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Famous Author
Sep 5, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Sep 5, 2020
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Just a random author who likes to sleep. Sleeping is holy.

WistRal · Oct 15, 2022

are you ok, its been a few months?clear.png

Reader515 · Nov 13, 2022

I think he dropped this he's kinda busy with his life 

Reader515 · Jul 24, 2022

No update?clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Reader515 · May 20, 2022

Sorry for ranting but I just really love your story I never thought I would be emotionally attached on your story.

Reader515 · May 9, 2022

I love you and your story 

randomuser855 · Author · May 19, 2022

next chapter is on its way soon. sorry it took so long

Reader515 · May 9, 2022

clear.png *sigh*

Reader515 · Apr 23, 2022

clear.pngNo updates?

Xeno_King · Feb 10, 2022

I actually like ur idea of making charlotte linlin reincarnate and change that is a great idea

randomuser855 · Author · Feb 12, 2022


Thank you.

Xeno_King · Nov 4, 2021

Hi here a cookieclear.png

randomuser855 · Author · Nov 5, 2021

Thank you for the cookie. Delicious

librarymaniac · Oct 8, 2021

hope to see new chapters of dominance in the new world ( aka tying it up) and the start of their next adventure soon.

LyraYelyarus · Sep 23, 2021

Any plans or chapters for kara and diane other then the ones already posted? Loved the stories you have made. If you dont know what to do, the omakes short stories work with visiting the different worlds till the next sequels. Hope you got more stories in toll. Till next time.

randomuser855 · Author · Sep 25, 2021

I was thinking Gate or Mass Effect.

Hmm...why not mash both together

LyraYelyarus · Sep 25, 2021

Interesting. After reading both Kara and Diane stories three times each. I cant wait for the next story. If only we can just think it and it comes together and automatically writes itself. 

WistRal · Jul 25, 2021

Are you going to end up finishing the last bit of Dominance in the New World; An Overlord Fanfic?

randomuser855 · Author · Jul 26, 2021

*sigh* I really should...shouldn't I.

I just really don't know how to do it. Do I completely wreck the plot and leave it in a burning mess or do I want to break character and wrap it up nice and neat

WistRal · Jul 26, 2021

Well whatever you decide to do im still going to reread it every week

Booper150 · Dec 4, 2021

@randomuser855 why not just leave the 1st series up and post the new version separately? You can write the first one off as a draft and finish the story later if you wanted to. 

Nateblu3 · Jul 24, 2021

I was looking through Webnovel and I saw "Justice In The One Piece World," I don't know if you put this up or if someone else took it.

randomuser855 · Author · Jul 24, 2021

Ah, he asked me if he could so I allowed him to.

randomuser855 · Author · Jul 24, 2021

So he has my permission

randomuser855 · Author · Jul 13, 2021

New Story is Up!

'Hope Dies Last'. Thank you 'Fich' for the title recommendation.

Most likely unstable updates but I will try to anyway.

Stay safe and Hope you enjoy the new story!

Fich · Jul 13, 2021

Nice, already on the reading list

Mangalover455 · Jul 14, 2021

Alright! I've been waiting for this!

randomuser855 · Author · Jul 11, 2021

Hey all!

Here's a general synopsis of the story that I need a title for.

Fandom: Tower of God, Greek Mythology

Main Character: The Original Pandora (same one from the myths) reincarnated

Story premise: Revenge, Acceptance, Comedy, tiny tiny bit of angst, Action

I have around 18 Chapters ready to go and release! But I need a title first!

Title recommendations please? 

Fich · Jul 11, 2021

You can just go with "Hope dies last" if nothing else works

Xeno_King · Jul 11, 2021

The one made by the gods ? Srry if it bad I don't got good naming senseclear.png

Rhylan · Jul 11, 2021

Since the MC is Pandora and its in tower of God maybe something like "Pandora's Tower" tho that might be too on the nose...

Heavy_Helium · Jul 17, 2021

Ark Diety

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    Just a random author who likes to sleep. Sleeping is holy.

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