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Jan 29, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: Jan 29, 2019
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Just here to have fun after work.

Antinoo17 · Apr 11, 2023

Me encanta la nueva portada de Hong Sheng y Lu Hao. Sobretodo la apariencia zombie de Hong Sheng, se ve tenebroso pero, no se como decirlo, atractivo (?). Tenebroso de un modo que atrae

ars · Author · Apr 12, 2023

clear.pngJajaja gracias!! Tenebroso pero atractivo es como quería que Hong Sheng se viera!

Antinoo17 · Apr 14, 2023

Acabo de pensar en la portada y si el que Hong Sheng sea un zombie simplemente es simplemente un, no se como decirlo, el que Hong Sheng fue un zombie en su vida anterior y que Lu Hao lo ama y defendería fuera humano o zombie o significa que Hong Sheng volverá a transformarse en uno en algún momento de esta novela

ars · Author · Apr 4, 2023

i finished writing smut extras, and my brain is all mush... think they turned out pretty well though!!

ars · Author · Aug 23, 2022

My entry for BL_Palace's Summer BL anthology is live! It's a melodramatic romance between a surly young master and a sunny mershark clear.png You can read it here!

ars · Author · Jul 5, 2022

I've added new covers to Hong Sheng and Lu Hao's stories to have some of my updated art! clear.png Enjoy the new eye candy!

ErisYuu · Jan 7, 2022

Dang.. it's been what.....3 year (ish)clear.png

Xian41 · Jul 15, 2021

Where do i look for you? 😢 i wished you were on discord 😭😭

Xian41 · Jul 12, 2021

I’ve dreamed that you continued the story 🥲 i dont want to wake up for awhile 😭😭😭

Xian41 · Jul 11, 2021

Is there any chance you’ll come back? I really really really love “To the start of the New World” please continue 😭😭😭 pleaaaaaaaaaaase... even to update once a month is fine, i can wait. Even unedited, i also can understand please comeback 😭😭😭😭😭😭

underage · Apr 25, 2021

I just read Klue & Berry is it really over?

QueenMehmeh · Dec 7, 2019

Your stories are wonderful! I hope I can see the continuation! I'll be waiting! Take care Author!

Lynx · Sep 30, 2019

Hey, are you still alive? Just wondering about the ending of 'To the Start of a New World (BL)' here

ars · Author · Oct 10, 2019

I'm still alive!! And still working on the story :) I want to try finishing a few more chapters before posting updates. Thank you for still thinking about that story, it keeps me motivated to put everything down into words.

Alverost · Apr 10, 2019

Wow, you are winning by a landslide

ars · Author · Apr 10, 2019

I don't accept money, but if someone got on their hands and knees and begged, I would consider it!

Just kidding. I'm usually happy to draw requests when I want something to do and if it's someone I like who's asking. If you have anything in mind, feel free to send me a message~

Alverost · Apr 10, 2019

Okay I want you to draw ScribbleHub as a king with peasants begging it.

I'm just joking, your artwork are really amazing though

ars · Author · Apr 10, 2019

Rather than scribblehub, I imagined Tony on the throne, but the image didn't seem right since the king would be getting pulled around and made to work by all of his peasants...

Alverost · Apr 10, 2019

The more accurate an image, the sadder it becomes

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    Just here to have fun after work.

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