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Aug 29, 2020

Joined: Aug 29, 2020
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Certified osu player, gacha addict, and resident dumb ass here

MasterHiatus · Author · May 7, 2024

I am going to prioritize my novel though but trust me, there will be new chaps for the fanfics after rewriting process

MasterHiatus · Author · May 7, 2024

Also, extra news, I declare that my fanfic will probably go through a rewriting process and finally, new chapters will start rolling! Don't worry, the most that would change would be the mc's wishes and the writing style. I also think that the fanfic would be in a hiatus for a bit longer but not indefinitely. You can say that its going to end at around May 30-31! clear.png

MasterHiatus · Author · May 7, 2024

Hi hiiii, I don't know if u guys missed me or what. I will start writing a new novel! I am waiting for the 12 hour reviewing thingy to go through! I hope u guys read it mwehehehe clear.png

U03 · Aug 27, 2023

That a long mode shift 

MasterHiatus · Author · Feb 13, 2022

Well shit, I am not in the mood to write for now. While I do have a draft, its still not complete. Sorry clear.png

MasterHiatus · Author · Feb 5, 2022

Can't make a chapter today, I am helping a mate on something. Finna do 2 chaps tomorrow. Aren't I great? clear.png

MasterHiatus · Author · Feb 1, 2022

I am not gonna upload for now, I apologize. I shall upload two tomorrow.

MasterHiatus · Author · Apr 8, 2021

Well... I am a nocturnal reader as well so... Imma sleep probably 2-3 amclear.png

Ilikewaterkusa · Jan 31, 2022

No your a vampire

MasterHiatus · Author · Apr 8, 2021

Pulled out 3 all-nighters, rushing fast to finish homework, I want sleep, no chapters for now, dead tired....

MasterHiatus · Author · Apr 6, 2021

Hi... clear.pngclear.png

MasterHiatus · Author · Dec 14, 2020

Imma write maybe after my break time.

MasterHiatus · Author · Dec 13, 2020

FINALLY, A NEW CHAPPY clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

MasterHiatus · Author · Nov 27, 2020

Alright, I am deeply sorry but oh well...time for my grand opening!clear.png
Imma post after a few days since its already christmas break (Its early but who cares)

Generic.Archdemon · Nov 27, 2020


MasterHiatus · Author · Nov 17, 2020

I finished 80% of my damn assignments soooo, me is working on Chapter 2-3...and also chap 9-10 

MasterHiatus · Author · Nov 17, 2020


Gameboy · Nov 20, 2020

Can't wait for itclear.png

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    Certified osu player, gacha addict, and resident dumb ass here

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