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Rising Author
Aug 24, 2020

Rising Author
Joined: Aug 24, 2020
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Just a silly girl who wants to practice writing, including nsfw, semi-anonymously.

Venusaur26 · Feb 5, 2022

Are you alive?

Fox-Trot-9 · Aug 18, 2021

Are you okay?

Novellover · Mar 9, 2021

clear.png Are you on vacation?

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Mar 10, 2021

I took a break but it ended up being longer than I expected. I hope you are well!

Novellover · Mar 10, 2021

Oh! Good luck then!clear.pngclear.png

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Mar 10, 2021

Thank you clear.png

Scheherazade · Mar 14, 2021

@Freesia.Cutepearl We miss you, but stay healthy and happy first and foremost!

Assurbanipal_II · Feb 25, 2021

clear.png Are you here?

Assurbanipal_II · Mar 10, 2021

clear.png Excellent. Because I want to invite you a certain cosy server. As, i am less active on SHF now. Naherenne is there and Queenfisher.

Assurbanipal_II · Mar 10, 2021

clear.png So what is your code on discord?

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Mar 10, 2021

Ooooh. Lemme PM it to you.

Assurbanipal_II · Mar 10, 2021


Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Jan 11, 2021

Chapters 19 and 20 posted. I'll make the Update/Art post sometime soon, whenever I have things ready for what I want to do.

Assurbanipal_II · Jan 10, 2021

clear.png I heard evil people called your character mentally ill. How dare they. She is just airheady.

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Jan 10, 2021


delete_user_26805 · Jan 10, 2021

I think it’s also obvious she would become this way, she was once a gay guy that was heavily discriminated!

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Jan 10, 2021

Just wanted to give an update. I apologize for taking so long. I wanted to get all the lighthearted stuff written, ended up taking two chapters, I plan to post both at once. Then an update post with some art.

With any luck I can post both chapters sometime today. It's about 6:20am where I am right now. There'll be more details in the update/art post, but I plan to take a bit of a break and re-evaluate things.

Thank you, and have a lovely day/night clear.png clear.png

Assurbanipal_II · Jan 10, 2021


Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Jan 10, 2021

@Assurbanipal_II clear.png

EternalSunset0 · Jan 10, 2021

Welcome back. Hope you're feeling well now.

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Jan 10, 2021

@EternalSunset0 Helth wise, mostly, though I've still been feeling tired a lot. Doesn't help that's it's cold, so snuggling under blankets on the couch seems to always end up with me feeling tired and falling asleep.

Mentally.. eh, getting there. I feel like I went from flying like a car on an interstate to stalled at a traffic light for ages. My momentum just died so fast. Hopefully, things can start to get more on track soon.

Hope you are fantastical clear.png

Aaky · Dec 25, 2020

Merry Xmas clear.png

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Dec 25, 2020

clear.png Thank you! Merry Christmas to you as well! <3

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Dec 17, 2020

I feel really bad about my sudden slow pace. I feel like I've hit my first real trouble with writing. And I can't really figure out what's going on. I do apologize and hope I can get over this hump quickly. I miss being able to just sit down and write easily for hours at a time.

I hope that you are all doing well and are having a wonderful day and have a wonderful holiday season! <3

Fox-Trot-9 · Dec 17, 2020

What you're currently experiencing right now is writer's block, which is just a normal part of the writing process. It happens to all of us.

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Dec 17, 2020

clear.png ty all

Wolfpup · Dec 17, 2020

hey it is ok some times we need to slow down or even take a break from things to get our heads on right.

Assurbanipal_II · Dec 17, 2020

Compared to me you are going with lightspeed. clear.png

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Dec 6, 2020

Apologies for taking so long, still have trouble focusing, but I've gotten a decent chunk of chapter 18 done, having a bit of trouble with it. 

Some is working out details, and, it's just a really hard chapter to write. Doesn't help I keep feeling tired. I slept most of yesterday, and woke up with a horrible headache.

I'm a bit afraid of how it's going to be received, especially after such a long break. Thinking about writing two chapters to release to try and balance it out.

Erios909 · Dec 6, 2020


Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Dec 6, 2020

Thank you all! clear.png @Assurbanipal_II @Nahrenne @Erios909 - I really appreciate it <3 I hope you all, and everyone reading this are doing well!

I'm not great at writing dark stuff, I think it's contrary to my personality. But, it's especially hard you can't focus and don't feel the best. I think a lighthearted chapter would be nice to write after this if I can make it fit. clear.png

You all are fantastic clear.png

Assurbanipal_II · Dec 6, 2020

clear.pngNo... You are fantastic.

Nahrenne · Dec 6, 2020

*huggles you all*



Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Nov 27, 2020

Just wanted to give an update. It'll probably be a few more days before I get anymore chapters done. 

It's a combination of doing other things, spending some time just thinking about the story, and I've been a bit tired/mildly sick, like a weird cold with mild symptoms coming and going. If it doesn't get better soon I'm going to call the doctor.

Hope you are well and if you are in the US hope you had a lovely & safe thanksgiving. Take care All! <3

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Nov 27, 2020

Thank you all clear.png

Hope you all are doing lovely clear.png

Fox-Trot-9 · Nov 30, 2020

Hope you're feeling better.

Jaredman92 · Nov 30, 2020

Hope you feel better!

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Dec 1, 2020

Thank you! I am somewhat. Still feeling a bit tired, but better, I've also started writing again. For a while, I was having trouble concentrating when I tried to think about the story while resting, but I've had some interesting ideas crop up now.

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Nov 23, 2020

Testing out the "Schedule" feature. Chapter 17 is scheduled for 7:30PM Eastern, or a little less than 8 hours from now.

I hope you are having a fantastic day. clear.png

Jaredman92 · Nov 24, 2020


Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Nov 24, 2020


Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Nov 21, 2020

Chapter 16 is up now, I hope that you find it enjoyable. I'm quite happy with it. A lot of buildup to get to this point. Really looking forward to seeing how people feel about it!

Hope you are having a lovely day! clear.png

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Nov 19, 2020

The re-arrangement has been done. Ch13, Lilac's POV is now Ch15, your bookmarks will likely stay on what is now 14. The next chapter, 16, will be Lilth's POV of them leaving. I expect to post that near the end of the week. Giving the anti-cheat plenty of time to simmer down.

EternalSunset0 · Nov 18, 2020

Congrats on hitting trending~

Freesia.Cutepearl · Author · Nov 18, 2020

Thank you! Trending-Tab-Chan decided to visit me again. I'm not doing anything with her in a closed room like the people in my short story on the forums. I promise!

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