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Aug 16, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Aug 16, 2020
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A Lvl 29 bisexual degenerate working on his first web novel Kodomajo! I write erotic short stories featuring my characters in a series known as The Silk Rose and have a future series planned called Spirit Hunter Megumi.

RimuThighHighs · · Author · Sep 14, 2021

I've got delightful news everyone!  Season 2 of Velvet Abyss will be premiering in October instead of November, with three chapters per week.  See you soon.  

ViniPaiva25 · 23 hours ago

Are you okay today?

Forgive me for what I said on the direct message

RimuThighHighs · Author · 18 hours ago

Oh you're okay sorry for not responding I'm pretty bad at checking my DMs.  But i assure you you're fine lol

RimuThighHighs · Author · Sep 11, 2021

I'll do my best to deliver so i hope you guys enjoy. 

RimuThighHighs · Author · Sep 11, 2021

Going back to the beginning and reading season 1 of Velvet Abyss it's painfully evident that i was pulling things out of my ass with little thought.  I started Velvet Abyss on a whim and never expected it to blossom into what it has become.

I'm so grateful for everyone who has given it a chance whether you loved it or hated it.   I've worked out the story all the way to the ending so season 2 and onward should have a much snappier pace, better characterization and richer worldbuilding.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Sep 7, 2021

For a character i planned to only have a very minor role in the story Shinobu sure did take on a life of her own.  Shame i can't do anything more with her.   clear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Sep 6, 2021

So with Season 2 getting closer i might be dropping it sometime in October instead of November but we'll see.  Is there anything you guys are looking forward to seeing? 

Queen · Sep 6, 2021

Hmmm... Not in particularclear.pngclear.png. But we'll seeclear.pngclear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Sep 6, 2021

Well this season will be radically different from the first.  Lots of surprises coming your way.  clear.png

Queen · Sep 6, 2021

Can't wait, the first season was great so the second has to be awesomeclear.pngclear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Sep 7, 2021

I'll certainly do my best to live up to everyone's expectations, not sure everyone will like the direction of this season but it's my story so I'll tell it how i want too.   Thank you so much for your support it means the world to me.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Aug 31, 2021

It's been a little over a year since i posted the first chapter of Velvet Abyss (Kodomajo) and i never thought i'd make it this far, thank you for all your support and i'll keep working till the series is finished.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Aug 27, 2021

I still have so much to improve on as a writer!  I want to write richer characters and flesh out the world of Velvet Abyss.  Season 2 will take a lot of characters in uncomfortable directions.  And as season 1 has finally put all the pieces on the board this game of violent chess can finally commence. 

RimuThighHighs · Author · Aug 25, 2021

Just updated my avatar to one of my favorite characters in gaming.  You get 100 cookies if you can tell me who she is.   clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Gezllan · Aug 25, 2021

Sara Valestein from Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel?

RimuThighHighs · Author · Aug 25, 2021

Nailed it! How would you like your cookies?

ViniPaiva25 · Aug 25, 2021

Argh! Will we never get to see Spirit Hunter Megumi? clear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Aug 25, 2021

You most certainly will but it probably won't be until after season 2 of Velvet Abyss wraps up next year. 

ViniPaiva25 · Aug 25, 2021

Why do we have to wait for so long? clear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Aug 27, 2021

I do apologize and am eternally grateful for your patience and continued support.  I'll admit in hindsight launching Spirit Hunter Megumi while working on Velvet Abyss was a little arrogant of me and the definition of biting off more than i can chew.

Season 2 is my top priority right now but i promise once it's wrapped up i'll turn all my attention to Spirit Hunter Megumi.  It will a be a short series and only have one season.  

Look forward to it <3

RimuThighHighs · Author · Aug 25, 2021

I still can't believe one of my stories has over 200k views you guys are amazing.   Due to certain IRL issues the season 2 preview is essentially cancelled.   But come November 1st you'll be getting chapters every two days.  

Hope you're looking forward to it.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Aug 14, 2021

Hey all just dropping a comment to tell that unfortunately the three chapter preview for season 2 will be delayed a little bit,  can't wait to start posting season 2 from November 1st.   This season will has had great deal of thought put it into so hopefully the writing and pacing shows that. 

RimuThighHighs · Author · Aug 11, 2021

Here's a fun little game this a cryptic spoiler for events in season 2.   Let me know if you figure it out by direct messaging me.   You only get one guess so make it count.








Satsugai sa reta,

Eien no ai

Mata ne

Kimi ni koishite iru

Happy deciphering uwu

ViniPaiva25 · Aug 11, 2021

I hope for Shinobu to return as Mari’s spirit familiar, but I think it’s good for Mari to move on and find new love nonetheless! clear.png

Queen · Aug 11, 2021

Did you change your name and photo. I liked the others betterclear.pngclear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Aug 11, 2021

Name no, picture yes.  Shes the character im simping over atm

ViniPaiva25 · Aug 10, 2021

Have you watched the most recent trailer of Shin Megami Tensei 5?

RimuThighHighs · Author · Aug 10, 2021

I still struggle to wrap my head around the thought that people genuinely enjoy my stories,  thank you so much for your support everyone.  The journey ahead will be lengthy but I'll see it through to the end.  

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    A Lvl 29 bisexual degenerate working on his first web novel Kodomajo! I write erotic short stories featuring my characters in a series known as The Silk Rose and have a future series planned called Spirit Hunter Megumi.

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