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Famous Author
Sep 3, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Sep 3, 2020
Followers: 285
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Comments: 306

I love chocolate
And I'm lazy af

Join my discord if you want: (Dead server btw)

Talmus · May 19, 2024

Looks like real life has claimed another victim, take care of yourself and looking forward to the next chapter of Umbral Frontier

ChocolateLover030 · Author · May 19, 2024

Yeah. Sorry about that. I should be a bit more free now for this coming June. Hopefully I can dish out some chapters during that period.

Leska · Apr 14, 2024

Thank you for reading the first chapter of Echoes Of The Forgotten... *bows*

Talmus · Mar 26, 2024

Any word on future writings or returning to any of your stories?

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Mar 27, 2024

I'm working on it. I have just been busy recently with my part time job. Will try to post a new chapter for UFO this week.

Sorry for taking so long. clear.png

Talmus · Mar 27, 2024

Take the time you need just seems a lot of writers I follow have just stopped posting lately and one has passed away.

Nengone · Feb 19, 2024

Yeah thanks for the update you rock

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Feb 19, 2024

You're welcome and thank you. clear.png

Pokemonking0924 · Feb 4, 2024

Any updates for Umbra Frontier Online soon?

JTZERO · Feb 4, 2024

I'm going through withdrawal as well. Need a dose of Yoru kicking heinie 

Shgerv · Feb 2, 2024

Is Demoness Reincarnation  ever gonna be updated or has it been dropped?

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Feb 2, 2024

I supposed at this point, you can considered it dropped. If I ever do get back to it, I would probably just do a whole rewrite for it.

Shgerv · Feb 3, 2024

Thanks for the update!

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Jan 29, 2024

Sorry guys. I won't be able to update for a while. I have to work on a group project.

ggyi · Jan 29, 2024

Ahh that suck i been waiting for your new chapter.clear.png

But i understand,so do your best.clear.png

Pokemonking0924 · Jan 1, 2024

Happy New Year clear.png

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Dec 31, 2023

It's past 12am for me here.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Chocolate Party!!!


Clayton4956 · Dec 31, 2023

still around 6 left for me, but-


… yeah, had to do it.

Wolfpup · Dec 31, 2023

right back at ya even though is is still aways away for me though. 

Clayton4956 · Dec 31, 2023


Pokemonking0924 · Dec 25, 2023

Merry Christmas clear.png

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Dec 25, 2023

Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too! clear.png

Clayton4956 · Dec 21, 2023

Is everything ok?

It’s been around two weeks since you didn’t post anything.

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Dec 21, 2023

A bit busy these past two weeks. Also, trying to fix my terrible sleep schedule. Will get back to updates by next week. Thank you for your concern and Merry Christmas in advance. 🍫

Clayton4956 · Dec 21, 2023

A bit worried about your sleep schedule, but it’s great there’s nothing else.

Thanks for the heads up!

And Merry Christmas to you too!

DemiCape · Sep 17, 2023

So why was cycle of identities removed? I kinda liked it. I would have atleast kept it around even if i lost my motivation to write more of it, but that is me and how i think.

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Sep 13, 2023

At last, UFO got its first 1-star rating! clear.png

Clayton4956 · Sep 13, 2023

Wait really?

BINd47 · Sep 13, 2023

You cloudn't calm down until you get one right? Like there has to be something missing and I don't know what! 

Still though you write for this long for UFO and only getting it now means this is quite the achievement.


Clayton4956 · Sep 12, 2023

So how was that group project in the end? Nothing wrong happened?

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Sep 12, 2023

Should be okay. Now I just need to do several different presentations with my group on the projects we had done. Will continue UFO updates starting tomorrow though, in case you're worried about that.

Clayton4956 · Sep 12, 2023

I wasn’t too worried about it, but thanks for the heads up.

Looking forward for the update then!clear.png

ChocolateLover030 · Author · Sep 4, 2023

Hello guys. Sorry but I don't think I will be able to upload chapters for UFO this week because I need to work on my group project which the deadline is this week. 

Thank you for understanding. 🍫clear.png

Clayton4956 · Sep 4, 2023

No worries, take all the time you need.

We can wait.

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    I love chocolate
    And I'm lazy af

    Join my discord if you want: (Dead server btw)

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