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Aug 3, 2020

Joined: Aug 3, 2020
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Alucard123 · Sep 30, 2022

what's going on? 
why did you stop uploading?

Shiraanui · Author · Aug 13, 2022

Unfortunately I can't post any chapter for today as I'm currently at my relative's place where I can't really write that much... But I'll try to post the next chapter later at 01:00 a.m. GMT clear.png

Alucard123 · Aug 8, 2022

hello i just find you.
will u continue writing Obscenvs Religia

Shiraanui · Author · Aug 8, 2022

Hi! Thanks for reading my fiction! Unfortunately, I currently have no motivation to continue Obscenvs Religia at any foreseable future so I suggest don't get your hope too high about that one, 🙏

Shiraanui · Author · Dec 8, 2021

Hi, long time no see! 

First thing first, I'm very, very thankful for those who like my work and actually read my not so polished stories in this platform. 

And talking about story, the first chapter of my newly written title [Obscenvs Religia] is now out! Please take a look at it! 🙏

Olga_Haus · Dec 8, 2021

I really liked it.

Am I right in understanding it has a background in your earlier work?

Anyway, even as a brand new reader of your fiction, I'm enjoying and happy your in a place where you can share it.

Shiraanui · Author · Dec 8, 2021

Thanks for the like! Really glad I have the chance to share my story once again here after months of break and some purged that I did to my previous works.

And I don't quite catch what do you mean by 'background' here, but, assuming that it's about the proper plot of the story, I already have it in my plan! :D

Amias_1990 · Mar 6, 2022

Will this story ever be updated? 

Shiraanui · Author · Mar 7, 2022

Can't really say I will as I'm currently not in the right mindset to write for now...clear.png However, I've been receiving a lot of support from my surrounding so I might be able to write again once I have the right motivation and idea, sorry for disappointing 🙏

Melicans · Aug 17, 2021

Sad to see you removed Kingdom of Lust, I was enjoying it. I hope it all works out with you.

Krageno · Aug 4, 2021

when do you come back author?clear.png

Ravensleeper · Jun 26, 2021

hello author,

are you still here?

Shiraanui · Author · Jun 26, 2021

Technically, yes. Just not in my prime health due to overworking, lol. My writing speed is no longer as fast as it used to be so I can't really keep up much of my works clear.png

Ravensleeper · Jun 26, 2021

ok, take care of yourself.

Shiraanui · Author · May 28, 2021

Hello everyone! Nui is here!

Unfortunately, I have to postpone the new chapter a bit later due to a lot of on- going stuff irl. 

Maybe in next 6/7 hours?

I'm very, very sorry for the incoveniene 

Shiraanui · Author · May 17, 2021

Will be right back the next Wednesday, still have something urgent to do in my uncle's place around the sticks. ?

Shiraanui · Author · Apr 30, 2021

The Monster Empire Chapter 13 will be uploaded slightly late as I'm currently working over-time (on a small break rn) so please wait another few hours, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience ?

Amias_1990 · Mar 6, 2022

what happened to that story?

Lord-Blood · Apr 14, 2021

Is she going to be an evil MC? and I hope she is the one doing the raping the the other way around lol i personally usually like male MS's for these kinda stories but as long as she is strong and has a huge harem of girls I'm down to read whatever you post.

Shiraanui · Author · Apr 14, 2021

You'll seeclear.png?

Shiraanui · Author · Apr 6, 2021

Hey, it's me! The not really well known author! :D

The Monster Empire series will be under a big change as I decided to rewrite the story and subs the MC to the previously heroine. Hope you guys would still support both me and my story in the future. clear.png

Lord-Blood · Apr 14, 2021

what do you mean by subbing the mc for the previous heroine can you give us a lil more info p.s you just yourself a new followerclear.png

Shiraanui · Author · Apr 14, 2021

I previously uses a goblin as the MC for my [Monster Empire] series and the plot didn't really kill. Thus, I opted to use the girl as the MC now~

Thanks the follow! ?

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