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Oct 14, 2020

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Joined: Oct 14, 2020
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JosephIMA12 · May 6, 2024

No way, part one of shipcore is gone now!?

Awww~  Tragic.  Am glad i got through it, but that prolly docks the rereadability for me.  Thamkyu so much for the story, nya.

DArchimedes · Mar 5, 2024

I've had Shipcore bookmarked for a while to eventually check out, but it looks like Act 1 was deleted? Is this an error, or some kind of Kindle exclusivity thing?

Kimeres · Mar 20, 2024

No he has it as a book on Kindle Unlimited /Amazon book 2 should be coming out soon as well 

Erios909 · Author · Apr 22, 2024

Yeah you missed it on SH and RR :(
KDP requires that it be taken down because of exclusivity contract.

FivesZeta · Jan 25, 2024

Did something happened? A lot of chapters on Ship core just go banished. Like 30+ chapters 

Erios909 · Author · Apr 22, 2024

KDP requires that it be taken down because of exclusivity contract.

ChaosOmega98 · Aug 12, 2023

Why was shards dropped

Hattmanhendrix · Oct 12, 2023

Erios is re writing demoness. 

ChaosOmega98 · Oct 12, 2023

I know that but I was talking about the other novel The shards of EL

Hattmanhendrix · Oct 12, 2023

From what I heard Shards was dropped because demoness was a more interesting story, and that shards wasn’t really working as a pallet cleanser / writing aid.

mon5y-san · Apr 26, 2023

I hope you can continue demoness.

Shipcore is, unfortunately, is a space scifi that was written like a litrpg fantasy novel. I cannot enjoy it as my brain hate any space operas that's not hard-scifi.

RatedOverr · Apr 7, 2023

How prevalent is the romance in ShipCore? The synopsis makes it seem like it won't come up very much, but just wanting to check.

Erios909 · Author · Apr 7, 2023

It doesn't really begin until later in A3. Even then the focus is never heavily on romance, but her relationships are definitely an important part of her life.

Shadowwulf · Mar 27, 2023

I saw this on royal road and the one on scribble hub has more chapters which one should i read

schere-r-ki · Mar 25, 2023

Didn't you want to upload fridays? Did I miss an anouncement?

schere-r-ki · Mar 26, 2023

Thanks for the info and the upcoming mass release. clear.png

Erios909 · Author · Dec 25, 2022


dragondeathlord · Dec 25, 2022

Happy Chrismas!

Crazy-hat · Dec 25, 2022

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you and yours.

Erios909 · Author · Dec 25, 2022


BEETLESME · Dec 20, 2022

Hi, it's beetlesme, read all your work, love them, and the new one too, can I get your guidance even if it's little, thanks 

And can I get your discord sincei'm not very active here ... Thanks 
Nero_Claudias · Nov 30, 2022

Hi can I ask do Alex ageless?

Nicolae · Nov 22, 2022

you're "ShipCore" is # 7 on trending 

Erios909 · Author · Nov 22, 2022


malik25 · Nov 16, 2022

how should i put this... the shipcore story is the longer you read the more you got bored (personel opinion), and the ship still stuck in destroyer or corvette and lack any action. personel recommendation try to read i woke up as a mercenary riding the strongest ship

malik25 · Nov 16, 2022

sorry for my rudeness, after following all your chapter its becoming more lame the more you read it

2sticksofbutter · Oct 24, 2022

Question, what did you use for making the character art? I really want to try doing some myself.

Erios909 · Author · Oct 24, 2022

Midjourney and NovelAI

2sticksofbutter · Oct 24, 2022

Thank you!

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