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Famous Author
Sep 3, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Sep 3, 2020
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I love chocolate
And I'm lazy af

Join my discord if you want: (Dead server btw)

RatedOverr · Feb 5, 2023

Was thinking about reading 'Umbra Frontier Online' since it looks cool, but something which is confusing me is the fact it mentions they are male protagonist and female in game so does he change irl as well or is it only in game he is a girl?

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Feb 5, 2023

Girl in the game. Boy in real life.

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Jan 15, 2023

Tomorrow, Demoness Reincarnation resumes.

thrx01a · Jan 15, 2023

Awesome Cant wait for more please make it large clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

AnimeShadow · Feb 27, 2023

Yay, bit late but thanks

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Dec 31, 2022

It's 12am for me now.

Happy New Year, all of you!

A Chocolate Feast for everyone.


ChocolateLover030 · Author · Dec 11, 2022

It's best that I mention this late than never.

Demoness Reincarnation will not get updated until mid-January. I'm currently working on a new story for my chocolate-loving dopamine.

Thanks for understanding.

Also, Cycle of Identities will be on hiatus... as much as I hate doing that again.

thrx01a · Dec 11, 2022


Nubtastic · Dec 12, 2022

aw... but moar chocolate so yay clear.png

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Oct 10, 2022

I did not noticed Demoness Reincarnation was 3rd on trending today until now lol.

No wonder I'm getting so many views.

SerikoLee · Oct 10, 2022


Aaqil · Oct 10, 2022


thrx01a · Oct 10, 2022


thrx01a · Oct 10, 2022


malik25 · Oct 2, 2022

FINALLY..... the choco-sensei already realese a new chapter

thrx01a · Oct 10, 2022

He Woke up

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Sep 23, 2022

Finally! I'm done writing the next chapter for Cycle of Identities, which will probably be the longest chapter I have written for the story so far. (And hopefully it stays as the longest chapter in the story, since that chapter has about 5k words lol.)

I'll post it when I wake up, since it's almost 3am for me right now.


ChocolateLover030 · Author · Sep 15, 2022

So uh... the next chapter for Cycle of Identities is going to take a longer time before I finish writing it.

The draft got erased somehow and now I must recreate the entire chapter from scratch.

And I was almost done writing it after so long... ugh.

Aaqil · Sep 15, 2022

*pat pat pat*, :pensive:,clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

green_ink · Sep 15, 2022

sadge, we hafta wait more then.

*waiting intensifies*

SerikoLee · Sep 15, 2022


ChocolateLover030 · Author · Sep 5, 2022

I've just realised. I have not written a chocolate story in a long time.

Can I still call myself a true chocolate lover, if my stories aren't choco-related?

Also, I got a fever. clear.png

AnimeFreak1982 · Sep 5, 2022

Have you considered adding a chocolate character in the next arc of Cycle of Identities that could become a permanent addition to the main cast? 

Also, get well soon!clear.png

Aaqil · Sep 5, 2022

*pat pat*, clear.png

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Sep 5, 2022

@AnimeFreak1982 I mean... I already did that for Jonah, the MC's butler. And I am planning to add more... But right now, I'm kind of stuck writing the next chapter.

Romaryo · Jul 17, 2022

If you survive i will give a gift from a gentlemen 

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Jul 17, 2022

What's the gift?

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Jul 13, 2022

So uh... I got Covid now.


green_ink · Jul 13, 2022

good luck surviving then! 

Irlina · Jul 13, 2022

Good luck and hope you get better soon!

DizzyMiget · Jul 13, 2022

Hoping for your good health 

Shirokuma · Jul 14, 2022

I hope you get better soon

Foxgunne · Jul 10, 2022

Stay Safe Friend!!

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Jul 10, 2022


ChocolateLover030 · Author · Jul 10, 2022

My mother and brother have just tested positive for Covid. And I'm the only one in the house who is not. clear.png

Aaqil · Jul 10, 2022


green_ink · Jul 10, 2022

then stay stronk

Irlina · Jul 11, 2022

Good luck!

Fake_Gil · May 26, 2022

If I may ask, what happened to "The White Sage Wants a Family"?

ChocolateLover030 · Author · May 26, 2022

I have decided to drop it. And have thus deleted it from SH. Sorry.

Deadguydave · May 23, 2022

First off, happy belated birthday! Second, I love all of your work so much!

ChocolateLover030 · Author · May 23, 2022

Thanks. Glad you love what I have written.

Deadguydave · May 23, 2022

Very, very much tbh

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    I love chocolate
    And I'm lazy af

    Join my discord if you want: (Dead server btw)

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