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Famous Author
Sep 3, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Sep 3, 2020
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I love chocolate
And I'm lazy af

Join my discord if you want: (Dead server btw)

Fake_Gil · May 26, 2022

If I may ask, what happened to "The White Sage Wants a Family"?

ChocolateLover030 · Author · May 26, 2022

I have decided to drop it. And have thus deleted it from SH. Sorry.

Deadguydave · May 23, 2022

First off, happy belated birthday! Second, I love all of your work so much!

ChocolateLover030 · Author · May 23, 2022

Thanks. Glad you love what I have written.

Deadguydave · May 23, 2022

Very, very much tbh

ChocolateLover030 · Author · May 18, 2022

It's my birthday today! clear.png


PaperTrades · May 19, 2022

happy day

Alphafi · Jun 15, 2022

Happy late Birthday! clear.png

Ilikewaterkusa · Jun 15, 2022

That’s incredibly late… 

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Jun 15, 2022

lol thanks. clear.png

ChocolateLover030 · Author · May 16, 2022

Regarding Chocolate Waifu, there are two choices I can do with it:

1) Remove the Alisha side story from existence, since I doubt it'd be relevant to the main story and that anyone really cares. After which I can continue the story without caring about that.


2) I could make a rewrite of the entire thing with only some slight changes, which would also be a pain in the arse in my opinion.

Which do you all prefer? 🍫

Also, I'm dropping The White Sage wants a Family. Sorry. clear.png

green_ink · May 16, 2022

I would suggest dropping the side story. As it's not going to impede your work much. As for rewriting, that is a PAIN in the ASS with all of them being capital letters.

DizzyMiget · May 16, 2022

Only do a rewrite if you are willing to invest a MASSIVE amount of time into it, though both choices are valid in the end 

malik25 · May 17, 2022

sniff... sniff... where i can get a new chapter of demoness reincarnation, i miss it.... please continue the story mistress ChocolateLover030

ChocolateLover030 · Author · May 17, 2022


Readerofharemandsmut · Apr 22, 2022

Hello my fellow cultured individuals!clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Apr 22, 2022

Konichiwa, my dear weeb. Have a chocolate. 🍫

DizzyMiget · Apr 19, 2022


green_ink · Apr 19, 2022

Don't think I didn't see that pun

*stares intensely* clear.png

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Apr 18, 2022

You know... If there is a chocolate lover like me, there has got to be a vanilla lover out there, right?

Aaqil · Apr 18, 2022


Jpcvb · Apr 18, 2022

Well, what kind of vanilla we are talking about?

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Apr 18, 2022


SerikoLee · Apr 18, 2022


HealingBanana · Mar 28, 2022

Thank you for changing the cover for " The White Sage Wants a Family". It confused me the first time I saw it because I thought the girl with white hair is the sage and I saw the tags "Male Protagonist" so I thought maybe it's a "Gender-Bender" but it's not.

So thank you again author-san.

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Mar 28, 2022


Issei · Mar 12, 2022

So I wanted to reccomend a site for you to try out. I found this a few years ago but this might be useful if you ever want to make a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) type of story.

malik25 · Mar 12, 2022

interesting side, i almost press the write button

malik25 · Mar 12, 2022

web not side

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Mar 12, 2022

Thanks. I don't think I will be making one. But thanks nonetheless. 🍫

Issei · Apr 7, 2022

glad to help!

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Mar 6, 2022

Ugh... why do my mood for writing always come when I need to sleep?

Anyways, I need to sleep now. So, goodnight choco-mates! clear.png

Xeno_King · Mar 6, 2022


MrTiemos · Mar 6, 2022

To inspire your dreams!

malik25 · Mar 7, 2022

that mood will be gone when u woke up from ur ethernal slumber in the next morning

Issei · Mar 12, 2022

It happens. Apparently a lot of authors get new ideas and are vitalised just before they go to sleep.

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Feb 26, 2022

Ok. Regarding Demoness Reincarnation. So far, I have only completed one new chapter. One! And we're reaching the end of the month already!

And now I'm writing the next side story chapter. Since I want to at least write 3-4 main story chapters and 1 side story chapter, before I post them.

Hopefully I can do this by the end of next month, since I don't want to keep it on hiatus for much longer.

And to make it worse, a new story idea just came into my head! Haha. Chaotic Chocolate Loli, anyone? clear.png

Shirokuma · Feb 26, 2022

Loli chocolate? That make me think of lolipops

green_ink · Feb 26, 2022

we can wait, you just have to write and in the meantime we can wait. 

DizzyMiget · Feb 27, 2022

We shall be patient for the chocolate 🍫

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Feb 25, 2022

Chocolate? 🍫

RazW320 · Feb 25, 2022

Yes please

malik25 · Feb 25, 2022

okay everyone... let's call her choco-sensei from now on

Aaqil · Feb 25, 2022


Asymmetrical-realities · Feb 26, 2022

Choco pls

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Feb 9, 2022

With "The White Sage wants a Family" reaching 20 chapters total, I think it's about time I try to write some new chapters for Demoness Reincarnation.

Don't expect it to come soon though, since I will be taking my time with that. clear.png

DizzyMiget · Feb 9, 2022

Take all the time you need!clear.png

Aaqil · Feb 9, 2022


ChocolateLover030 · Author · Jan 9, 2022

I have created a new story.

Go check it out for chocolate. clear.png

SerikoLee · Jan 9, 2022

Just don't do too much series or the cards fall altogether sensei.

Alphafi · Jan 9, 2022

Will you be continuing dark elf village?
It's one of the main reasons I check SH everyday clear.pngclear.png

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Jan 9, 2022

Currently, I'm kinda stuck on how to progress with the plot for dark elf village. So whether that story will be continuing or not, that I can't say.

Hopefully I get the motivation to do so, but then again I might not.

Alphafi · Jan 9, 2022

Got it. Thanks for the update. clear.png
Maybe have our MC start kingdom building and turning his village into a dark elf empire? clear.png

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    I love chocolate
    And I'm lazy af

    Join my discord if you want: (Dead server btw)

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