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Sep 5, 2020

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Joined: Sep 5, 2020
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KitsuNae · Author · Mar 10, 2023

Alright, so mostly not sick now! Just got a bit of a cough leftover so I'll try to do a new chapter for Fox Tail over the weekend! Hope everyone is doing well ♥

KitsuNae · Author · Mar 14, 2023


Doctor visit took up alot of mental energy after working while sick, new chapter will be soon(tm) but setting a date is not possible right now.

KitsuNae · Author · May 10, 2023

Update Episode 2:

So I have recently become disabled in my right hip & knee, as a result I have been doing what I can to get it treated. I do apologize for the sudden vanishing I've had to do, but real life has to take priority. I have no intention of dropping Fox's Tail, however my other novel might get a rewrite or drop as my ideas for that one ground to a halt. Thanks for taking time to read this for anyone keeping an eye out, I'll probably be posting a chapter soon.

KitsuNae · Author · Feb 23, 2023

Hey everyone! As promised I made a new chap! I actually am sick right now, so the writing was a good distraction for me! Anywho, have a link to save a click and hope you're all doing better than me today!

Arslein · Feb 24, 2023

I hope you recover soon (or however it is write, idk i speak spanish, but the feeling is that) clear.png have a cookie 

KitsuNae · Author · Feb 22, 2023

So uh... Hey everyone follows me! 

First things first; I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth for 2+ years. I've had a VERY eventful life in the interim, including moving, and starting HRT(speaking of I am MtF. IRL gender bender I guess?) 

Anywho, given that my situation calmed relatively down I thought to check into possibly resuming my old stories(pending possible fixes here and there.) Either way, hope everyone has been well, might see you soon in a chapter near you!

Arslein · Feb 22, 2023

I never lost hope of the chances of you coming back to life :b

I hope everything is going well for you now, and i am sure that there will be many willing to read what you share and we will gladly wait for it.

Congratulations for... back to the life?... and for everything else clear.png

The_Enderwolf · Dec 9, 2020

You okay? Or did exam season catch you to where you can’t write any chapters until it is over? Just curious and hope that you are okayclear.png

KitsuNae · Author · Jan 5, 2021

I'm mostly okay, I've just been struggling with personal life things I'm afraid. I want to go back to writing soon just need to get through this.

The_Enderwolf · Jan 5, 2021

Ah k, uhh best of luck with your personal life!~

Take your time, your personal life can’t be put on hold like a story can.

Spellsword99 · Dec 1, 2020

When does the new chapter come out? (If it comes out ...)

KitsuNae · Author · Oct 30, 2020

Chapter 4 is here~! So sorry for the wait everyone! Here is a link to save you a click!

KitsuNae · Author · Oct 29, 2020

So for this week the latest chapter of the fox story has the most views(355 at time of message) so I'll be making a chapter for that one first! ETA 1-2 days depending on free time!clear.png

The_Enderwolf · Oct 28, 2020

Hope you are doing okay, have things settled down enough for a chapter release? clear.png

KitsuNae · Author · Oct 29, 2020

Things have settled a bit, I'm actually doing some editing to the storyboard right now and should have at least one if not two new chapters on Saturday. 

The_Enderwolf · Oct 29, 2020

Take your time, just glad to see/hear that you’re fine.

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