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Aug 13, 2020

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Joined: Aug 13, 2020
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love to trans a gender

BethOfTheWild · Author · May 14, 2022

The next chapter of Streamer is up on my Patreon! Also, I made a pixel art cover for Streamer, now up on Scribblehub.

lol the scribblehub spellchecker says that scribblehub is spelled wrong

BethOfTheWild · Author · May 13, 2022

i have a deviantart now!! too bad the ui sux ass lmao. anyway

BethOfTheWild · Author · May 10, 2022

blake1 pointed out that my heterosex story is just a steve from minecraft X madeline from celeste fanfic and now i can't unsee it. now u too have been cursed with this knowledge

foxoftheasterisk · May 10, 2022


BethOfTheWild · Author · Apr 30, 2022

Just added a new "request" tier to the Patreon! ( I'll try and write a short story based on your request, as long as it's not, like, weird!

gothicshark · May 1, 2022

Tempting, but I'm almost to my monthly budget max. I legit have spun my chair like 3 times considering my budget vs getting a fellow trans person to write stories based on my insane ideas... I have literally hundreds of stories, and my dyslexic ass can't write my ideas out for anything.  Spins chair a 4th time. 

BethOfTheWild · Author · Apr 14, 2022

New chapter of Deadname up on Patreon!

BethOfTheWild · Author · Mar 31, 2022

New chapter of Streamer up on my Patreon now!

BethOfTheWild · Author · Mar 17, 2022

Just wanted to let people know that there's a new chapter of Streamer up on Patreon ( but based on a friend's suggestion I'm gonna try having the delay to release on Scribblehub be a week instead of a day. So watch out for that coming next Wednesday. This'll hopefully let me build up a buffer of chapters and make sure patrons actually get to read the chapters before they go up on here

blake1 · Mar 17, 2022


blake1 · Mar 17, 2022


Chiyopop · Mar 17, 2022

I guess I will just haave to join your patreon since I want to keep seeing your works, and also want to support you, and also I think you deserve it so I just did.

JulieYBM · Mar 17, 2022


BethOfTheWild · Author · Mar 10, 2022

cryptids are real and all of them are trans

JulieYBM · Mar 11, 2022

So true girl!

BethOfTheWild · Author · Feb 11, 2022

Page 2 of the comic is now up exclusively on my Patreon!

BethOfTheWild · Author · Feb 10, 2022

Trying to figure out how to make comics with this weeb software

BethOfTheWild · Author · Feb 10, 2022

Improved version:

In the near future may start having a comic on my Patreon

BethOfTheWild · Author · Jan 19, 2022

I made a Patreon! I'll be posting chapters of stories earlier than on ScribbleHub, and there will also be some bonus content. (In fact, some content has already been posted!)

MissJuniper · Jan 19, 2022


crumplehat · Dec 29, 2021

Hello! I loved the "Technically Not Crossplay" story. I have a real soft spot for the non-magical transgender egg stories. I hope you feel better, and continue to write stories in the future! Take all the time you need.

SkyeKurisu · Dec 25, 2021

Hi. Merry Christmas, I saw that you're taking a break, I just wanted to tell you that I read all of Technically not Crossplay and Streamer yesterday and I absolutely loved it. I'll gladly wait as long as needed for Streamer.

BethOfTheWild · Author · Nov 1, 2021

I may end up taking a hiatus from _Streamer_ soon. I might do NaNoRiMo, and also I've just been feeling a bit depressed in general lately and I keep looking at how few reviews, comments, etc. my stuff has compared to a lot of other stories on here and becoming sad, even though intellectually I know the numbers don't really matter and aren't a reflection of quality or anything. 

whoos · Nov 1, 2021

take whatever time you need, but know that i really enjoy reading your stuff! seeing a new chapter from you is always a highlight of my day

JulieYBM · Nov 1, 2021

:( I'm sorry. I'm always reading your stuff on break at work and don't have the emotional wherewithal to write a comment. Your stories are a precious bright light that keeps me sane in retail Hell. I'm always refreshing the open tab on my phone.

LapisLioness · Nov 2, 2021

I mean, if you aren't feeling it and wanna work on something else that's more than fine, but I'm more than enjoying it if you're worried about ppl not liking it.

SomewhatCloudySkies · Nov 5, 2021

Take whatever time you need. I, for one, enjoy your stories. I tend not to comment on stories but I do like your work. 

BethOfTheWild · Author · Sep 12, 2021

Writing prompt for ya: Write a story that incorporates the phrase "Hey bro, you're looking really submissive and breedable today."

blake1 · Sep 12, 2021

no u

JulieYBM · Sep 12, 2021

I...might just have to try that out.

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    love to trans a gender

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