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Oct 2, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Oct 2, 2020
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Basically_God · Author · Apr 19, 2024

None of you care but google drive has darkmode now and that's pretty nice for us authors.

GigaDotti · Apr 19, 2024


Basically_God · Author · Apr 18, 2024

Just figured out that little black cat is so unpopular that nobody even told me that I missed a chapter... Yea likely gonna cancel it soon.

GigaDotti · Apr 18, 2024

I just have not gotten to read that one yet.

MimiBellai · Apr 18, 2024

Hey you can't do that!!.... it's just that it lacks some seggs. Give a chapter with Cheshire and Alice in it they will read it.

WafflyMirror · Apr 19, 2024

I think it might be how you have its disclaimer as both a prequal and sequel to alot of your vers that turns away people. "Its the second, i need to read the first to have any idea of whats going on" type mentality.

GigaDotti · Apr 19, 2024

That is kinda what i am doing. reading the older stuff before the new if there is an connection.

So might just take some time for those who decide to stay and read.

Basically_God · Author · Apr 10, 2024

Would Navy in a yu-gi-oh anime be enough of a tone shift to be worth writing?

WafflyMirror · Apr 11, 2024

I'm unsure if Navy is one of your characters(they probably are) but I thought of the branch of military first. and that led to the thought of battleship scale yu-gi-oh projectors and that that's how naval battles go. Funny thought. But go write what you want.clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Basically_God · Author · Apr 11, 2024

@WafflyMirror his nickname is the bastard and he's one of the three strongest entities that roam the mortal realm while being a big wig in general; also worst kind of murder hobo... One that is either scheming or acting on impulse.

Baconbread · Apr 7, 2024

Yo yo, I wonder which one you'll read first? This message Or the direct one I sent you. Anyways I hope You accept my challenge 

Basically_God · Author · Apr 7, 2024

You are a sad little man; for context to everyone reading this since he felt it needed to make sure all of you saw his attempt of harassment... He randomly sent a pm (at first just criticism towards Midas which is fair since the start is rough af) that just dissolved into him insulting me for no reason. I recommend you all avoid him & report him if he approaches you.

Do not interact with him as it's clearly what he wants.

Twink_Buster_1 · Apr 6, 2024

Whoa, what happened to the new story?

Basically_God · Author · Apr 6, 2024

What do you mean? If you mean "why no chapter" already said there would be an easter break since I was away last week so building up backlog again.

Twink_Buster_1 · Apr 7, 2024

Yeah, My bad, wrong author, just realized, tho hope the break is good

Basically_God · Author · Apr 7, 2024

It's fine clear.png

Basically_God · Author · Mar 31, 2024

Found myself some free time so decided to write a little LHO (which would theoretically translate to less work when I return)... Anyway, I now have a 2.1k chapter for LHO.

Basically_God · Author · Mar 30, 2024

Random question but... Isn't it strange how DxD fanfics seem obsessed with hating or outright killing Issei due to being a harem obsessed pervert but then have their characters develop even larger harems with far less build up then he did? 

Basically_God · Author · Mar 30, 2024

@Theirl you ain't fucking wrong XD

GigaDotti · Mar 30, 2024

Yes. It is strange.

(I had to delete some words as i somehow exceeded the max 500 words amount. Don't know what that says about me)

(though this is the reasone i prefere female MCs)

Basically_God · Author · Mar 31, 2024

@GigaDotti due to what I do I actually read quite the varity of stuff with me putting a lot of fanfic into my eye. Problem with it is that most are male mc's and there is always a serious chance that I'll basically be told that I need to be "obedient & chaste" to deserve love in life because WebNovel is full of great people. Thankfully ScribbleHub seems to be massively better in that front however Harem's treating women like trophies will always be an issue XD

Theirl · Mar 31, 2024

well i my opnion is that because all h dxd are wish fulfillment stories and since issei is getting in the way of the wish to be fulfilled he need to get offed...

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