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Well-Known Author
Sep 3, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Sep 3, 2020
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I love chocolate

ChocolateLover030 Author Jan 9, 2021

Hey guy! I have started a new series called "The Witch of an Evil Forest."

It will probably take a while before it shows itself on the front page, so please check it out when it shows.

And despite what the title says, it is not a horror story if you're wondering.

Hope you enjoy it!聽clear.png馃崼

Edit: I forgot to say that this story will also be my entry for the Scribbly Anniversary V2 contest. Hope I can reach 40k words.

Edit 2: Link -聽

ChocolateLover030 Author Dec 31, 2020

Also, Happy New Year!

Lets hope that 2021 is a little less sucky than 2020

blackrockshooter Dec 31, 2020

Yay, the dark elf story is updated. Thank you.

ChocolateLover030 Author Dec 31, 2020

I'm back, my chocolate lovers.聽

Here's Chapter 6 of The Boy raised in a Dark Elf Village.

As for Reincarnated as a Chocolate Waifu, that will stay hiatus for the time being.

Sorry. 馃崼

ChocolateLover030 Author Nov 28, 2020

To those wondering when I'll update my stories, sorry but I won't be doing that for a long while. Due to real life things that are making me stress and exhausted, I'm having problems concentrating on writing even after nearly a month now.

Basically, I'm going on a hiatus until my problems are sorted out.

Sorry. 馃崼

Alaster Nov 28, 2020

Take your time to destress, get things done that ya need done, i'm more than happy to wait till your feeling up to writing again and hope nothing to serious is wrong and hope that things get better soon for you聽clear.png

Asymmetrical-realities Nov 27, 2020

Is reborn as a chocolate waifu done/on hiatus?聽

Mynamejeff Nov 20, 2020

When is the next chapter for dark elf village coming out?

ChocolateLover030 Author Nov 5, 2020

Oh wow! Two days ago, my dark elf story was #7 in trending. And now, it's #1!?

Dark Elves FTW! Lol聽clear.png

Alaster Nov 5, 2020

lol looks like i'm going to have a lot to read once i'm out of collage at christmas聽clear.pngclear.png

Desmond66595 Nov 3, 2020

chocolate overdrive shit the choco level is over 9,000

Str1keFreedom00 Nov 3, 2020

I wish you luck in your endeavors, but having men and women makes it not a harem, its just a Polyamorous Relationship. It's either "Reverse Harem" or "Harem".

ChocolateLover030 Author Nov 3, 2020

I see...聽clear.png

Anyways, thanks.聽clear.png

ChocolateLover030 Author Nov 3, 2020

Oh hey! I'm a Well-known Author now!聽clear.png

And one of my stories is on #7 in trending! Can't wait for the 1-star ratings lol.

ChocolateLover030 Author Oct 12, 2020

I have started a new series called "The Boy raised in a Dark Elf Village".

It's a R-18 story, which will be my first time writing one.

Feel free to check it out!聽clear.png聽馃崼

ChocolateLover030 Author Oct 8, 2020

I am back from the hospital! clear.png聽Working on the next chapter of Chocolate Waifu, so wait for it then.聽clear.png

melbisbelbis Oct 4, 2020

my guy really likes his chocolate huh

Tutu Sep 9, 2020

I rate 5!!!聽

I love chocolate to!!

Tutu Sep 9, 2020

Maybe we can be a allyclear.png

ChocolateLover030 Author Sep 9, 2020


ChocolateLover030 Author Sep 6, 2020


My story, "Reincarnated as a Chocolate Waifu", has only just started two days ago, with only 3 chapters. Yet, there's already 3 one-star ratings, two of which were when there was only 1 chapter.

Should I be concern? Or should I just ignore it? The story has not even progress that much yet. MC is still an infant.

*munch* 馃崼

ChocolateLover030 Author Sep 6, 2020

Any ways to deal with it? Or should I just leave it?

Alaster Sep 6, 2020

honestly it happens to every story even the best of them, it's really just one of those things that if they don't give feedback then nothing you can do sorry聽clear.png

ChocolateLover030 Author Sep 6, 2020

It's alright then. clear.png聽I was just curious, not upset about it. You just can't satisfy everyone.

Alaster Sep 6, 2020

pretty much聽clear.png

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    I love chocolate

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