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Oct 7, 2020

Joined: Oct 7, 2020
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Bye bye.

jennraeross · Jan 8, 2024

Hey, umm, I saw that your fic got deleted, it'd been one of my absolute favs

Are you doing ok?

Edit: Oh crap, I hadn't noticed the 'bye bye' note...
frick, this doesn't look good...

DschingisKhan · Jan 4, 2024

I was going to have some cozy time with Eskame Edelberg (Super Witch of Cicirizar) again and now everything is gone!?  What happened, are you okay?  Please be okay...

DschingisKhan · Jan 4, 2024

Noticed the profile update and it looks like you're probably just totally gone and... I just really hope you're happy wherever you are.clear.png

Kaiyalai · Jan 6, 2024

This has happened before, and I hope she returns once more.

forestwitch · Jan 3, 2024

I hope you're doing okay! I love your works and I wish you the best.

Sunny.Spnhyx · Dec 30, 2023

Alright theories! What do we think happened to our author?

Talmus · Dec 31, 2023

She is currently living in one of now deleted stories.

lexcia · Dec 30, 2023

Hope you're ok

pulcheria · Dec 25, 2023

i dont know what happened, but i really hope your okay. ill miss your works

SeaBunnyAurelia · Dec 22, 2023

Do hope you're alright

Kaiyalai · Dec 14, 2023

Bit worried with the removal of all your works. Are you pulling up stakes and moving elsewhere, or is this a temporary thing, or… what?

Eddie41186 · Dec 13, 2023

I hope you are doing okay

Clayton4956 · Dec 12, 2023

Is… everything ok? All your novels are gone.

Olivia. · Dec 13, 2023

Is everything ok clear.png

Kaiyalai · Dec 5, 2023


Talmus · Dec 12, 2023

Did you mean to delete this series?

Talmus · Dec 12, 2023

Oh, you deleted everything, I hope everything is okay?

Kaiyalai · Dec 29, 2023

Wish I could read it, please come back soon!

Cossimeri · Nov 29, 2023

Bleh... I really want to reopen my patreon so I can save up money for a new laptop... But >//> that would require me actually having advance chapters to share and I don't have any advance chapters rn.

Kaiyalai · Dec 2, 2023

Just open it anyways, especially if it’s monthly and not per-creation, if you haven’t put in pledge levels with promises you cannot keep.

Kaiyalai · Dec 5, 2023

Just do it anyways. You can adjust patron rewards before doing so, if necessary, such that they are not impractical for you to fulfill.

Edit: oops! Forgot I’d already replied. Anyways yeah…

Cossimeri · Dec 5, 2023

@Kalyalai <3 True, I guess I'm making it harder than it has to be. I'll look into opening a new one in the near future. <3 Gotta fiddle with it and stuff.

Kaiyalai · Jan 2, 2024

Gonna double down on that yes, you should do this.

Cossimeri · Nov 28, 2023

Woops... forgot to post a notice for this: A new chapter for Mousegirl [Revised] is out now!

Cossimeri · Nov 28, 2023

clear.png This is two chappies in less than twenty-four hours! Sure they're for different stories, but seriously you need to break out the headpat emotes! Shower me with praise! 

Salinthrous · Nov 29, 2023


Cossimeri · Nov 29, 2023


Kaiyalai · Nov 29, 2023

Yaaaaay! 📖🐁

Cossimeri · Nov 27, 2023

I've written 1,800 words of Barista's next chapter and... clear.png I don't quite know how to end it. Like I want a good ending for this chappy... but all I can think about is cuddling cute girls. 

Echimera · Nov 27, 2023

Definitely not the worst thing your head can get stuck on. 

DschingisKhan · Nov 28, 2023

Relatable, tbh

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    Bye bye.

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