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Famous Author
Sep 27, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Sep 27, 2020
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I love writing and mostly reading, if reading was a job, then I'm a millionaire. And I'm also TRANS woman, I don't care what anyone thinks of me, I'm just happy I know who I truly am. I'm also a new author. Thank you ✨✨✨

Queen · · Author · Dec 31, 2023

Happy new year everyone 🥂

SexyBex1985 · Dec 31, 2023

All the best lovely x

MimiBellai · Dec 31, 2023


armon · Jan 1, 2024

You tooclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

HisMajestySaten · Mar 31, 2024

Queen how much money would I need to pay for caring mother to come out of hyaitus

Nyxia_ · Mar 21, 2024

when are any of your books coming out of hiatus

HisMajestySaten · Dec 19, 2023

When is caring mother going to come out of hiaitus

HisMajestySaten · Nov 21, 2023

Is there any idea of the time when caring mother comes out of hyaitus

Queen · Author · May 29, 2023

New chapter of immortal Queen coming up, it's a rated 18 one and I worked really hard on this so please give me you feedback, thank you for reading clear.pngclear.png

Zeighost · May 29, 2023


Aaqil · May 29, 2023


ChaosOmega98 · Aug 19, 2023

You still writing 

malik25 · May 19, 2023

is the author still alive and healty?

Queen · Author · May 19, 2023

Who’s asking clear.png

malik25 · May 19, 2023

me... it seem there's no new story or new chapter

malik25 · May 19, 2023


Queen · Author · May 19, 2023

Writers block is a bitchclear.png,

Queen · Author · Apr 11, 2023

@MimiBellai sadly he's still at 998.clear.png, immortal Queen will be updated on the 16clear.png

Queen · Author · Apr 10, 2023


I need your guys helpclear.png,

My little brother has a YouTube channel and his trying to get to 1k sub's. Can you help him a little please... It would really mean a lot to him and me,

Arslein · Apr 10, 2023


Aaqil · Apr 11, 2023


Madeus · Apr 11, 2023


MimiBellai · Apr 11, 2023

DONE!!! your brother should have 1k subs.

Gives us more IQ(Immortal Queen) Queen.

LynnEllaXXX · Apr 1, 2023

Like a few laughs with your erotic lit?

Check out my new smut-comedy of horrors and let me know what you think.
But don't take it too seriously. ;) Thanks!
Queen · Author · Apr 1, 2023

I start reading when there's at least over 10 chapysss clear.pngclear.png. How did you even find my profile clear.png.

Queen · Author · Mar 16, 2023

Writers block is a bitch, new chapter out, clear.png, what you think clear.png

Aaqil · Mar 16, 2023


green_ink · Mar 16, 2023

I wanna find the person who invented Writer's block and have a serious discussion with the him

Because I'm also suffering clear.png

MimiBellai · Feb 13, 2023

Hey Queen dear, are you busy?

MimiBellai · Feb 2, 2023

Anyways @Queen, do you have a discord?

MimiBellai · Jan 29, 2023

Hey there @Queen!! Love you Immortal Queen book, thank you for fulfilling one of my wishes to see a dragon milf and non-dragon futa couple in Angela and Elena. So again thank you from all of my heart ❤️❤️❤️.

So, would you feel like doing a spinoff on Immortal Queen with Angela and Elena as the main characters that is a slice of life that follows the life together form the day of their marriage and onwords

Queen · Author · Jan 29, 2023

Hmm... I might consider that after the novel end's but that's a long wayclear.pngclear.png.

Thank you for reading clear.pngclear.png

MimiBellai · Jan 30, 2023

I am just happy that you are considering about it. When I got to the part of them becoming a couple, I thought I would see more of their newlywed lives as they raise mc, sadly you skipped to mc being 18 clear.png.

It's just that I finally got a story with the milf dragon x futa interspecies couple but didn't get much of them...Sorry it this is bothering you, I still enjoy you sorry none the less clear.png

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    I love writing and mostly reading, if reading was a job, then I'm a millionaire. And I'm also TRANS woman, I don't care what anyone thinks of me, I'm just happy I know who I truly am. I'm also a new author. Thank you ✨✨✨

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