack people 

Idea 6 make a canon using wood and use root strikes with flat ends to launch fruits or whatever is in the canon.

This is part two of my random ideas.

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    I like OP MCs and fantasy. Magic is awesome

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