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Famous Author
Sep 20, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Sep 20, 2020
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Alltier Apr 18, 2023

I really want to see more of this fic but its probably never going to happen 馃槥馃ズ

elyjugsbomb Jan 23, 2023

Any chance that RapeWorld Isekai be updated anytime soon? A big fan of your work. Thanks.

Lonesurvivor Jun 11, 2022

Like twisted fellow I'm going to also probably make my own version of this story as a project of mine, I'm likely posting it here or on chyoa where I can have at it. But don't want to steal it and will credit you to the best of my cognitive function. I'll wait 2-4 weeks for reply while doing some minor prep work into framing my storyline and development of plot. Any time you want me to stop, tear it down, or other. When it comes to this you can message my account.

Overdrive2800 Dec 29, 2022

Where is your story?

Twistedfellow Jan 24, 2022

Would like to ask if I could post it on and create a branch story for it from just before the kidnapping?

Irlina Feb 11, 2022

If this happens could you post a link?

TheCritiuqeTimes Jan 2, 2022

yet another case of a promising author suddenly going completely radio silent... RIP

morgane5040 Jun 27, 2021

(9/8 i guess?)
i do realise i may take things to seriously but it really sucks reading a nice story and feeling more and moe uneasy as the protagonist does more and more shitty stuff without it being acknowledged

morgane5040 Jun 27, 2021

i have much more to say, but i'll stop here. i hope my message was not too offensive, as it was meant to be more informative. but a someone who seeks to enter a 24/7 TPE relationship, readings stories where it's fucked up like this hurts me. in these relationships the line between bdsm and abuse is thin and all the stories i've read on this site cross it. i hope this comment was usefull and wanted to say that outside of that i really appreciated what i read

morgane5040 Jun 27, 2021

i will not talk about the choices of collaring of the old gods as they are obviously made to fit the wish-fullfilment theme, but the fact that chloe wasn't given an unactivated collar or something along thoses lines is just the cherry on top.


morgane5040 Jun 27, 2021

slaves, especially the more obedient ones, are in a very dangerous position and need to be treated with care, particularly concerning their mental wellbeing, and the protagonist does not do that at all. i won't talk about all the things wrong in the interview as this is already way too long, but it's BAD.


morgane5040 Jun 27, 2021

a few particular examples here would be : she should have been asked about her feelings regarding slave feed (in private, during a no D/s time), same thing betxween the time they learn about the collars ablity and it is put on her, and especially a debriefing about the pain stuff, especially after she said she did not like it. being treated like a slave doesn't mean being treated like shit.聽


morgane5040 Jun 27, 2021

she has become a slave and she was already very submissive, so of course she'll agree to anything without saying a word, even if it's mentally torturing because it pleases her masters. in addition, for the same reason of total obedience, any slave in a 24/7 relationship needs some time daily where they unpack everything that happened and can properly express their feelings without the inevitable filter of a master-slave relationship. Masters cannot read their slave's mind.聽


morgane5040 Jun 27, 2021

the problems here are many, but the main one is that your characters do not understand how consent works (mainly talking about chloe here not the ex-brothel workers). consent is a feeling, it is suceptible to change at any moment for any reason, and that is why chloe NEEDED to be given a safeword. not because they can just release her at any point, but because she needs it to communicate properly :聽


morgane5040 Jun 27, 2021

your handling of good characters having slave is bad, because their actions are badly thought out and higly immoral, and likely ome from someone who has not much understanding of psychological abuse.

to make my position clear, i share a lot of interest with chloe, and have delved very deep in the fantasy of being an actual slave as well as it's realistic implication, and have talk to many people on both sides who practice similar things to different degrees irl.
morgane5040 Jun 27, 2021

i just wanted to say that rapeworld isekai was a very good premise and had a very fun start, but suffered a lot from what i call "fantasy moral" and i couldn't finish it because these kind of thing make me want to trhow up.

tbh i dn't ask that you change anything as it's not my position but i wanted to bring your attention to something that you, and sadly so many other writers on this site, seem to have missed.


aqa Apr 22, 2021

Rapeworld Isekai started out neat, but about halfway through I felt the story it got bogged down a bit and shied away from its own premise.聽 The story sets out to go and "fight" monsters and stop the taint, but now the story seems to have ended and the gang is still hanging out in the first town.

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