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Well-Known Author
Sep 21, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Sep 21, 2020
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Overload · Author · Aug 28, 2021

New Yu-Gi-Oh Chapter Up:

I may have to take a break tomorrow. My arm is starting to ache from the typing. I hate this cast. clear.png

Overload · Author · Aug 27, 2021

New chapter of Why Did It Have To Be Yu-Gi-Oh!?! up!

Overload · Author · Aug 26, 2021


I hope you enjoy my new story: Why Did It Have To Be Yu-Gi-Oh!?!

Overload · Author · Aug 26, 2021

Hey everyone! I am still recovering from my arm & wrist surgery and will be for another 2 months or so. I am in a full cast and basically down to typing 1 handed. 

Because of this, and because I don't want my stories to drop in quality, I am releasing a new daily or every other day story that will be much shorter. This way, I can still write for you all while not hurting my arm.

MinUp · Aug 27, 2021

Get well soonclear.png

Overload · Author · Aug 17, 2021

Sorry for the break everyone. I had some complications with my arm and had to go under for surgery. I am back from the hospital and everything is healing well. I am probably not going to start writing again until next week to give me some time to heal. Thanks for your patience everyone! 

Tori_the_Birb · Aug 18, 2021

Get well soon.clear.png

Miup · Aug 18, 2021

No worries mate, i wish a good recovery.

Tori_the_Birb · Aug 11, 2021

Stoner chappie please....please....please clear.png

Tori_the_Birb · Aug 7, 2021

You good bro?

Avenger1560 · Aug 2, 2021

clear.pngNew chappie for Silverscale Paradise when clear.png

Overload · Author · Aug 2, 2021

Hopefully this week. I have it half written, but my arm and wrist are usually aching after work. I will try my best tho! 

Tori_the_Birb · Aug 2, 2021

New chappie for stoner, when?

Overload · Author · Aug 2, 2021

Not sure. The next one I have is incomplete and I broke my arm and wrist so I haven't been able to write much. I will try to complete it by next week along with another chapter for my other stories. I am mostly editing and publishing backlogged suff while I heal. =/

Overload · Author · Aug 1, 2021

Posted another chapter I had nearly completed of Clueless Stoner In A Fantasy World. Hope you Enjoy!

Overload · Author · Jul 31, 2021

Hey gang! Work had me typing a lot this week and my arm and wrist are killing me. Because of this, I am releasing the start of something I planned on exploring later. I hope you will all enjoy it!

Chapter 1 of A Clueless Stoner In A Fantasy World

Overload · Author · Jul 28, 2021

I put together a bonus chapter of Finn Cambridge for you all as thanks for you being so patient with me! I promise I am working on things, but typing in a cast is really annoying. xD

Hope you enjoy it!

Overload · Author · Jul 25, 2021

Damn, these pain meds are nuts. LOL I just started writing a short story about a gangster cat living in an sin-city style animal society. The only reason I thought of it was because I randomly said "Nya-See" in an 1920's Chicago Accent and proceeded to roll on the floor laughing. 

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