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Sep 21, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Sep 21, 2020
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My life revolves around writing and reading.

Crimla · May 6, 2024

"As stories abandoned fade to time we forget the joy we had reading them and are left with the sadness of what could have been."

Zonuvic · Apr 4, 2024

counting days months and year. how bout you guys fellow wanderers? 

Kasey · Dec 15, 2023

P2: it's shameful how rude some of the commenters are. You'd think on a site all about letting amateur artist post their work and in a genre all about acceptance that people would be kinder but evidently not. It's fine to not like something, don't read it, but don't be a jerk on your way out. clear.png

Kasey · Dec 15, 2023

Though saddened that they've stopped writing, I enjoyed their story immensely! I hope they're doing well and while I would like them to return to writing, I respect if they do not wish to. clear.png

Story_Seeker · Jan 15, 2023

The author should be alive, considering his reading list. I wonder why he doesn't write anymore...

Coffi · Feb 3, 2023

That's actually very perceptive. The author happens to be online while I'm writing this.

It's good to see that they're alive. Some authors have just vanished without coming back online, it makes you assume the worst.

I'm glad that they're still alive (and hopefully well)!

Story_Seeker · Feb 3, 2023


Yep. Pp sometimes just abandon their projects, that happens, but on some occasions it's really not looking great, like in case of CrusadeAgainstFurries, author of Mob in Naruto. His last profile activity is saying that he's got 5 chapters ready, then silence.

Lostlittleboi911 · Nov 22, 2022

Hello author I wanted you to know I love your story and a little sad to see at it hasn't been update but that all Alright gl on your future endeavors 

Perfect_Insanity · Jul 30, 2022

I hope you're doing well, whatever you're working towards in your life. I really enjoyed your story while it was being written. 

This is might be insensitive- perhaps- but I don't suppose you just started posting your work elsewhere?

SerikoLee · Feb 5, 2022

Hello , are you till writing?

SaltyyCoffee · Feb 6, 2022

No they arent. It seems they are on hiatus. But they are Alive it seems.

SaltyyCoffee · Jan 28, 2022

Something I just found out while using my brain, it took be awhile. But looking at the overview tab, they was online about 2 days ago. So it looks like they are Alive and good. I'm glad!

SaltyyCoffee · Jan 21, 2022

Something tells me something happened to this person. I hope they are safe and alive, but. But who knows with covid being a thing right now.

Lostlittleboi911 · Jan 22, 2022

same here i love their series

rmhj · Dec 16, 2021

Loved the story of "My New Life as a Catgirl" and can't wait to see where it goes.

someone. · Nov 7, 2021

r u doing alright from your activity ik nothing life threatening has happen to you, but u might be going through something in life. I wont pry into it but i hope u r doing well, wish you the best of luck, things arent always gonna go well in life. Reading is my way of escaping reality, and from your bio i can tell u r the same, gl with whatever might be happening.

Arista · Oct 11, 2021

I just found this novel and already hook this novel. I hope u are doing well and continue this novel. Really look forward ur work. Please don't abandon this novel.clear.png

Einzbern · Oct 9, 2021

I hope you're doing well author-san clear.png

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    My life revolves around writing and reading.

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