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Feb 1, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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krushandkill · Author · Jun 20, 2020

Trying a new update schedule and a new chapter length. It will now be every two days and 3.500 words per chapter, instead of 9.000 words at friday and monday.

Patchadams50 · Feb 23, 2020

I just finished 1,000year great sage, and wanted to thank you. I enjoyed it from beginning to end, really I didn’t want it to end. So again thank you 

krushandkill · Author · Feb 23, 2020

I am glad that you liked it.

This story is more or less, the continuation, 1.540 years in the future, in another World.

Help · Nov 24, 2019

So when next?

krushandkill · Author · Nov 26, 2019

Not so soon. I am still thinking about the plot.

Tsuru · Jul 25, 2019

Also i re-found a great series (i found it before but didn't read it because low number of chapters):

Tsuru · Jul 25, 2019

Hi ! I am back ! I will go back to continuing reading the rest ! (ch67) Did you implement a reversi or a game that anyone can play ?

krushandkill · Author · Jul 25, 2019

several. checkers, othelo, hnefatafl.

Tsuru · Jul 25, 2019

Somehow seeing the mermaid chapter redropped my drive to read your series back to 0. Sigh...

krushandkill · Author · Jul 25, 2019

not every mermaid is nice and cute. Only disney ones, old stories tell that mermaids are vicious and mean beings.

Tsuru · Jun 2, 2019

... Lately i can't help but feel your series don't have a unique feel to itself... I get this fake feeling when i read it. As in : when i read it i don't feel like the characters are alive.
I quite stumped as i don't have any advice to how to solve this. Or don't know if i am the only one that have the same oppinion.

krushandkill · Author · Jun 2, 2019

It's just you, fortunately!

Tsuru · Jun 1, 2019

Sharing with you a nostalgic song if you are old enough to have known this old popular game:

krushandkill · Author · Jun 2, 2019

I know this one!

Tsuru · May 25, 2019

I am not sure if it's you or not. That the wind crystal was not green color in the series. The template of wind magic is green normally... (Just try to ignore the purple color of the game Golden Sun (trying to reference an awesome rpg gba game))

krushandkill · Author · May 25, 2019

School targets:
Grey for Wind (attack), Red for Fire (attack), White for Light (Healling), Blue for Water (attack/defense), Brown for Earth (defense), Dark for Dark Magic

I think you mixed the stories, right?

Tsuru · May 25, 2019

It's just that i remember that i read a while recently a story where the magic crystal containing wind magic was blue or something (not green) and i found it strange that it got that color that was totally different then the template/cliche.
Hmmm maybe it's the story Pheonix rising...

krushandkill · Author · May 25, 2019

Well, in Magic the Gathering, normally, green is for earth, blue for water, white for light. Wind don't have a particular color, but most of the cards, falls in the blue category.

Tsuru · May 10, 2019

Hi ! I'm back again ! I binge readed the chapters i missed. I commented about 2-3 typos.

Btw right now i just got a crazy idea because i wanted to ask you if Myra will find a boyfriend or not. How about her with the daughter baron that started training heal ? Not sure what is your oppinion on yuri/GL but see that appear would be quite nice (mainly for me ! NYAHAHA !). That because i got no idea who else she could get with as there are no more young boys introduced.

Tsuru · May 10, 2019

So it's confirmed from author (you) that there will be yuri !? NICE ! Really good... Haah... Haah...(breathing heavily like a pervert). Can't wait for it. Haah... Haah...

krushandkill · Author · May 10, 2019

I thought from the beginning of this story that one girl will be a little more to the side than the others. I just didn't know at that moment, who. But while the story was growing, I thought Myra was the obvious choice. There's a small hint on a chapter when Arys asks her if she prefers a girlfriend, and she panicked.

krushandkill · Author · May 11, 2019

Your question because of Myra, gave me a flash of inspiration. Seya had a previous love problem, before meeting Ryn. And that problem, will return soon. The love problem will appear in a side story, about the BeastKind. I think some readers will hate, others will like. I thought it was appropriate. And funny...

Tsuru · May 11, 2019

I "don't really care". I only want Myra to have yuri !!!!!! *blooshot eyes*

Tsuru · Apr 30, 2019

Because i am in a decent state i will share with you a song that i really like that seems to come from a VN/eroge:
Big link because it's not youtube but a website that allow selecting what part to loop listen and it's already programmed to what i want you to listen to.
Edit: lol somehow the link became shorter after posting.

krushandkill · Author · Apr 30, 2019

For that, I have only one thing to say. I want to quote someone from the show Gumbal:

Tsuru · Apr 30, 2019

Not liking it ? Too bad.

Tsuru · Apr 29, 2019

I remembered some stuffs. Not sure you corrected them when you posted on Scribble.
1) Unless i'm crazy you wrote at the beginning that MC and his parents nod their heads to show he shouldn't use magic or something.
Shouldn't it shaking their heads right and left for no?

Tsuru · Apr 29, 2019

2) Wasn't there a dragonoid that was imprisoned in MC's dimension storage ? It would be nice that you had a part of the chapter for him being released or just a sentence at the end saying he didn't forget to release him.
To me it kinda looked that MC is still keeping in his dimension storage.

krushandkill · Author · Apr 29, 2019

I think I've corrected the nod and shake mess. That Dragonoid was on the side story, "Seya – Maybe it's safer for me if I let him there a while, right?".
Eventually, he was free. But he hold a bad grudge. He appear again some chapters ahead, for revenge.

Tsuru · Apr 30, 2019

Which side story ??? Did i miss it or something ????? Or it's in future chapters ?
Also i wrote a comment about minor typos.

krushandkill · Author · Apr 30, 2019

I've corrected the typos, thanks for pointing them.
On the side story "Enter the Dragonoid" is where Seya imprisioned one dragonoid.
Some chapters ahead, he will appear again. And also Titania, the queen of fairies, in the same report but it's way ahead.
First there's "the institute" arc, the "back to school" arc and in the "visiting the domain" arc, he will appear. I'm starting to think that this story is getting too long! Maybe it's time to kill Seya! :)

Tsuru · Apr 27, 2019

Will you have MC recreates reversi or some casual games ? ones that won't make the inhabitants addicted to them, making them weak because they stop training.

krushandkill · Author · Apr 27, 2019

No, only the bag and the belt purse will have that feature. I thought the same, acctualy, so I tried to minimize the damage. There is also that feature on the dark Crystals on the Magic Border, but Dark Magic needs to be spent. Those pesty Demonoids are always creating a lot.

Tsuru · Apr 28, 2019

Normally i should have commented on your series but sadly i read it on RR and i don't want to write comments on their website. And somehow too tired to re-check the chapters on scribble just to comment.

krushandkill · Author · Apr 28, 2019

Well, I'm also a little tired of RR coments. Only a few in there actually help with some pointers or ideas. There's a lot of nasty ones. Well, I guess I can't please everyone. I also have this story on webnovel. I'm also writing more slowly, two more stories. One of these days I will start the upload of them.

krushandkill · Author · May 10, 2019

I had one crazy idea this morning, the Beastkind prince falls for Seya on one side story. And when they meet again, he's still in love, and jealous of Ryn. This is up for a mess if I go with it!

krushandkill · Author · Feb 24, 2019

My Discord:

krushandkill · Author · Feb 17, 2019

Just another normal person, seeking support on this wild world.
If you feel like it, I would much appreciate your support on this journey.
Or if not, I'll at least put a smile on your face.

This will also help me to send more loans to, to help others.

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