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Aug 16, 2020

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Joined: Aug 16, 2020
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Just some weeb working on a web novel

RimuThighHighs · · Author · Apr 28, 2022

121k+  Words, 

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443 Pages

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Thank you, So much <3 clear.png

green_ink · Apr 29, 2022

And that's only because you wrote a masterpiece.

Ya should feel proud of that. clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · May 4, 2022

Thank you so much for your support and your kind words,  I'll keep on writing so i hope you'll stick around.  

green_ink · May 4, 2022

Oh I will stay here.

I will keep staying here until the end. 

*stares at you*

honestly I feel like an overly attached yandere

Queen · Jul 20, 2021

Can I know when season 2 is comingclear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 20, 2021

That's a tricky question I don't want to pin myself down to an exact date at the moment because knowing me and my luck I won;t be able to deliver.   Season 2 will be a lot more focused and will be a shorter season over all. 

I'm aiming for about 30 chapters.

If you pressed for me for an estimated answer I'd say before the end of the year, early next year as a worst case scenario.   But most likely between September to October this year.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 20, 2021

I hope you're prepared because season 2 will make season 1 look a kids movie [Blob Smirk]

Queen · Jul 20, 2021

Thank you for the follow, clear.pnghere, have a cookie 🍪

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 20, 2021

You're absolutely welcome thank you for reading my novel and following.  I'll be sure to check out your work as well.  <3

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 18, 2021

Also the season will be much shorter than season 1's  74 chapters I'm aiming for between 25 and 30 chapters.   But the hopefully the writing and pacing will be tighter and flow better.   i feel that one of the biggest flaws of season 1 is that it dragged and meandered around a lot.

Fixing the pacing is a major priority for me moving forward.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 18, 2021

Season 2 is going to be a lot darker, and heavier than season 1.   Mari's still got a lot more suffering to endure my dudes.  clear.png

delete_user_26805 · Jul 15, 2021

Even with such bad mental health, you seem pretty sadistic! I like it!

delete_user_26805 · Jul 16, 2021


Better look for a lady that could tame you! XD

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 16, 2021

Probably should lol

delete_user_26805 · Jul 16, 2021

Who knows, maybe this could cure your anxiety and depression! XD

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 17, 2021

Hmm you never know lol

delete_user_26805 · Jul 14, 2021

What about Spirit Hunter Megumi?

I’m excited for it, even more so because of Shin Megami Tensei 5 coming soon!
RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 15, 2021

Spirit Hunter Megumi will still be a while but will definitely be out before the end of the year as I've previously stated the chapters will be longer and the series over will be much shorter than Kodomajo.

Each season will have between 10-12 chapters and will be releasing monthly once the first the chapter is released.

Thank you for your patience.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 14, 2021

All the chapters for Season 1are now uploaded along with an epilogue and a bonus chapter with some major teasing for season 2.   Thank you guys so much for your patience, understanding and support.   Season 2 will be a while but I'll work to improve as much as a I can.  

I'll also have an erotic Silk Rose story for next month. 

I love you guys so much!   Thank you for being kind  and I'll see you in a little bit <3clear.pngclear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 14, 2021

The first batch of new chapters for Kodomajo are uploaded!  I'll be fixing formatting and any grammatical errors at a later time.   The next batch will drop in a little bit, enjoy.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 13, 2021

I've made you guys wait long enough the remaining chapters of Kodomajo Season 1 including the epilogue and a special chapter that sets up season 2 will be dropping within the next 48 hours.   Plus i'll try to rush out an erotic short story for Patreon before the end of the month.

delete_user_26805 · Jul 13, 2021


About Shinobu possibly returning, I think the explanation could be Mari making her her spirit familiar!

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 13, 2021

Hey anything's possible you'll just have to wait and see clear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 9, 2021

Yahallo everyone!  Been a while I'm still struggling with issues both mental and technological.  I've written all but the very last chapter of the season and I hope you guys are looking forward to it.   I deeply apologize for the drought of content. 

I'll also be including a special little epilogue to round of the season.

Love you guys <3

Gezllan · Jul 9, 2021


RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 22, 2021

I'm currently finishing the last batch of chapters (68-75) of season one of Kodomajo thank you so much for your patience.   My main goal for season two is more nuanced character writing, deeper world building and a more focused story direction.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

Thank you so much and I love you all <3


RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

I need to focus all of my attention on my primary baby which is Kodomajo.   Season one will be wrapping up soon, I hope you guys will enjoy it as it's pretty intense in my opinion.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

It was kind of optimistic of me to announce Spirit Hunter Megumi  given my current mental state, so i'm sorry to everyone who's looking forward to it but SHM will be delayed until further notice.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

I'm not giving up though you guys have supported me and have been extremely patient with me and for that I'm unbelievably grateful.    It won't be perfect but I promise I'll see Mari's story through to the end.

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    Just some weeb working on a web novel

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