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Oct 2, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Oct 2, 2020
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Basically_God · Author · Apr 26, 2024

Technically demoness is soon wrapping up on the patreon... Though I'll likely just jump into the next volume but treat it as a soft "reset". Able to be read without the prior volume due to the nature of Vi's story as already being a powerful figure. 

Guess it'll practically be a different book than a volume 2?

Basically_God · Author · Apr 19, 2024

None of you care but google drive has darkmode now and that's pretty nice for us authors.

GigaDotti · Apr 19, 2024


Basically_God · Author · Apr 18, 2024

Just figured out that little black cat is so unpopular that nobody even told me that I missed a chapter... Yea likely gonna cancel it soon.

GigaDotti · Apr 18, 2024

I just have not gotten to read that one yet.

MimiBellai · Apr 18, 2024

Hey you can't do that!!.... it's just that it lacks some seggs. Give a chapter with Cheshire and Alice in it they will read it.

WafflyMirror · Apr 19, 2024

I think it might be how you have its disclaimer as both a prequal and sequel to alot of your vers that turns away people. "Its the second, i need to read the first to have any idea of whats going on" type mentality.

GigaDotti · Apr 19, 2024

That is kinda what i am doing. reading the older stuff before the new if there is an connection.

So might just take some time for those who decide to stay and read.

Basically_God · Author · Apr 10, 2024

Would Navy in a yu-gi-oh anime be enough of a tone shift to be worth writing?

WafflyMirror · Apr 11, 2024

I'm unsure if Navy is one of your characters(they probably are) but I thought of the branch of military first. and that led to the thought of battleship scale yu-gi-oh projectors and that that's how naval battles go. Funny thought. But go write what you want.clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Basically_God · Author · Apr 11, 2024

@WafflyMirror his nickname is the bastard and he's one of the three strongest entities that roam the mortal realm while being a big wig in general; also worst kind of murder hobo... One that is either scheming or acting on impulse.

Baconbread · Apr 7, 2024

Yo yo, I wonder which one you'll read first? This message Or the direct one I sent you. Anyways I hope You accept my challenge 

Basically_God · Author · Apr 7, 2024

You are a sad little man; for context to everyone reading this since he felt it needed to make sure all of you saw his attempt of harassment... He randomly sent a pm (at first just criticism towards Midas which is fair since the start is rough af) that just dissolved into him insulting me for no reason. I recommend you all avoid him & report him if he approaches you.

Do not interact with him as it's clearly what he wants.

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