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Oct 2, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Oct 2, 2020
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Basically_God · Author · Dec 23, 2022

For those who didn't guess, I'm taking a break over christmas, partly due to the fact I wrote three+ chapters worth of content over two days... My new story is coming along very well though so the first 10 chapters should be up on patreon after the new year at the very latest hopefully. Likely be writing more content for it even as I take my supposed break...

Not writing this on my patreon since nobody reads those author notes anyway!

Basically_God · Author · Dec 17, 2022

Days of a Little Demoness... Though Which Demon does it focus on this week!

Basically_God · Author · Dec 4, 2022

Quickly written update for those of you reading Midas as well as those interested in me writing a new novel:

Basically_God · Author · Dec 4, 2022

Midas with some sad news (more on that in future):

Basically_God · Author · Dec 3, 2022

Late putting demoness here because I was bathing; sue me~!

MimiBellai · Nov 27, 2022

hey, I may be writing a 18+ sit com like story of a bunch of lesbian anthro dragons having interspecies relationships with futa of other species. How you would give it a read. 

Basically_God · Author · Nov 27, 2022

Got far too much on my plate to really add any new novels; I can't even keep up with those I'm currently invested in sorry.

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