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Oct 2, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Oct 2, 2020
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Twink_Buster_1 · Apr 6, 2024

Whoa, what happened to the new story?

Basically_God · Author · Apr 6, 2024

What do you mean? If you mean "why no chapter" already said there would be an easter break since I was away last week so building up backlog again.

Twink_Buster_1 · Apr 7, 2024

Yeah, My bad, wrong author, just realized, tho hope the break is good

Basically_God · Author · Apr 7, 2024

It's fine clear.png

Basically_God · Author · Mar 31, 2024

Found myself some free time so decided to write a little LHO (which would theoretically translate to less work when I return)... Anyway, I now have a 2.1k chapter for LHO.

Basically_God · Author · Mar 30, 2024

Random question but... Isn't it strange how DxD fanfics seem obsessed with hating or outright killing Issei due to being a harem obsessed pervert but then have their characters develop even larger harems with far less build up then he did? 

Basically_God · Author · Mar 30, 2024

@Theirl you ain't fucking wrong XD

GigaDotti · Mar 30, 2024

Yes. It is strange.

(I had to delete some words as i somehow exceeded the max 500 words amount. Don't know what that says about me)

(though this is the reasone i prefere female MCs)

Basically_God · Author · Mar 31, 2024

@GigaDotti due to what I do I actually read quite the varity of stuff with me putting a lot of fanfic into my eye. Problem with it is that most are male mc's and there is always a serious chance that I'll basically be told that I need to be "obedient & chaste" to deserve love in life because WebNovel is full of great people. Thankfully ScribbleHub seems to be massively better in that front however Harem's treating women like trophies will always be an issue XD

Theirl · Mar 31, 2024

well i my opnion is that because all h dxd are wish fulfillment stories and since issei is getting in the way of the wish to be fulfilled he need to get offed...

Basically_God · Author · Mar 24, 2024

Easter next week so may take a break... But I may still post chapters from backlog so for you guys it'd be like I took a break the week after.

Basically_God · Author · Mar 24, 2024

Specifically for the LHO fans that may rip my throat out if I didn't do that to them.

Basically_God · Author · Mar 19, 2024

When you got 1.3k words down but got major blockage x.x

MimiBellai · Mar 19, 2024


Twink_Buster_1 · Mar 16, 2024

Hmmm, nice

Basically_God · Author · Mar 16, 2024

Quite proud of how it turned out

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