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Aug 16, 2020

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Joined: Aug 16, 2020
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Just a girl who loves to tell stories and share them with cuties <3

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 14, 2021

All the chapters for Season 1are now uploaded along with an epilogue and a bonus chapter with some major teasing for season 2.   Thank you guys so much for your patience, understanding and support.   Season 2 will be a while but I'll work to improve as much as a I can.  

I'll also have an erotic Silk Rose story for next month. 

I love you guys so much!   Thank you for being kind  and I'll see you in a little bit <3clear.pngclear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 14, 2021

The first batch of new chapters for Kodomajo are uploaded!  I'll be fixing formatting and any grammatical errors at a later time.   The next batch will drop in a little bit, enjoy.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 13, 2021

I've made you guys wait long enough the remaining chapters of Kodomajo Season 1 including the epilogue and a special chapter that sets up season 2 will be dropping within the next 48 hours.   Plus i'll try to rush out an erotic short story for Patreon before the end of the month.

delete_user_26805 · Jul 13, 2021


About Shinobu possibly returning, I think the explanation could be Mari making her her spirit familiar!

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 13, 2021

Hey anything's possible you'll just have to wait and see clear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jul 9, 2021

Yahallo everyone!  Been a while I'm still struggling with issues both mental and technological.  I've written all but the very last chapter of the season and I hope you guys are looking forward to it.   I deeply apologize for the drought of content. 

I'll also be including a special little epilogue to round of the season.

Love you guys <3

Gezllan · Jul 9, 2021


RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 22, 2021

I'm currently finishing the last batch of chapters (68-75) of season one of Kodomajo thank you so much for your patience.   My main goal for season two is more nuanced character writing, deeper world building and a more focused story direction.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

Thank you so much and I love you all <3


RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

I need to focus all of my attention on my primary baby which is Kodomajo.   Season one will be wrapping up soon, I hope you guys will enjoy it as it's pretty intense in my opinion.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

It was kind of optimistic of me to announce Spirit Hunter Megumi  given my current mental state, so i'm sorry to everyone who's looking forward to it but SHM will be delayed until further notice.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

I'm not giving up though you guys have supported me and have been extremely patient with me and for that I'm unbelievably grateful.    It won't be perfect but I promise I'll see Mari's story through to the end.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

Every day is radically different some days i feel like i could fight the whole world and others I have to use all my strength just to crawl out of bed.  I'm so sorry for letting you guys down.   My writing has been slow, dull and subpar lately and I hate it.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

Mentally well that's a lot harder to mend.  Lately I've been hating both my writing and myself, I feel like trash, like nothing i do is good enough and frankly I hate myself.  I suffer with chronic anxiety and I quite possibly have depression though I'm not diagnosed.

delete_user_26805 · Jun 20, 2021


You need some medicine and go outside more often! clear.png

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

The other side I'm going to label as health both physically and mental.   I've been extremely sick for most of June which ultimately culminated in a rather nasty and severe eye infection.   That's more or less healed now though so physically I'm fine.

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

Hello everyone it's time for long overdue update!  I know that I've been silent but now it's time to talk about everything.   My hiatus can be neatly separated into two different factors.  The first is the technical I'm still without a computer I'm borrowing one so I'm able to type this message.

My computer should be fixed within the very near future so I can return to updating on a regular basis.

delete_user_26805 · Jun 19, 2021

Are you alive?

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021


RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 3, 2021

My hiatus will be extended due to my back up computer finally dying, once my desktop is fixed i'll be dropping  the rest of season one in one large dump.  Thanks for your patience.

Panzerfaust · Jun 19, 2021

clear.png thanks for the news

RimuThighHighs · Author · Jun 20, 2021

You're welcome thanks for your patience <3

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    Just a girl who loves to tell stories and share them with cuties <3

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