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Sep 18, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Sep 18, 2020
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Trans, lesbian, and loves writing.
I write mostly silly comedies, and sometimes larger, more serious projects.

Aegis_Of_The_Void · Apr 28, 2022

Hi, how are you? I was just reading your book when one of my random thoughts passed: 'We don't ask people if they're okay or how they are very often now do we?'

So, how's it going, I'm tired af but enjoying your books.

BottledChaos · Author · Apr 28, 2022

Hello there!

Wouldn't you know it, yesterday I was having a... sub-optimal day. Today, it's getting better and you just saying hi definitely helps.

So thanks. :)
Also, I'm glad you are enjoying my work. ^^

Aegis_Of_The_Void · Apr 28, 2022

Glad I could help, I can relate to feeling like the world's gonna end and I'm gonna die before everyone else so it's honestly fulfilling to know I'm helping someone who's started that path (and hopefully pushed them off it). 

Anyways~ rant over, I am enjoying your work and I look forward to the next chapter, thanks for writing it and I hope you enjoy writing it as much as I do reading it!

GigaDotti · Aug 4, 2022

Hello! I want in on this! clear.png

Hope you have a good day! I have, but school is just 10 days away clear.png

Working on Game Design for 2nd year and i still don't know what kind of jobb i want and keep putting it off clear.png It is fun but i am not good at the document, research, story, and creative part of it all yet.

Still i will try and do my best. And right now we are having summer rain. again. well that is what you get for living in Norway clear.png

BorealisCreep · Mar 31, 2022

Hi do you want a cat fact?

BottledChaos · Author · Mar 31, 2022

Sure? clear.png

BorealisCreep · Mar 31, 2022

Cats have 32 muscles per ear

Wintera · Apr 15, 2022


GreviousBlaze · Mar 28, 2022

Are you aware that your username is a legendary item in Risk of Rain 2? It's effect is that when you use an equipment item it activates one other equipment item randomly. I don't know why i didn't notice this before.

BottledChaos · Author · Mar 29, 2022

Nope, never played the sequel. My username was kind of a metaphor for how I felt back then. clear.png

GreviousBlaze · Mar 29, 2022

Fair enough. I do recommend it though. Hope things are better now either way 

BottledChaos · Author · Mar 29, 2022

Thanks! clear.png

herc1997 · Feb 15, 2022

does ''this elf is not insane'' have a possibility of returning?

BottledChaos · Author · Feb 15, 2022

Hopefully one day, but I'm currently focusing on other projects.

FayeBliss · Feb 5, 2022


Egg cracking at 52 years, I have a lot to catch up on. Most trans content focuses on dysphoria and transphobia, as if pain defines our existence.
Except on scribblehub, where the "Dense Egg" trope allows me to look at my own cluelessness with humor and understanding. It has been very helpful to me, you help me see the good sides of being transgender, the joy of discovering yourself and finally feeling like someone who belongs.
Thank you.
BottledChaos · Author · Feb 6, 2022

Hello! I'm glad my stories have helped you! There's no better feeling than knowing what I write genuinely helps others.
Good luck on your journey!

God_of_Darkness · Jan 29, 2022

Yo, new novel?

Xeno_King · Jan 28, 2022

Hi been awhile  so I came to say hi how are u doing

BottledChaos · Author · Jan 29, 2022

Hey there! clear.png I'm doing alright except for wishing for all the snow to pack up and leave already.

Xeno_King · Jan 29, 2022

Yea same clear.png

Psytric · Jan 7, 2022

Will you continue Felice hybrid?

BottledChaos · Author · Jan 7, 2022

Sorry but no. One day, I might do a rewrite, but I won't continue the original.

marcus-beta · Dec 13, 2021

Author, spoil me a bit, in the Princess Fox, have the tags Gender Blender, Girls Love, and Female Protagonist... But in the first chapters looks is just crossdressing, that's really the case or in the next chapters will have a true change physically?

BottledChaos · Author · Dec 13, 2021

Princess Fox also has the tag 'transgender'.

marcus-beta · Dec 13, 2021

I don't know what is transgender, not ironically, but oka, I will google it.

marcus-beta · Dec 13, 2021

Ohh, I see

CeltyTheSurveyor · Dec 10, 2021

How do you write Aster's comedic and chaotic density so well?

BottledChaos · Author · Dec 10, 2021

I dunno, it just comes naturally to me. clear.png

CheeseReind · Nov 8, 2021

So, I am curious. How does one bottle chaos?

BottledChaos · Author · Nov 8, 2021

Hah! I will never reveal my secrets! clear.png

CheeseReind · Nov 8, 2021

Nooo! I was going to make an army of bottled chaos!clear.png

fartdog1234 · Oct 25, 2021

welcome back

fartdog1234 · Sep 4, 2021

hope you can get back to writing i really like your stuff

BottledChaos · Author · Sep 5, 2021

Thanks! I hope so too! I've been in a bit of a rut, and trying to get back into writing again is difficult though. >.<

fartdog1234 · Sep 29, 2021

Do you have any more chapters of any of your stories out on patreon than here?

BottledChaos · Author · Sep 29, 2021

No, everything is available on Scribble already. I'm hoping to finally get back to posting sometime next month though.

Snowycragrat · Jul 26, 2021

Any update on Felice yet or not? Really looking forward to reading more about Christina and Co. 

BottledChaos · Author · Jul 27, 2021

Sorry, I've been swamped with stuff lately and writing has gotten harder. As for Felice Hybrid specifically, rather than continuing it, I'll eventually do a rewrite, since there were several things I didn't like about the original.

Snowycragrat · Jul 27, 2021

Fair enough. Realise you have been busy, how is the rewrite going? or isn't it?

BottledChaos · Author · Jul 27, 2021

Well I have a bunch of ideas and plans, but haven't started writing anything yet. Hopefully soon.

Snowycragrat · Jul 27, 2021

Well Good luck, I look forwards to reading the new version of Felice.

Wintera · Jun 20, 2021

are you going to post more of Felice hybrid? just want to know cause I thought it was really good.clear.png

BottledChaos · Author · Jun 21, 2021

No plans for it right now. But if I do, it will probably be a rewrite. clear.png

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    Trans, lesbian, and loves writing.
    I write mostly silly comedies, and sometimes larger, more serious projects.

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