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Aug 22, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Aug 22, 2020
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JohnyXD · Nov 30, 2023

Hey, I'm reading Terrarian in the Dungeon (currently at chapter 60 and I love it) and it got me in the mood to actually try playing Terraria. I played a lot of games before, but never this one. Do you have a suggestion on which mods would be good for a first-time player?clear.png

Azazyel0714 · Author · Dec 1, 2023

Yeah beyond anything else you need three mods. You need' Fargo's Fargo's souls/mutant.' Next you need Calamity, and lastly you need smart storage.

JohnyXD · Dec 1, 2023

Oh, thanks a lot! I'll try those. clear.png

ArksonLeonis · Nov 20, 2023

Is the Warhammer story done or on hiatus cause I want to know what happens.

Azazyel0714 · Author · Nov 20, 2023

I am a commissoned writer, I make a living off what people commission me to write. Right now I basically get one or two chapters of Warhammer a week written and then I post the older chapters to the public.

plot_xc · Dec 2, 2023

well, if people don't make a commission for a long while can you at least post some chapters so we can read? my monay is managed by my parents so i can't pay for extra chapters

HissingWassabi · Nov 11, 2023

Mate, what about Warhammer story? 

Ruti · Oct 13, 2023

Remember to put the fan fiction tag on any fan fics you have (the Danmachi one and DXD one)

Azazyel0714 · Author · Oct 14, 2023

Alright will do.

Azathoth2 · Sep 21, 2023

Hope not 

order69 · Sep 25, 2023

It is.

Azathoth2 · Sep 21, 2023

A Hollow in DC a harem??

Dakota3602 · Sep 17, 2023

scribblehub Tags Harem ?clear.pngclear.png

order69 · Sep 16, 2023

Why are you moving here, my guy?

Azazyel0714 · Author · Sep 22, 2023

Uhh... Just spreading my stories around lol.

reader8916 · Sep 12, 2023

So I see you said you fixed the chapter 8 mispost, but whatever you did didn’t work.  It’s still wrong.

Azazyel0714 · Author · Sep 14, 2023

Yeah I am transfering the story here from elsewhere and I accidentally put in the wrong chapter sorry.

Bookhead · Sep 9, 2023

Your missing chapter 8

Azazyel0714 · Author · Sep 10, 2023

I mislabled chapter but I fixed it lol

D.C.Haenlien · Aug 23, 2020

Many thanks for the follow. clear.png

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