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Jan 29, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: Jan 29, 2019
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Just here to have fun after work.

ars · Author · Jul 17, 2023

Returning online after a grieving period ❤️ I'll be making sporadic updates to my short story, "I Am A Furnace", as I start to focus on my new long-term project. It's an unlimited flow horror thriller about a young man who wants to be a good person doing good deeds. In doing so, he becomes the king of ghosts. It's still early stages, but I'm excited to bring to life one of the character concepts that have always been on my mind. I hope it'll turn out an exciting read when it's done! clear.png

Compassion · Oct 22, 2023

I'm sorry to hear that. I look forward to seeing here you go with that.

Antinoo17 · Apr 11, 2023

Me encanta la nueva portada de Hong Sheng y Lu Hao. Sobretodo la apariencia zombie de Hong Sheng, se ve tenebroso pero, no se como decirlo, atractivo (?). Tenebroso de un modo que atrae

ars · Author · Apr 12, 2023

clear.pngJajaja gracias!! Tenebroso pero atractivo es como quería que Hong Sheng se viera!

Antinoo17 · Apr 14, 2023

Acabo de pensar en la portada y si el que Hong Sheng sea un zombie simplemente es simplemente un, no se como decirlo, el que Hong Sheng fue un zombie en su vida anterior y que Lu Hao lo ama y defendería fuera humano o zombie o significa que Hong Sheng volverá a transformarse en uno en algún momento de esta novela

ars · Author · Apr 4, 2023

i finished writing smut extras, and my brain is all mush... think they turned out pretty well though!!

ars · Author · Aug 23, 2022

My entry for BL_Palace's Summer BL anthology is live! It's a melodramatic romance between a surly young master and a sunny mershark clear.png You can read it here!

ars · Author · Jul 5, 2022

I've added new covers to Hong Sheng and Lu Hao's stories to have some of my updated art! clear.png Enjoy the new eye candy!

ErisYuu · Jan 7, 2022

Dang.. it's been what.....3 year (ish)clear.png

Xian41 · Jul 15, 2021

Where do i look for you? 😢 i wished you were on discord 😭😭

Xian41 · Jul 12, 2021

I’ve dreamed that you continued the story 🥲 i dont want to wake up for awhile 😭😭😭

Xian41 · Jul 11, 2021

Is there any chance you’ll come back? I really really really love “To the start of the New World” please continue 😭😭😭 pleaaaaaaaaaaase... even to update once a month is fine, i can wait. Even unedited, i also can understand please comeback 😭😭😭😭😭😭

underage · Apr 25, 2021

I just read Klue & Berry is it really over?

QueenMehmeh · Dec 7, 2019

Your stories are wonderful! I hope I can see the continuation! I'll be waiting! Take care Author!

Lynx · Sep 30, 2019

Hey, are you still alive? Just wondering about the ending of 'To the Start of a New World (BL)' here

ars · Author · Oct 10, 2019

I'm still alive!! And still working on the story :) I want to try finishing a few more chapters before posting updates. Thank you for still thinking about that story, it keeps me motivated to put everything down into words.

Alverost · Apr 10, 2019

Wow, you are winning by a landslide

ars · Author · Apr 10, 2019

I don't accept money, but if someone got on their hands and knees and begged, I would consider it!

Just kidding. I'm usually happy to draw requests when I want something to do and if it's someone I like who's asking. If you have anything in mind, feel free to send me a message~

Alverost · Apr 10, 2019

Okay I want you to draw ScribbleHub as a king with peasants begging it.

I'm just joking, your artwork are really amazing though

ars · Author · Apr 10, 2019

Rather than scribblehub, I imagined Tony on the throne, but the image didn't seem right since the king would be getting pulled around and made to work by all of his peasants...

Alverost · Apr 10, 2019

The more accurate an image, the sadder it becomes

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    Just here to have fun after work.

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