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Famous Author
Oct 14, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Oct 14, 2020
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Comments: 144
dragondeathlord · Jun 1, 2022

U R Missed Great One! 

Hollow_Man · Mar 19, 2022

Can someone find Erios. I am starting to get worried. Do they have any social media?

Irlina · May 15, 2022

If you look at the profile info right they were on yesterday morning. 

Crazy-hat · Feb 2, 2022

Are you ok?

Crazy-hat · Feb 2, 2022

Hey man

dragondeathlord · Jan 23, 2022

Your Awesome We Miss your  Stories! 

Ember21 · Sep 27, 2021

Thank you for sharing your stories for free. You're awesome! clear.png

dragondeathlord · Sep 21, 2021

You r missed

JimSilver · Sep 15, 2021

Such a fun story, keen for more writing eh? What will happen to her? 

Hollow_Man · Aug 30, 2021

Are you okay?

manno · Jul 7, 2021

Any expectations for when new chapters will come, for either story?

manno · Jul 7, 2021

@mon5y-san That is only true of the egg has been fertilised, else it is eating food/dead mass.

mon5y-san · Jul 3, 2021

“consuming eggs is an act of doing legalized abortion”


Hattmanhendrix · Jul 1, 2021

Author is in hiding after a particularly nasty run in with the IRA. Turns out his/her life of excess fulled by the sweet sweet Scribble hub bucks had made him powerful enemies. Irish enemies.

With no other option author went to the only place free of Irish influence, Gnome Alaska. It is here that author has rebuilt his life as a walrus breeder and is currently in the process of uploading the next chapter using dialup and carrier pigeons.

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