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Oct 7, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Oct 7, 2020
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I write... usually.

Join my discord:

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 25, 2021

Mousegirl Chapter 18 is out now. 

For Half-Elf readers... I'm struggling a bit on chapter 20, but it's "getting there" so you won't be left waiting a month or anything. Probably gonna release this weekend (unless something crazy happens). 

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 23, 2021

Barista chapter 70 is out now

Alice-Tan · Oct 24, 2021


Cossimeri · Author · Oct 22, 2021

Mousegirl chapter 17 is out now. 

clear.png Friendly reminder from your bun author: Turn notifications on for your reading lists so when I stop doing this you don't miss anything. 

YuriDoggo · Oct 22, 2021

the bnuuy author.

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 22, 2021

pfft. That's me!

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 20, 2021

Now that ScribbleHub has reading list alerts (there is a pin on the homepage that'll send you to the forums for info on how to turn it on), should I keep posting release messages here? 

I feel like that would be annoying for people, since you'll get a List alert, and a Followed author status update alert

Alice-Tan · Oct 21, 2021

I think relying on the alerts is better since not every story update here are the ones we read for each reader.

If they don't like the alerts, it's up to the reader to disable or move to a different list. At that point, it won't be your problem anymore.

But since it's disabled by default so not everyone will do this. So it may not be that good now I said it.

Kaiyalai · Oct 21, 2021

Alerts sound obscure to activate, so I’d keep doing the usual for a while at minimum.

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 21, 2021

I'll keep it up for a couple of weeks, so everybody has time to figure it out. <3 Thanks for the input <3

Marmot · Oct 22, 2021

alerts ARE obscure to activate. But now that I've done it, I think I'll leave the feature turned on, even though I don't need it (my bookmark IS to the Reading List page, after all).  You're one of the few authors who actually posts an announcement of a new chapter, so SH makes up for that by making new chapters easy to find.

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 15, 2021

Mousegirl Chapter 16

Barista Chapter 69

Half-Elf: R Chapter 19


Are **all** out now.

[Cue the Sakurai meme “Don’t ask me for anything else ever again” lol jk]

Akajaro · Oct 15, 2021

I mean, from what I heard way back, he hates doing series. It was the reason he left the kirby franchise. And he still made a whole 5 smash games. I'm surprised he wasn't done sooner.

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 15, 2021

Gonna be honest... I haven't played any of Sakurai's games XD I'm not a smash fan or anything, buuut I've seen the memes. clear.png

Kaiyalai · Oct 16, 2021

You’ve been busy!

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 11, 2021

Half-Elf: R chapter 18 is out now

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 9, 2021

Mousegirl chapter 15 is out now. 

Kaiyalai · Oct 11, 2021

That was a good one! clear.png

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 11, 2021

clear.png I'm glad you liked it

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 9, 2021

Barista Chapter 68 is out now.

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 7, 2021

Special (joke) chapter - The Goddess Cossimeri has been posted. This is on my Barista novel, but includes characters from Mousegirl and Half-Elf. 

I wrote it to celebrate my 1 year anniversary on Scribblehub, which I literally forgot about until 2 hours ago. Since I wanted to get it up on the day of my anniversary I really scrambled, lol. 

Akajaro · Oct 8, 2021

Happey Annieversaray!

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 8, 2021

Thank you Akajaro, did you get me a present? Perhaps chapter 16 of your story? (ngl, I was hoping you'd comment so I could say this lol)

Akajaro · Oct 8, 2021

I had a feeling. Ima see if I can pull that off before midnight. (Midnight where I am, at least. Which is an hour away. *Determination mode*)

daisyLG · Oct 8, 2021

Happy First Anniversary 🎉🎊🎉

Rynati · Oct 4, 2021

The little goddess seems to have quietly packed her bags and left without telling anyone...

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 4, 2021

Little Goddess was cursed from the start clear.png

It actually began life with me complaining to a friend about how much I hate "god protagonists". As part of that conversation, I attempted to describe the kind of god protagonist I'd be willing to read, which ultimately formed the basic concept behind Little Goddess.

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 4, 2021

The revised version tried to shift focus to Viola and Millie, two characters I actually liked, but that just made it even more clear how much disdain I had for the titular little goddess and forced me to determine it was just a story I would never be able to tell. 

Volkai · Oct 5, 2021

Aaand now I’m curious to read this unfinished work 

JCountry · Oct 7, 2021

Shame to see it go. It had so much potential

Cossimeri · Author · Oct 4, 2021

Barista Chapter 67 is out now. 

Mousegirl's next chapter will be out this week for sure.

Half-Elf: R is on a short hiatus cuz life stuff sucks and I just can't juggle three stories right now. But I am very, very committed to it, please don't worry. Welsie will come back. Maybe next week even... I did take some Paid time off of work next weekend so I can kick life's butt. 

Volkai · Oct 5, 2021

Looking forward to the next mousegirl, I’ve been very enjoying it.

For reasons that totally don’t relate to why I’m trying to figure out how to rename this account.
(So I made another account, look for comments coming from Kaiyalai going forwards -- and of course someone tells me how to rename this account minutes after I made that one. XD )

Kaiyalai · Oct 11, 2021

It was worth the wait!

YuriDoggo · Sep 26, 2021

Which novel do you enjoy writing most?

Cossimeri · Author · Sep 26, 2021

Hmm. That answer has changed from time to time. I think right now, Mousegirl is my favorite. I have a strong mental picture of where that story is going. That alone makes it less stressful to write.

Barista is fun too, and at times has been very enjoyable. Sometimes I feel like I've stumbled a bit while writing it, but it was my scribbly contest story so the first 40-ish chapters were written in something of a small rush. 

Cossimeri · Author · Sep 24, 2021

Mousegirl Chapter 14 is out now 

Cossimeri · Author · Sep 24, 2021

Barista Chapter 66 is out now

Cossimeri · Author · Sep 18, 2021

Hi loves, last week was absolutely terrible for me so I'm behind on everything it may be a little bit before you see a post from me, but I am back up and rollin!  

(we switched over to a new software stack at work and that was stressful, and then just lots of personal life stuff happened all at the same time, soo... I'm a very mentally bleh bun.) 

daisyLG · Sep 18, 2021

Good to have you back, and I hope it wasn't windows 11

Cossimeri · Author · Sep 18, 2021

@daisyLG ... I plan to quit before the windows 11 rollout lol clear.png (jk)

Alice-Tan · Sep 20, 2021


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    I write... usually.

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