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Aug 13, 2020

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Joined: Aug 13, 2020
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love to trans a gender

BethOfTheWild · Author · Sep 22, 2022

I realized Hunter to Sage sounds like someone changing classes in an MMO lol

JulieYBM · Sep 23, 2022

Oh wow, that's a really good thought! O.o

BethOfTheWild · Author · Sep 6, 2022

I know it's been a while due to a combination of health issues/writer's block, but a new chapter of Streamer is up on Patreon.

Took me a while to write this part of the story but I think I finally cracked it. I uh may have started crying while writing it.

Anyway you can read it on Patreon now, or on Scribblehub in a week.

lexcia · Sep 6, 2022

Hope you feel better and the health issues get better soon! 

BethOfTheWild · Author · Aug 11, 2022

Really sorry about the lack of content but for the past, like, two or three weeks I have been debilitatingly ill (like, having trouble even sitting upright). Not sure what's up, possible some kind of teamup of my allergies and migraines. Kept waiting and expecting it to get better over time but it hasn't. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow so hopefully they can help. Fingers crossed.

lexcia · Aug 11, 2022

Hope you get better soon, please take of yourself before worrying about us.

samanthalouise854 · Aug 12, 2022

Hope you feel better soon. Health comes first.

Anne_Belle · Aug 12, 2022

Please don't feel like you owe content. Fingers crossed on the appointment, hope it's something treatable and not serious.

Feel better soon  ^ ^

BethOfTheWild · Author · Jul 25, 2022

Okay for some reason the second chapter of "Forced" Feminization was still not showing up as a chapter (probably some issue with me scheduling it to publish only a few minutes after I had just submitted some changes) so I ended up just deleting and reposting it so it's visible properly now:

Fishguy123 · Jul 25, 2022

You really hit a code loophole with however that chapter was set up. I was playing around with it earlier and couldn't figure out what on earth the website was trying to do with it. I'm glad it's sorted now :)

BethOfTheWild · Author · Jul 25, 2022

Sorry there's been a lack of content the last week or two. I've been feeling pretty sick, unfortunately. Hopefully this week will be a little better

samanthalouise854 · Jul 25, 2022

No need to apologize your health comes first!

BethOfTheWild · Author · Jul 14, 2022

Lil confused cuz the second chapter of "Forced" Feminization was published but doesn't seem to be on the series page at all? Anyway hopefully this direct link works:

BethOfTheWild · Author · Jul 13, 2022

New chapter of Streamer is up on the Patreon and will be up here in a week (next Wednesday, July 20)

BethOfTheWild · Author · Jul 6, 2022

Next chapter of "Forced" feminization is up on the Patreon (and will be up here next Wednesay, July 13)

MaybeEstonian · Jul 7, 2022

Hey it'll be like a birthday present for me

BethOfTheWild · Author · Jun 30, 2022

New chapter of Whoops Dang I Accidentally Only Packed Girl Clothes On This Vacation with Friends but I’m Still Not Out to Them is up on Patreon! Will go up on here a week from now. Also I need an abbreviation for that title lol. Even WDIAOPGCOTVwFbISNOtT is way too long and also looks like a bottom keysmashing

ZylaKat · Jun 30, 2022

I call it "Girl Clothes" in my head usually

foxoftheasterisk · Jun 30, 2022

I usually go with Whoops Dang (bc that's just a kinda fun phrase)

Whoops Dang Girl Clothes sounds pretty solid tbh

Anne_Belle · Jul 8, 2022

I just call it Girl clothes vacation

BethOfTheWild · Author · Jun 30, 2022

BTW I have decided to start doin' commissions. Gonna be $1 per 100 words. I reserve the right to turn down any premises I don't vibe with. Message me on here (or on Patreon if you're a supporter there) if you're interested

BethOfTheWild · Author · Jun 29, 2022

Two new things have been posted based on $10 Patreon requests! For some reason SH took absolutely forever to make them publicly visible so just wanted to make sure they didn't get totally buried

BethOfTheWild · Author · May 25, 2022

New chapter of Streamer just went up on the Patreon! It'll be up here on the 31st

BethOfTheWild · Author · May 23, 2022

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will probably be directly engaging less with comments on my stories going into the future, cuz after stepping back for a few days I've realized that uh that's not super great for my mental health. But anyway yeah I'm gonna try to focus on just writing stuff I think is good and putting it out there and then trying not to look at or care too much about how people respond

Chiyopop · May 23, 2022

I'll always enjoy your stories! clear.png

SabGry · May 23, 2022

I hardly read comments most of the time anyway. Didn't know you were dealing with that. Definitely best to step away from dealing with problematic commenters.

Anne_Belle · May 24, 2022

I can imagine with having multiple stories updating it must be quite a rollercoaster not just keeping track of everything but also how everyone reacts to each of them. Sometimes stepping away is the right thing so you can focus on what you need to, we'll still love your stories regardless

BethOfTheWild · Author · May 19, 2022

been feeling kinda burned out on writing, trying to do a lot of nuanced, realistic real-world stories with social commentary. might take a break from some of current ongoing/unfinished stories for a bit and write some more silly and/or genre stuff

ZylaKat · May 19, 2022

Works for me! I'll happily wait for whatever you come up

samanthalouise854 · May 20, 2022

whatever you feel like writing. clear.png

gothicshark · May 21, 2022

Taking a break is healthy. Do something relaxing, and freeing, play your favorite video game, do a bit of light exercise. (scientifically shown to help with non-clinical mental health issues, doesn't help for clinical issues ie depression, dysphoria, dysmorphia, etc, but does help with work burnout, esp if it's something you love and enjoy.)

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    love to trans a gender

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