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Rising Author
Aug 18, 2020

Rising Author
Joined: Aug 18, 2020
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trigger, writer of transgender and likely lesbian sci-fi/fantasy shenanigans (the name is not a joke)

if you like silly gay shenanigans and a lot of dumb references, you've come to the right place! if you like weirdly dramatic and a little bit depressing/edgy stuff, you have come to the right place (at my expense :pensive:)

trigger7ff6 · Author · May 3, 2024

it's really something when you split an introject of YOURSELF from a book lmfao

SevenOfClubs · Apr 12, 2024

"World's Most Inconsistent Writer Promises She's Gonna Write For Herself This Time, She Swears, Trust Her"

Is it okay if I squint? Just a little?

trigger7ff6 · Author · Apr 13, 2024

you gotta trust me. this time it's different. totally dsjafksdjgasdf

SevenOfClubs · Apr 15, 2024

ill trust the vision

BrieVee · Mar 5, 2024

I just read all of your stories, I really like them. Gay trans robot girls are perfect. 

trigger7ff6 · Author · Mar 6, 2024

absolutely agree. glad you enjoyed! i cant make any promises about continuing them but it means a lot that you told me anyways :]

BrieVee · Mar 6, 2024

That's why I commented ❤️.

I'd be thrilled if you ever got around to continuing them, but I just wanted to let you know that they have a special place in my heart no matter what.

trigger7ff6 · Author · Mar 7, 2024

<3 ty!

trigger7ff6 · Author · Aug 24, 2023

right so apparently, i get most inspired when i'm *in* college level classes. so against my better judgement, i'm gonna start a full rewrite of flash-hider and keep up the work on slide//release.

trigger7ff6 · Author · Aug 24, 2023

i was a little concerned because i didn't know what people liked about flash-hider (and honestly, i'm still not sure) - but i'm hoping to keep a lot of the dynamics. well, not *similar*, but they'll still crop up. nora and flurry and wendy will still be there, they'll just need a couple (cough cough) possibly tens of thousands of words to work through.

trigger7ff6 · Author · Aug 24, 2023

 i'm a little worried still that it'll be just an entirely new story, without a lot of what anyone reading it right now already likes, but at this point i'm just totally stuck on how to progress the story and i've found a good way to remedy that.

trigger7ff6 · Author · Aug 24, 2023

as for slide//release, i'm pretty sure i'll need to do a soft rewrite of some of it but it'll stay mostly the same. i wanna emphasize a few more things, but i like writing them right now. i'm a little struggling for longer-term plot details, but i should be able to figure that out pretty okay.

IRIA is on the back burner- just isn't something i wanna do right now. but uhhh yeah thats all!

i've got 4 college level courses and i'm kind of freaking out about all of it. wish me luck guys!

trigger7ff6 · Author · Mar 22, 2023

god it has been FAR too long, im writing a little more these days but my two (2) college level classes have been kinda kickin my ass for the past few months. got almost two chapters done, though, and once i have the third interstitial i'll start queueing them! flash hider is a bit more complex and i might need to do a real rewrite of the past few chapters buuuuuut i think ive got a few ideas. as for IRIA, it's got its own chapter on the way :)

trigger7ff6 · Author · Mar 22, 2023

i'm gonna put a hold on BOGOINT for now and will probably leave writing the second and final chapters of All Two Buttons™ for a later time, but i hope that this is helpful. thank u all for following and supporting me, it helps me write :D

trigger7ff6 · Author · Jan 6, 2023

planned on posting a thing for my birthday, but i couldnt get it out :((

expect gay shit up this sunday, maybe, perhaps kind of!!!

edit: Will Not Be Ready This Sunday i apologize

Rynati · Jan 7, 2023

Happy gay shi- I mean happy birthday!!!

