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Feb 2, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Feb 2, 2019
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I write. You Read. Maybe you like it, maybe you don't.

_ciro_ · Dec 16, 2019

Are you busy, or with a problem?

I just ask why I was reading the story of "Invincible Canadian cultivator", which I thought was very interesting and I didn't want to be put aside ...
_ciro_ · Dec 16, 2019

By the way, I agree with what you said in another comment that basically this site does not have much (for now I did not see any xd) toxixity like many others that does not matter that you will always be criticized even for what you do well (such as giving depth to the characters , seriously, once someone complained that they have depth, I understand that maybe in a hentai it is not the most important, but you can not complain when or has, rather you have to applaud)

_ciro_ · Dec 16, 2019

How sad that I don't let the site put comments of more than 500 characters...



l_nimbus · Author · Dec 20, 2019

Just a bit busy, but intending to get back into the flow soon. 

Bluebery · Jun 23, 2019


l_nimbus · Author · Jun 23, 2019

High Five!

TheCursedMan · Apr 1, 2019

Hi! I was wondering what sought of novels you liked to read seeing as a lot of this forum is fantasy I assume you come her mainly for that but I was wondering what genre you actually liked?

l_nimbus · Author · Apr 2, 2019

Thanks, man. I like LITrpgs, even wrote one myself. thought of bringng it over to Scribb soonish as well.

TheCursedMan · Apr 2, 2019

OH! i've seen this on royal road it looks interesting but i'm generally not to interested in healer fighters, I prefer stuff like summoner and necromancers still looks good though! i'll give it a shot later on!

l_nimbus · Author · Apr 2, 2019

Thanks, man. Garok is more a healing Tank with some magic on the side, but with good damage output.

TheCursedMan · Apr 2, 2019

ok thanks for telling me!

l_nimbus · Author · Mar 9, 2019

Hmm, enjoying ScribbleHub so far. It lacks the toxicity of many other writing forums. Cheers to that!

ioriangel · Mar 9, 2019

Hear, hear!

Mrzombie · Mar 11, 2019

Toxic - Britney spear

ioriangel · Mar 3, 2019

Hi! Thanks for following me, I love your goddess cultivator story.

l_nimbus · Author · Mar 4, 2019

Anytime. You have a pretty good one going for you as well with SP. I'm always around to help another author, so if you need anything, hit me up.

ioriangel · Mar 4, 2019

I will!

l_nimbus · Author · Feb 20, 2019

Well, for anyone who likes futa, check out my works.
If you don't....well, check em out anyway.

Mrzombie · Feb 20, 2019

Futa, you say? Hmm, a man of culture indeed...

Mrzombie · Feb 17, 2019

Just checking in to see how are you doing

Mrzombie · Feb 18, 2019

Improving my writing day by day, overall good

l_nimbus · Author · Feb 18, 2019

Good to hear.

Mrzombie · Feb 18, 2019

[Insert normal question to banish the akward silence]

l_nimbus · Author · Feb 18, 2019


l_nimbus · Author · Feb 12, 2019

[ Insert Witty status message here ]

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    I write. You Read. Maybe you like it, maybe you don't.

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