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Feb 1, 2019

Joined: Feb 1, 2019
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Just a zombie who wants to write stories. [I don't write a zombie story, yet]

Mrzombie · Author · Apr 14, 2021

Everyone need a break sometime, so go ahead

Shamiko · Mar 24, 2023

Very true

blackrockshooter · Mar 29, 2021

You're alive, sort of.

blackrockshooter · Mar 29, 2021

I'm good.

blackrockshooter · Mar 29, 2021

How about you?

Mrzombie · Author · Mar 30, 2021

good good

blackrockshooter · Mar 30, 2021

That's good to hear.

Mrzombie · Author · Mar 29, 2021

i finally finish a chapter. took me a while. Now I'm off to editing. 

blackrockshooter · Mar 21, 2021

Thanks for the follow.

Mrzombie · Author · Mar 21, 2021


blackrockshooter · Mar 21, 2021


Mrzombie · Author · Mar 18, 2021

trying so hard to writeclear.png

blackrockshooter · Mar 20, 2021

Nice choice.

blackrockshooter · Mar 20, 2021

My favorite is Mirei and Miss Virgin.

Mrzombie · Author · Mar 20, 2021


blackrockshooter · Mar 20, 2021

Yep. Not just because Miss virgin turns into a really cool looking sword.

Mrzombie · Author · May 16, 2019

Resuming back to single release, every Sunday, starting Arc 3. See you on the other side!

Mrzombie · Author · May 9, 2019

Just an update, writing chapter 5 for arc 3...been busy, but you know, not going to stop any soon, I may release 2 chapter on saturday and sunday

VSXP · Apr 1, 2019

I did notice some times where you refered agnes as a girl and using her instead og him in sentences, I wonder if it was just a typing error or if it was intentional.
I don't really anything else to say about the story so far except that it is fun and enjoyable.

Mrzombie · Author · Apr 1, 2019

At first, i refer Agnes to her, but i change after the reveal, now i keep forgeting that she is a he, hahaha, if you see any of it, please let me know.

VSXP · Apr 1, 2019

It's agnes, I usually like the characters that are supposed to be evil from where they come from but think differently than the rest of their species. I also find interesting the "gender switch" in the relationship literally and physically(due to the situation).

Mrzombie · Author · Apr 1, 2019

Agnes is always fun to write about, he just the cutest harpy out there,

VSXP · Mar 31, 2019

So apparently I can't reply to your comment on chapter 7 of the 2nd arc of Numb, so I am going to answer here.
I am really curious on what Andre is going to do and on how her previous life's knowledge will help/harm her in the future

Mrzombie · Author · Apr 1, 2019

I see, hmm... I dont really want to spoil anything, but this happy time won't last long.

However, I also want to know whose your favourite character, and do you have any tip on how to improve my writing?

Mrzombie · Author · Mar 30, 2019

Still alive! Still posting, still writing

Mrzombie · Author · Mar 7, 2019

I'm not dead, l'm the undead! Just kidding, just a friendly update on what I been doing... Currently, busy with my new RL job, but dont worry, the chapter still update according to schedule.

Tons of Starsss!!! Its crazy beautiful

Mrzombie · Author · Mar 2, 2019

Wish me luck finishing the Arc 2 final chapter!!

SociableHermit · Mar 2, 2019

Good Luck! :D

Mrzombie · Author · Mar 3, 2019

Channel your power into me!

Mrzombie · Author · Mar 3, 2019

finish it, but it wasn't the final, god damn it. hahaha

SociableHermit · Mar 3, 2019

dang, shoulda channeled more power. \o/

Mrzombie · Author · Feb 26, 2019

Need to find a proofread...*sigh*, anyway, i found out Bok Choy is a vegetable, and I have eaten it before.

Mrzombie · Author · Feb 22, 2019

Working on the last few chapter for arc 2... Need Gatorade!!!

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    Just a zombie who wants to write stories. [I don't write a zombie story, yet]

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