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Rising Author
Sep 5, 2020

Rising Author
Joined: Sep 5, 2020
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Ls_Shadow · Apr 20, 2021

Just a quick question, on anarchy you said you were working on a new story, would it be ok to ask what universe it is in? also sorry that I haven't commented in a while so have this cookieclear.png.

randomuser855 · Author · Apr 20, 2021

Try and guess. Sent the first chapter to you

badone · Apr 4, 2021

Just an FYI if this is before all might was crippled his power is many many times what is shown in the anime according to himself. (Screw attack is a good reference) His all around ability is in possibly a country sized calamity if unrestrained. All for one would still be in a hard place in a fight to the death vrs that all might.

randomuser855 · Author · Apr 4, 2021

Yup, I know. But so is All For One as well.

TSLThanos · Mar 31, 2021

Will Kara and Diana get a new sequel or do you not have any plans for that?

randomuser855 · Author · Apr 3, 2021

I'm writing a new story right now. Kind of obsessed over it at the moment. Not posted anywhere or plan to until I have a good chunk written. Might take months though since this will be a long one...probably. I can never be sure.

I'll try and write some short stories but I can't promise the quality of the Overlord ones. Each chapter was around 10,000 words which means Kara's was 30,000 alone. That's longer than most stories on this site!
randomuser855 · Author · Apr 3, 2021

Anyway, I want to say I really appreciate you reading my silly hobby. It began as a 'stress writing' to burn away time and stress. Didn't know it'll become an actual hobby. Personally, I'm embarrassed at my earlier works, especially 'Justice in One Piece' but I guess if people enjoy them I shouldn't do anything to it.

I really do love reading your comments in 'Anarchy' Ls Shadow and yours too Sevenfold. 
Thanks! Have a virtual cookie  clear.pngclear.png
Ls_Shadow · Apr 10, 2021

@randomuser855 Thank you, I have really been enjoying your work so far and I probably will continue to for a long while (P.S. thanks for the cookie)clear.png

Ls_Shadow · Apr 10, 2021

I am glad that you like the comments, You have been writing some good stories so I will also try to continue writing comments (P.S. Thanks for the cookie clear.png)

Ls_Shadow · Mar 29, 2021

Spook (there will be no context)

Ls_Shadow · Mar 29, 2021

also thanks for the stories featuring Diane and Kara

randomuser855 · Author · Apr 3, 2021

Me: *spooked*

Ls_Shadow · Apr 11, 2021

also there is this spooky boi clear.png

blackrockshooter · Mar 28, 2021


tenebrisFishTaco · Mar 29, 2021

“You’re asking me to be rational. That is something that I know I cannot do. Believe me, I wish I could just wish away my feelings, but I can’t.”

-Anakin Skywalker

blackrockshooter · Mar 29, 2021

'Congratulations. You are being rescued.'


tenebrisFishTaco · Mar 29, 2021

“I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.”

-Jango Fett 

tenebrisFishTaco · Mar 28, 2021

Love your story, hope you keep up the hard work and just know that there are many who appreciate.

randomuser855 · Author · Mar 28, 2021

Thank you FishTaco!clear.png

tenebrisFishTaco · Mar 28, 2021

You’re welcome clear.png

la4519 · Mar 26, 2021

clear.png hey there, i love your story
please keep it up, i can't do anything but cheer for youclear.pngclear.png

randomuser855 · Author · Mar 26, 2021


I feel better


al.shiro · Mar 24, 2021

You got a new fan here congratsclear.pngclear.png

randomuser855 · Author · Mar 24, 2021

clear.png Thanks! 

Virtual Cookie?

al.shiro · Mar 24, 2021


Agentt · Mar 17, 2021

God, I feel old. I was here when your first chap got released, and now you are on trending. Great job.

randomuser855 · Author · Mar 22, 2021

Why thank you. Means a lot

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