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Sep 12, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Sep 12, 2020
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DarkGodEM · Author · Nov 27, 2021

So, yeah, I got some kind of a flu and am currently coughing too much to think straight. 


LinMeili · Nov 27, 2021

Get well soon!

DizzyMiget · Nov 27, 2021

hope it's not too bad, have a healthy recovery

dragondeathlord · Nov 27, 2021

Curry with black pepper and turmeric! 

DarkGodEM · Author · Nov 19, 2021

Necro's Chapter 79 and Dungeon's Chapter 71 are out!

Read the Author's note at the end of either for insights on all my novels. (Exept TDH and WHO, haven't touched those in a bit.)

dragondeathlord · Nov 19, 2021


DarkGodEM · Author · Oct 30, 2021

Necro's Chapter 77 is out! And Ace is as jealous as always!

Make sure to add my novels to the new notification system, since I ALWAYS forget to post on my F-ing profile and my release schedule is as reliable as a 1940's Ford V8 Engine

DarkGodEM · Author · Oct 22, 2021

I feel like shit lately, sorry.
Can't write anything which is why no posts. 

shiyon · Oct 22, 2021

take your time, no worries.

dragondeathlord · Oct 22, 2021

Recover dude! Make yourself a curry got me threw Covid! 

DarkGodEM · Author · Oct 12, 2021

I posted a Necro chapter, by the way

DarkGodEM · Author · Sep 30, 2021

Only 2 more exams!~

DarkGodEM · Author · Sep 15, 2021

On another note. Key and Canon Fodder are done, it's just that my exams seem to be going to be far more challenging than I initially expected, with some professors just straight up saying they want us to fail... KEK clear.png
If week two of exams is a bit happier on my brain I may start posting a bit earlier.

DarkGodEM · Author · Sep 15, 2021

Necro chapter is out, just a whim.

What I said before still remains, sorry.

DKnight · Aug 31, 2021

Question, I've seen everything mentioned here except for The Gun Otaku Dream! [Death Loop].  Have you dropped that? I even started following on the other site cuz I thought you said something about having to put it there and there hasn't been any movement on it in a while.  You got a lot on your plate and I just wanted to know if I should keep this bookmarked or should I just let it go. Thanks for Necro!

DarkGodEM · Author · Aug 31, 2021

I had to overhaul the storyline because it was getting off into a direction I'm too comfortable in writing.  DL is me trying to do something different.
There's a post below that talks about DL, TDH and Necro.

DarkGodEM · Author · Aug 31, 2021

On to my side gigs / less known novels

WHO is paused indefinitely

GOD still has 3 chapters written only - Hiatus
Dream Life was offered to another writer, who unfortunately left the platform due to some circumstances. I'll be overlooking the situation and possibly reinstating the novel when I have the time.
DarkGodEM · Author · Aug 31, 2021

TDH's next chapter is 10% done
Death Loop has had its arc layout revamped for a better story all around, writing should resume soon

Necro still remains receiving 2 Ch/Week on Patreon with a hefty 18 advanced chapters [Ch 90 is already available]

DarkGodEM · Author · Aug 31, 2021

Dungeon's next chapter is 30% done, This is the most important pause because both the book is taking way longer than anticipated and the backlog on patreon is still far too little to make me comfortable.

Book has already passed Cutting, Stitching and Formatting. Only Line editing [30% done] and Proofreading to go.
DarkGodEM · Author · Aug 31, 2021

 just taking my sweet time on most novels to keep quality. Last few chapters on Dungeon have left me with a bitter aftertaste, since I feel it was an unexplored opportunity for way better and longer chapters...

Next post is update status:
DarkGodEM · Author · Aug 31, 2021

All my novels are on Free Release Hiatus for the month of September or until I finish 2 of my editing jobs. 

I have a lot going on at university this semester and editing Dungeon's book, Key to the Void , This young Master is not Canon Fodder's book and Magical Girl Gang Wars [Waiting for new content to release] is a LOT of responsibility.

I'm still writing... +

Queen · Aug 28, 2021

Hello, hope you are doing well.

Can I know in your novel 'Darkest hour' does it have male to female. Like does the male lead turn into a girl🥰

DarkGodEM · Author · Aug 29, 2021

Yeah, in like, 3 ch or so.

DarkGodEM · Author · Aug 29, 2021

I pushed this novel aside because of work... but I won't ever abandon it, though it takes months for an update XD

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