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Jan 31, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 31, 2019
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Just a wild author.

Please direct business related topics to [email protected]

LongBagguette · Oct 23, 2022

The cover is nice! I actually thought yumi was smaller but this will do, its been such a long ride without a cover too, I'm happy this series got one.

LoafOfBread · Oct 9, 2022

Love the cover, and is that yumi?

Rinne · Author · Oct 13, 2022

Glad to hear you like it!
Yes, it's Yumi.

MikeRotch69 · Oct 8, 2022

Amazing cover art! Was planning on reading this from the beginning since there are a whole lot more chaptersclear.png

Rinne · Author · Oct 13, 2022

Glad you enjoy it!
I hope you'll have fun reading it again!

FoxxieFox · Oct 8, 2022

Congrats on the cover! it looks really nice!

Rinne · Author · Oct 8, 2022

Thank you!
Glad you like it!

marcus-beta · Aug 7, 2021

I read your novel 2 years ago and reached the last release of the time, after a while I was sure it was some Ligth Novel and I was looking in Novel Updates for it, I had already forgotten the characters' names, the work, but I remembered the plot... 

marcus-beta · Aug 7, 2021

after 2 years I think it again, it was here, in my face, it was not a professional book but an amazingly good amateur book, I stopped at chapter 40 and hehe, now I have more than triple the chapters I read to read , thank you for keeping the work alive after such a long time.

someonesomeguy · Apr 19, 2021

You really need to get a cover art. It's such a good novel. People don't click on it cause it doesn't have a cover. Also you should try royalroad

Rinne · Author · Apr 26, 2021

I'm working on getting a cover. It just takes some time. A lot more than what I planned for.

As for RoyalRoad, I intend to upload there at some point, but at the very least not before I actually get a cover and deal with a few other things.

svu1128 · Mar 11, 2021

I wonder what happen to the infested wagon after Ria check it? maybe I miss something or I forget it.

P.S.I enjoy this novel so far.clear.png
Xeriasta · Sep 8, 2020

Hah I New you were from Germany wen I read Zweihänder and not Claymore in the discription of Lylis apperanc clear.png

I wish I had the courage to write in English.? But I don't have and I don't want to write in German. 

Anyway I like you story clear.png I'm locking faward to continue reading it later clear.png

Rinne · Author · Sep 8, 2020

Technically speaking, the Zweihänder and the Claymore are different weapons. They're similar, though, yes. I've often seen people writing "Zweihander" in English so you could say writing it the proper way is a good hint, though.

Like with all things, practice makes perfect. I keep learning new phrases and the like in English as well. And for spelling and grammar, there are also tools like Grammarly to help you out.

Hope you'll continue to enjoy it! Have fun!

Azrie · Feb 5, 2020


Rinne · Author · Feb 5, 2020

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Azrie · Feb 5, 2020

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Rinne · Author · Feb 5, 2020

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Arexio · Jun 24, 2019

Hi hi hi

Arexio · Jun 25, 2019


Rinne · Author · Jun 25, 2019


Arexio · Jun 26, 2019


Rinne · Author · Jun 26, 2019

You should've answered with "Bye bye" D:
now you destroyed it orz

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    Please direct business related topics to [email protected]

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