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Oct 15, 2020

Joined: Oct 15, 2020
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Ninestar619 · Aug 27, 2021

Hehe clear.png Thank you sooo much clear.png for noticing that I changed my profile pic clear.png I am glad clear.png 

So how are you buddy? clear.png

JK-Sama · Author · Aug 27, 2021

im doing great! been on hiatus for this month and i feel so refreshed. clear.png

Ninestar619 · Aug 27, 2021

Really!!!? That's gooooooooood to hear clear.png And why aren't you always refreshed clear.png

JK-Sama · Author · Aug 28, 2021

since I barely get any freedom to other things and feel compelled to get a chapter on time for my weekly schedules

Ninestar619 · Aug 28, 2021

Ohh ~ now I get it clear.png

Kaieta · Jul 30, 2021

clear.png hello!

Are you ninestar friend.

I came for a [email protected]@)

JK-Sama · Author · Jul 30, 2021

hello! clear.png

Kaieta · Jul 31, 2021

clear.pngclear.pngclear.png Poor you, such long series and not much readers...

JK-Sama · Author · Jul 31, 2021

It is what it is. clear.png

Kaieta · Jul 31, 2021

if we can show up in novel update then it could have fare better

Ninestar619 · Jul 30, 2021

Heyyyyyoooo!!!!clear.png how are you today?clear.png

JK-Sama · Author · Jul 30, 2021

great! clear.png

Ninestar619 · Jul 30, 2021

Really?clear.png that's gooooood to hear clear.png

JK-Sama · Author · Jul 5, 2021

Been slaving away on ch88. I took the week off work this weekend to give myself some more time to write it and hopefully ch89... but I goofed around after 87 released and it ended up as a brief hiatus, since I didn't start writing until Friday. Bit guilty, but it's almost done I think. No ETA yet

Ninestar619 · Jun 30, 2021

Thank you soooooo much for following!!!!clear.png *salute* and *bow* It my pleasure and honor to have you as my followerclear.png

Ninestar619 · Jun 29, 2021

Heyyyyo!!! clear.pngI am your new follower and am searching for followers clear.png Hope you follow meclear.png Your series nook cover and name looks interesting clear.png and I am curious to read itclear.png You don't mind cause I already took it keh keh kehclear.png

JK-Sama · Author · Jun 27, 2021

Ch87 of Saga of the Cosmic Heroes is unexpectedly hard to write this week. There were quite a bit of content that landed on the cutting room floor. But I think I am nearing the end of it, so it might be done by tomorrow(27th) or Monday. clear.png

JK-Sama · Author · May 12, 2021

Saga of the Cosmic Heroes chapter 80 finished up with editing and will be scheduled for its typical release at 8:06 pm EST/EDT, some 4 1/2 hours from this post. clear.png

JK-Sama · Author · May 12, 2021

Saga of the Cosmic Heroes chapter 80 took a bit of time, but I started writing it out today(well, yesterday now) and finished faster than expected. It should be out tomorrow(today) on the 12th, at 8:06 pm EST/EDT. clear.png

JK-Sama · Author · May 4, 2021

Chapter 79 of Saga of the Cosmic Heroes is scheduled to release in a few hours at 8:06 PM EST, stay tuned! clear.png

JK-Sama · Author · Apr 20, 2021

The announcement has been overdue, but releases for Saga of the Cosmic Heroes will slow down to once a week since I exhausted my backlog. In another news, SotCH has reached one year of serialization(at least on Royalroad!)

Also SotCh has a new cover art! the artist is gar32 , they did a phenomenal job on it. clear.png

Businesssn · Mar 4, 2021

Spaceships and anime girls is all I need

JK-Sama · Author · Mar 4, 2021


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