PanzerKampfWagen · Jan 7, 2023

is the gay: yes?

trigger7ff6 · Author · Jan 7, 2023

@rynati thanks :)

PanzerKampfWagen · Jan 7, 2023


SevenOfClubs · Jan 2, 2023

happy to see u posting again !! :) tho ofc do it at ur own pace

trigger7ff6 · Author · Jan 5, 2023

thanks !!! im slowly gonna be releasing chapters for everything i think but it means a lot that you like the stuff im making :)

trigger7ff6 · Author · Nov 12, 2022

no chapters up today, couldn't write enough for one of any- but i'm goin steady on all of em

trigger7ff6 · Author · Nov 22, 2022

same with today, unfortunately! expect an IRIA and F//H upload on saturday, though :)

happy thanksgiving, all who celebrate!

trigger7ff6 · Author · Nov 26, 2022

an update! only slide release is getting a chapter today. maybe an IRIA upload in a few days but yeah its just slide release. happy native american heritage day!

trigger7ff6 · Author · Nov 9, 2022

new story is out!! :D

trigger7ff6 · Author · Nov 6, 2022

rightio uh. yeah we're good w the computer but i think the halloween special is just Not gonna happen - it doesnt make sense in context to the story + its not really    workin out well in my head. sorry yall :(

might start a new story. maybe? unsure LOL

Frank-9976 · Nov 7, 2022

halloween oneshot?

trigger7ff6 · Author · Nov 7, 2022

that is an entirely reasonable idea actually. ill see if i can do that, dunno why i didnt think of it sooner LOL

trigger7ff6 · Author · Nov 1, 2022

so! unfortunately, my computer has just stopped charging. like, entirely. i'm pretty sure it's just stopped acknowledging the cable as a thing that exists.

this is an issue because i write using my computer, and i don't currently have the chapter for tomorrow up - i'm really sorry to delay it, but i'm honestly probably gonna have to take a gap week IRT writing. there will be a flash hider update tomorrow, though, since i have a small backlog saved for that.

trigger7ff6 · Author · Oct 29, 2022

tomorrow's upload is gonna be delayed by a bit, whether by a day or by a few hours. sorry about that - i totally forgot to write more!

trigger7ff6 · Author · Oct 30, 2022

alright, it's going up at 12:00 PM - one hour earlier than normal, i figured it was only right :P hope you enjoy, it'll be from alice's POV!

trigger7ff6 · Author · Sep 27, 2022

i just wrote around 6000 words in 6 hours or so, i'm gonna go pass the hell out screw this KDJBVCN

Rynati · Sep 27, 2022

I applaud you for your service to the people. Have a cookie. clear.png

trigger7ff6 · Author · Sep 27, 2022

@Rynati thank you for the cookie! my teeth will suffer but i am willing to pay the price for chocolate chips clear.png

trigger7ff6 · Author · Sep 26, 2022

as of 9/26/22 we're on the first page of the cyberpunk tag (flash-hider)! thanks everyone :)

SevenOfClubs · Sep 27, 2022


trigger7ff6 · Author · Sep 27, 2022

thanks :D

new chapters going up soon, i pulled a kinda all nighter for these and all three are hopefully up to code

two for flash hider, one for slide release - flash hider's normal one is the serious one out of the three, with the bonus chapter being a little less intense and slide release's being pretty much just exposition and a bit of heisting shenanigans as i get used to the world

hope u enjoy :)

trigger7ff6 · Author · Sep 27, 2022

btw for everyone watching at home heres a cylinder flash hider for your amusement

trigger7ff6 · Author · Sep 20, 2022

if you read flash hider after 9/20/22, 3:14 AM PST then please comment here you may be the 200th reader making you eligible to gain an ascii trigger7ff6 fumo

Wkppp · Sep 20, 2022

I don't think people here remember what time they are reading what novel at that time clear.png.

trigger7ff6 · Author · Sep 20, 2022

i mean committing it to the "reading" list but yeah thats a fair point, lol

still worth a shot though!

Wkppp · Sep 20, 2022


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    trigger, writer of transgender and likely lesbian sci-fi/fantasy shenanigans (the name is not a joke)

    if you like silly gay shenanigans and a lot of dumb references, you've come to the right place! if you like weirdly dramatic and a little bit depressing/edgy stuff, you have come to the right place (at my expense :pensive:)

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