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Aug 16, 2020

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Just a weeb

RimuThighHighs · · Author · Aug 18, 2022

Novel Status Update

Velvet Abyss:  Working on the final chapter of season 2 and will hopefully have it released before the end of the month. 

Thrall Academy:   Three chapters a week, with the next chapter dropping tomorrow.

Thanks for all your support and I hope you're enjoying my stories <3

delete_user_26805 · May 17, 2021

Are you alive?

RimuThighHighs · Author · May 17, 2021

Yes clear.png

delete_user_26805 · May 18, 2021


What is going on for you to start giving up? I’m excited for your new novel!

RimuThighHighs · Author · May 18, 2021

I'm not going to talk about the specifics but I suffer from mental health issues namely depression and anxiety.   Both of which have been hitting me hard recently, that said I'm feeling better. 

I'm not going to give up and Megumi will be released after Kodomajo goes on hiatus.   The chapters will be released monthly but will be much longer than Kodomajo's chapters.

RimuThighHighs · Author · May 15, 2021

Honestly i feel like giving up on everything today.  Will still try to push a chapter out.

RimuThighHighs · Author · May 14, 2021

Mental Health has been kicking my ass lately, most days i don't want to get out of bed let alone write.  Thanks for your patience.  New chapter should be out very soon.  I appreciate every one of you.

delete_user_26805 · May 14, 2021

Please don’t commit suicide…

RimuThighHighs · Author · May 8, 2021

Greetings everyone sorry for the lack of Chapters this week a delightful combination of poor mental health and pesky technical issues consolidated to make creating content a titanic pain in the ass.   Chapter 65 should be out today or early tomorrow at the latest.

Spirit Hunter Megumi will be out in a month or two, the chapters will be longer to make up for the slow drip of chapters.

Thank you for reading and for your patience, i greatly appreciate both.

Much love,  Rimu.

Revolt · May 8, 2021

Thank you also please take care of yourself 

delete_user_26805 · Apr 29, 2021

Will Spirit Hunter Megumi come?

RimuThighHighs · Author · Apr 30, 2021

Spirit Hunter Megumi will be released after Season 1 of Kodomajo is finished  So most likely in a few months barring any unforeseen hiccups.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Apr 20, 2021

So I may have underestimated how many chapters it'll take to wrap up season 1.   After working it out Chapter 75 will be the final chapter before the series goes on hiatus.  

RimuThighHighs · Author · Apr 16, 2021

I have access to a computer so chapter 61 will be posted tomorrow.  Who's ready to learn about the sketchy art of Blood Oath Ceremonies?

Dreckons · Apr 29, 2021

inspirado en la magia de sangre azteca ritual?? o.0

RimuThighHighs · Author · Apr 15, 2021

Salutations everyone sorry for the silence on my part, i'm still without a computer and thus unable to post anything.  I should have it sorted soon though, barring any unforseen hiccups of course.  Thank you for your patience.

delete_user_26805 · Apr 15, 2021

Please, buy a new one

RimuThighHighs · Author · Apr 6, 2021

An unfortunate announcement that i hate having to make, Kodomajo and Spirit Hunter Megumi are going on hiatus as my computer has died again. Sorry everyone.clear.png

blackrockshooter · Apr 6, 2021

Oh, that's sad.clear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Apr 6, 2021

It really is especially as we're getting to the climax of season 1 of Kodo and Megumi was just announced.  I feel awful. clear.png

delete_user_26805 · Apr 6, 2021

Damn! You have to buy a new one!

RimuThighHighs · Author · Apr 1, 2021

I'm two chapters ahead of Kodomajo so you guys can expect chapter 59 today and Chapter 60 soon after.  We're heading straight into the climax of season 1 after that.  Also very shortly the first two chapters of Spirit Hunter Megumi will be posted to my Patreon as a preview before the series goes live later this year.

As always thanks for both your support and your patience it's greatly appreciated.

delete_user_26805 · Apr 4, 2021

When will Megumi come to Scribble Hub?

Basically_God · Mar 29, 2021

This new novel sounds like pokemon but with murder hobo ghosts

RimuThighHighs · Author · Mar 29, 2021

That's a pretty apt way of describing it and the comparison to Shin Megami Tensei and Persona is also completely accurate.   I also got the idea from old Shonen anime like Yu Yu Hakusho and some horror anime/manga.   I hope you  guys are looking forward to it.

Basically_God · Mar 29, 2021

Not huge on horror but I'll probs give it a look once it's three chapters in to get a feel for it

RimuThighHighs · Author · Mar 29, 2021

I appreciate you giving my novel a chance and while there will be horror it's not the primary focus.  I'd describe it as a fantasy action story with horror elements.   I will warn that the first chapters will be pretty rough and might be triggering for some people so completely understand if you drop it lol

delete_user_26805 · Mar 29, 2021

I feel you could also make it something not for the faint-hearted!

delete_user_26805 · Mar 28, 2021

New novel already?

RimuThighHighs · Author · Mar 28, 2021

Chapter dropping today sorry for the slow release been feeling really bad lately season one should be done by the second week of April at the latest.   Thanks for your patience. 

RimuThighHighs · Author · Mar 24, 2021

I want to apologize for the slow updates and for my  mediocre writing as of late, I can safely say I think most of you guys will be happy and satisfied with the climax of season 1.   

RimuThighHighs · Author · Mar 22, 2021

Feeling a little under the weather today so the chapter will be delayed until tomorrow.  There's about 10 chapters left until the end of season 1.  You guys excited to see the climax of the first season?  

Novellover · Mar 22, 2021


RimuThighHighs · Author · Mar 22, 2021

Delightful!  Do you have any predictions for how it'll all play out?  (Not that'll tell) lol

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